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  • @"Rusty Farmer (AU1)" The racetracks are shorter in the lower leagues. As you gain RP and progress through the leagues, and as your opponent gains RP and also progresses, the number of obstacles in a challenge will increase. So as a tournament progresses, each challenge you make will use more equipment if you wish to use…
  • @"farmgirlmimi43 (US1)" That announcement refers to the delayed payout for the WWC finishing in 4 days. The early end to the Farmers League means that the FL end-of-event payout for the HWE was at the Gardener level, not the level that players had achieved at the end of the Farmers League. It would also not include the…
  • @"Mariann (INT1)" You can your houses into the apartment block. When you have the ability to upgrade the houses to level 8, you can take the house out of the apartment block and onto the farm, upgrade it, then put it back into the apartment block :)
  • With the FHWE and the CC running simultaneously for a day, it will be interesting to see how the Farmers League copes. I expect that the CC will not be included in the Farmers League for the first day, but who knows :)
  • The new event has allowed miraculous scoring in the FHWE. One person had 6 million points in the Fishing HWE within 2 minutes of it starting. At least a dozen people got a bonus of more than 1 million points when they started.
  • @"Data King (US1)" If you looked a bit closer, you may have realized that 18 is the meadow generation, and the horse's breeding level is 121. It helps if you read more carefully before posting an inane response.
  • The "+1 Deco" is not counted in some parts of the Pleasure Park. I have 3 stalls in Decoration Valley. The stalls add up to 43 pennies and a level 4 Deco, but the Pleasure Park is only showing 37 pennies. The 26 level 4 decos shown at the bottom are 25 real level 4 decos and 1 level 4 deco added by a stall. When I added…
  • @"mutterkjær (SKN1)" Do you have a higher level boat asking for products like Saltwater burgers, Fisherman's delight, Honey cream, Box of soaps, and Traveler's lunchbox. Those products need a higher level of the Shop and The Mermaid Bay that are not available to lower level players. If so, could you give the level of the…
  • @"Exxy (INT1)" https://community.goodgamestudios.com/bigfarm/en/discussion/144900/mission-rp-divjsion/p1 raised the issue 2 years ago about calculation of RP, and is the source of the incorrect comment from GGS that high production from the winner boosts the RP of the other players. To be fair, it seems that the formula…
  • @"Southern (US1)" I got the same results when I collected statistics a couple of years ago. The sole exception is if you are the only active participant in the mission, the RP is calculated as if you got 3rd place. @"Byron Longford (AU1)" Producing 0 in a mission only works as long as everybody but the winner does the…
  • @"GazFarmer (AU1)" There is an error in the results displayed by the "Breeding successful!" page. It is overstating one of the breeding attributes, causing the breeding value to be overstated. The stable shows the correct values ::smile:
  • @"Dorothy500 (US1)" The horses with breeding values in the 180-190 range have been trained in the Cooperative Horse Meadow. A horse can be trained 3 times in a day via the Horse Meadow, so it will take about 3 months to train those horses. The apparent jump in level is because the new horse has been trained in the…
  • Horse training slider not incrementing in multiples of 20 horseshoes. Browser: Opera html5: flash:
  • Horse challenge discipline reverting to Show jumping after each challenge. Browser: Opera Before: After:
  • The village pond is not showing in the Current village activities pane of the village Warehouse. I am using the Opera browser. html5 version: flash version:
  • If you send your champion to the Cooperative Horse Meadow, it will be unselected when it is successfully trained. Horse #1 will be selected in its place :frowning: So make sure that you go back to the Tournament Preparation tab to re-select your champion :smile: