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  • I can't read, or respond to, the questions as the survey just scrolls up and down in the small 'news' window. It's selecting answers for me (filling in the check circles). Is there nowhere else to fill it out and respond?
  • I'm with @"Cow Ziggy (INT1)". Last week I did level 1 of the Hawaii event just to get points for the WWC. Make-up points for the level I lost when the event reset. This week it is two events that reset. I am not starting over. I simply do not care enough, anymore. I'm not boycotting. I'm simply not going to play anymore. I…
  • Before the hotfix I was completing the final step, collecting flowers. After the hotfix the event has re-set and wants me to select a level. Another member of my co-op is in the same situation but they were working on the speed run. 
  • And no compensation. A response to my ticket saying it would be worked on this week. Now two more events tanked for them to work on. 
  • This happened last week, on the INT1 server. We lost progress on the Hawaii event. Now this.
  • Nothing from the lost Hawaii event and now the Here's to Nature event has restarted after the maintenance this morning.
  • Thanks, Rowdy! 
  • Blocking only stops them from sending you messages, I think.
  • happened to me this morning. HWE silo switched to what is wanted in the CHWE silo (that is being tested on our server, for some reason). Now I can't do either as I was not prepared for this basket/crate. The level of "fed up with this game" is rising daily. Not to mention, with 2 silos and the PP thing this game is slower…
  • It's a test of some kind. Official announcement. Only runs 4 hours, total.
  • @"AmazingMurphy (GB1)" said "To be honest I dont mind the cost of the season pass as such, its less than the (gold) cost of 1 seaweed humus a day, so not so bad. What I do mind is having to pay for it all at once. Thats a heck of a lot of gold to find. It would be so much better to make it 'event passes' and that way…
  • The mods can edit this if they like, but what a bunch of whiners some of you lot are. GGS could have just ignored the birthday and given NOTHING. Do you respond this way on your own birthday, when you get gifts you don't like? Sheesh.
  • The bottom one is a double xp booster as it says beside the picture of the birthday cake Mine started running immediately that I clicked the accept the gifts button. 240 hours, I think. It will be at the top of your game screen, near all the pop up/sales thingies. 
  • SuzyQ22 said"Not one single construction coin hard work reward on this FL CHWE event at all. " I noticed the same thing. Replaced by the coloured boxes from the Farmers League. I swear they thought up the Farmers League to get people playing events again. Had it not been for the FL running now, when I saw the lack of…
  • Does anyone have a list of players yet? I've refreshed and refreshed and nothing, but the timer is counting down. Curious players in my co-op are wondering if we have to buy the season pass, $25,000 gold, to participate?
  • Game won't load. I counted 20 or so loading bars "Feeding the cows" etc., but never connected.
Same here. Just the static farm screen, no loading bar, nothing. 
  • Where does it end, though? I paid gold for library books- will those not count? I bought fertile fields with gold, can I not use those? What if I use gold to bring the crops on faster so I'm ready to do a mission. Will those crops not count? The powerhouse and the stacker, in the garage, can be activated with gold, will…
The League seems to run in 24 hour periods. I started out as a "gardener" progressed to "green-fingered gardener" and now I"m working on "ambitious gardener". When I moved from "green-fingered" to "ambitious" I received a reward of 500 diamonds, a silver mystery box, some rapaseeds and premium humus. When I complete…