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  • Thank you I appreciate it and I think its fair to say we see eye to eye on the second suggestion I too have personally experienced it and seen it which is why I made the suggestion. The first suggestion I see what you mean and why limiting it might be a problem. There is no way tho of like tweaking that mission reward…
  • I agree changes need to be made about building, upgrading, and demolishing. We should be able to destroy on flower farm even if something is upgrading on main farm or gourmet farm. Each farm should have a seperate cache type of thing I'm guessing is what you call it programers wise. I ain't a programer but surely something…
  • Unless you got 30 million dollars to waste don't bother with the Island farm the rewards are nice but the space they take up on your farm take away from more production and project involvement space. So all honesty nice development on your part far as creativity and reward but maybe make the deco's smaller like 5x5 and you…
  • I'd like to suggest a change in the cooperative system nothing big however the description, the news and the message system I find is a little short character wise. I'd like to be able to explain things to my cooperative far as what to do what not to do overall helping especially to new players in the game who join up. The…