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  • @"willeke (US1)" Try using the F11 function key. If using a Mac, you may also need to use the Fn button in conjunction....
  • Start by going to @"CrazyBigfarm55 (US1)" website where you will get info for this and so much more... https://www.crazybigfarm.tk/events/farmers_league/farmers_league.htm
  • The simple answer is "Whatever works best for you". With a brand new PC, you should find Chrome, Firefox and Opera will work fine. I personally am not a big fan of Edge but it also runs the game fine for me. Where people run into problems is with older, less powerful PC's. The variations in how the PC is setup, from…
  • Updated message from @WascallyWabbit https://community.goodgamestudios.com/bigfarm/en/discussion/comment/4150677/#Comment_4150677 No CC tomorrow
  • @"FarmerHoneybowm (US1)" Have you looked in your inventory? A common mistake is for players to look in their "Build" box.
  • @"Southern (US1)" - Thanks for those updated figures. Had noticed the change but not collected any data.
  • @"artful (US1)" - With you there. The event has now become a set and forget one. Zero gold being used. Re: the promises. Don't you know, GGS runs on the old principle "Promises are like pie crust, they are made to be broken"
  • @"uksharon (GB1)" - nothing has changed in that regard. With oysters, you would always go to 10 and have hours and hours to get ready for the next fish or if you were prepared, use the first skip for just 100 gold. Small price to pay out of GML. It was always good if the event started in your time zone at bed time. Without…
  • Don't need to have the flower farm. You already qualify, but first, completing all of "Oleg's Tasks" opens up the dockyard area and allows you to buy motorboats. Read that link I sent, especially the link on that page to Oleg's Tasks. You certainly won't be in time for this event, but you will get another chance.
  • You need to have your fishing region operational... What I believe you are looking at is just Oleg's fishing, not the boats available in the dockyard/fishing sections. Try reading here for valuable information: https://www.crazybigfarm.tk/farm/dockyard/dockyard.htm
  • Ah yep, ran the glass cleaner over the glasses and figured out my mistake. Thanks @WascallyWabbit & @CathyD (Int1)
  • @WascallyWabbit Thank you.... very much appreciated.
  • @WascallyWabbit Hate to bring up ancient matters, but no, no, no. Still not working for other people. It is sad to say, but it is much like all the other bugs with GGS/Vanilla. People complain but nothing ever gets fixed. This is all supposed to be about security, the number one priority of the whole game but here we are…
  • @"TitianKitty (US1)" Unlike the FHWE, I don't care what order they come in. In the HWE & CHWE, these setbacks are easy to overcome as compared to the FHWE and lack of pools. As @"artful (US1)" said, just plant and harvest only one of a particular crop and let it run its course. If you want to cut that time down, make sure…
  • @"Summer (SKN1)" You are so right.My apologies, now where did I put my glasses... :) :) Now if only they could see that the whole world revolves arounds calendars. They work to a calendar - they always seem to knock off on Friday afternoon to have 2 days of holiday in their calendar. Their personal lives run to a calendar.…
  • @"Summer (SKN1)" "Giving all the same starting point." Everybody had the same starting point when we had a calendar. All one had to do was read the calendar and decide when you wanted to start collecting oysters. Those who took the FHWE seriously because they enjoyed it started much earlier than those who just wanted the…
  • @WascallyWabbit What was that about a hotfix.... 22:53 on my clock... :) :)
  • @"farmerjohn 22 (US1)" You don't need to know much about AFL, your natural talent nailed it. Thank you kindly
  • Hey @"farmerjohn 22 (US1)" Love your latest Aussie signature, but here down under we have an Australian brand of football called AFL - Australian Football League. I wouldn't say no to a new signature like that, but being a Hawthorn supporter, I would want the hero decked out properly. Go the Hawks... @"Michiru (GB1)", this…
  • To heck with the HWE, people are loaded up with oysters. Most people would also have ghostrods on them. Bring back the calendar. Calendars are an essential part of everyday life. GGS run to a calendar, the game runs to a calendar, why can't we have a calendar?????