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  • Thank you Heather, johngirl, squeak. I've opted to open DW, then open the main farm in another tab. Grandpa Squeak - you hit the nail on the head. I'm still operating Windows 7 & it's slowing things down considerably. Appreciate all the answers!
  • A dream hoped for is but a hope. A dream sought through hard work plants the necessary seeds for fruition. Dreams turn to reality when we make them happen. Giulia
  • Correction on the above. It was NOT exactly the same . My was an "Invalid ID" error. (if the image doesn't show below & you need it, let me know.)
  • This happened to me while I was away from my computer within the past 3 hours. Same message. I was on the main farm. I think I just clicked the X and it went away. Took a screen shot and then a "snip." Did not have to clear my cache. The question is WHY did it happen since I was not doing anything on the farm at the time.…
  • Thank YOU! @"Heather Norsk (US1)" Runestones stay, all else goes. Got it!
  • Update on my sound problem: never got the tug boat,nor dog bark sound back, nor the clip clop of the horses, but after clearing my cache I do at least hear the acknowledgement plinks of harvests when ready. I can hear the music and the chicken/moo/bird sounds. So clearing cache helped a bit, but not ultimately to resolve…
  • @"Morti (SKN1)" Bingo, Brilliant!!! "Special seeds, not ordinary." Thank you so much! Now I know it's safe to spend all my coins on special seeds. Thought I'd be wasting my coins otherwise (that I've worked pretty hard for). And the "melting time" is upon us! lol Really appreciate your answer. 
  • Thanks for your response. And for the link. Good advice. When I wrote of "protecting ourselves" I meant that flash is supposed to be susceptible to hacks and malware.
  • Sorry. Merged them - where exactly? Can you point me to the appropriate link/place to put my question. I looked under "sound issues" but didn't find my particular problem. Found other sound problems, but not this one. I'd be happy to post in the appropriate place. Please give a link or an inkling to where I should post.…
  • Certain of the Big Farm New Harvest sounds have stopped lately. I hear the chickens clucking, the cows mooing but am no longer hearing the dog bark, the tug boat hoot, the acknowledgement sound of when a crop or a product has been produced. Anybody else experiencing this?
  • Thanks. Will do so. Good thinking.