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  • What level us your dockyard?. Could be when u upgrade the dockyard it also upgrades the fish contracts..Not real sure tho but it is a thought.
  • GGS needs to let us have our labs back that a lot of money & in some cases Gold went into. What else are they going to take from us.They already made the booster board so now you have to pay to use what u have earned. I can live without the booster board but the lab was a daily part of farming. Now its useless. We have…
  • I get jam contracts very frequently. Most of them are large. Largest so far was a pineapple for 12.987. Couldn't keep up with the pineapple or the sugar. Now have a cherry for over 6 thousand. Same problem. I.m building 2nd jam factory because I also have a apple jam on another contract in my 6 pack. Often the ship asks…
  • There is no way to keep up with the catalysts to produce enough of the premium items to maintain my farm. I have made cow fee 3 times & am already almost out of the catalyst to produce more. I need to make at least 7 a day to keep up with just the cows let alone the rest of the farm items. Give us back the use of our labs…
  • Why does GGS keep changing the balloon prizes? First it was the wood colored gold boxes on the purchase of balloons downgraded to the silver, which contain approximately 30% sunflowers, now they have taken the silver colored gold boxes you win for rank 25 or less down the the gold themed box. So now instead of winning the…
  • It would be great if GGS would add another icon on the lab to go back to our original use of lab for premium items & use the catalysts icons for the special seeds only.
  • I suggest GGS either use the items from the barn ie: the saddles, boots, etc. or figure a different way for the buildings to be used. It is very annoying just running to horse farm to sell the leathers, paints, etc produced in the builkings because you cannot turn off the buildings production. same goes for the trees that…
  • I suggest you combine the old Lab with the new. the catalyst should be only needed for the seed items. The rest of the items should be back the way the lab was designed to do.
  • The labs the way they are are useless. Please return the labs for the premium items back the way they were.I rely on the premium items to run my farms. GGs just keeps taking things from the farmers. Does everyone realize what we have lost the ability to do since GGs's 911. In 9/20 GGS changed our clocks so we lost the…
  • . Good Game Studious has again, messed up a building that was designed for one purpose & turned it into a useless building. If you wanted to add the seeds why don't you put a farm icon in lab so you are able to switch it to either the original farm items, or switch it to the seed feature. But instead you decide to make a…
  • Same problem, im missing 145.000 gold from my account that did not get used for upgrades or purchases. There when i logged off, missing when i logged on. contacted customer support & no response.
  • I am outraged with the new booster system.. I used the zero build time for my buildings when i had many to build/upgrade.Now GGS combines the 2 clocks even tho one of them has been purchased with real money. How much more is GGS going to take? Can u give me an answer of how u plan to replace the zero build time?
  • When will you put the wood colored gold boxes back with the purchase the balloon tokens instead of the silver ones you replaced the wood ones with
  • Put the wood colored gold boxes back with the purchase of the balloon tokens
  • Goodgames named my game & i would like to change it