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  • Alright, more than 10, but who cares :) Everyone up to here gets a little something <3  Have a good one, everyone! Miss ya!
  • Oh, and since I owe you guys at least one EN exclusive hint for the future of Big Farm, I'll just leave this here without further comment. (Image) Now we're even :p
  • My last day in the office is nearing its end in a bit D: I'm thanking all of you so very much for the great time within this community. I will never ever forget you guys, and I'm incredibly thankful for the opportunity to spend all this time with a…
  • I checked your account but couldn't find any such instance o.o  Please send a ticket to our support team, describing both the time of your loss and the circumstances if possible, and I'm sure you will be helped out :)
  • Hey guys, I'll check into this. It does sound like a test/live server cache thing, but I'm not too sure either.
  • Hey everyone, As you may know by now, after the lastest update some players lost all their Flower Farms decorations. We’ve been trying to fix this issue since then but, unfortunately, due to its complexity we weren’t able to get everything back as b…
  • Another hotfix just now to reimburse lost decos from the Winter Wheel of Fortune :) We will look into the missing Flower farm decos tomorrow, too!
  • (Quote) &#13;I have to jump in here. The surveys (both the big one in the game, from the game team, as well as the CM one in the forums) were no pacifiers at all. Both of'em were designed and started without any knowledge whatsoever of the stuff…
  • The CM department has gone down in size considerably, but there's still a few of'em trying to steer the boat :)  I don't know of the details yet, but I'll assume for the EN Forums you'll mostly be in contact with our fantastic moderators, and our C…
  • Let's please put away the personal attacks now :) I'll close the topic for now, since it's more of a general complaint about bugs (noted!), and not really grounds for a productive discussion.