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  • 70-something level disillusioned farmer. I've been gone for a month. Just popped in to see if the bozos who dreamed up the island had been fired yet for gross incompetence. Apparently not. The island was the proverbial nail in the coffin for me. The horse ranch was the hammer.
  • Would you spend 51,750 gold on that? That's the measure of the package's worth. Feeds, fertilizers and humus aren't worth any gold as far as I'm concerned, so that package wouldn't be worth any gold to me.
  • Same old same old. GG$ greed has removed the fun out of this game. I think I'm about done here. Oh sure, I'll login from time to time initially, Just to see how much worse it's become,but my interest in this game, or anything else GG$ has to offer has been pretty well quashed. Edit by PINJO: changed the inappropriate word
    in Horse Comment by Aphasia 24.10.2014
  • When I think of all the farm dollars wasted to convert to island dollars, and all the time wasted to earn seashells, and all the seashells wasted to get horseshoes, which in the end give me a bunch of feed I don't need, "fun" isn't the word that comes to mind.
  • Precisely. Once the greenhouse is unlocked, you're stuck with having to load tropical fruit if you want to send the ship off before 6 hours have elapsed. (Had GG$ been upfront about this particularly bad design element, I wouldn't have gone to the island in the first place)
  • I bought the crowbar when I was a newbie, figuring it'd be reusable. You know...Hefty piece of metal, costly, will come in handy for future crates. But no - Use it once and it disappears! An early lesson in the underhanded money-grubbing practices of GG$.
    in Crowbar Comment by Aphasia 19.10.2014
  • At 1 extra worker and no additional happiness, they're not a good deal...But then, the same could be said for the island in general.
  • It's free to play to get people to start playing in the first place, with the hope they will eventually buy gold. Due to the manner in which they offer incentives to buy gold, as well as how stubbornly and for how long they've resisted putting in a fail-safe for gold spending, it is readily apparent to anyone who has been…
  • Accidental gold spending is by design. Also, you've stated you're not spending money on the game. GG$ doesn't care what players who do spend money on the game think - They doubly don't care what a non-spender like you thinks.
  • Thanks for editing the title, PINJO1986. It's even better than either of the two alone. My "GG$" conveys a feeling, and RunsWivScissors' title draws people in to read it.
  • To show my solidarity with my fellow farmers on the Brazilian and Italian servers, I will not be playing the game for as long as this fail of a test runs, and if buying products with farm dollars is removed from the game, I'll be quitting permanently.Para mostrar a minha solidariedade para com os meus colegas agricultores…
  • GG$ made more in the first half of this year than they did in all of the previous year. Teamwork pieces can be bought with gold...
  • As the thread this was posted to was locked, but I was invited to repost under a more fitting title, here it is. http://news.yahoo.com/goodgame-studi...130843313.html BERLIN (AP) — German online games company Goodgame Studios has for the first time revealed financial details of its business amid reports it is planning a…
  • If it comes down to the only uses for farm dollars being burning it up on the stupid island or upgrading my farm buildings so I can make more farm dollars to upgrade my farm buildings, I'm done.
  • Hmm. I've been taking a break from gameplay, but the minute it becomes policy that I cannot buy my donkeys for the ship instead of actually having donkeys is the minute I extend my vacation from Big Farm permanently and never look back.
  • Collapsible aint never gonna happen. If they thought they could get away with it, they'd throw 'em all in the center of the screen every 5 minutes. As for accidental clicks - That's GG$' bread and butter.
  • Your BF must not be a southern-boy. Honey?! Vanilla?! Olive Oil?!
  • You'll get more shells, but you'd spend more island dollars doing it.
  • Frankly, at this point, if the horse farm isn't something spectacular without having to spend gold on it, I'm out of here.
  • The ship is great. Unlock it when you reach high enough level to do so. The greenhouse is not so great, as it can only grow fruit produced by seeds bought by shells produced by the anti-profitable island farm, and once the greenhouse has been unlocked after the island has been unlocked after the airport has been unlocked,…