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  • jyoti26 (IN1)
    Dear Wascallywabbit,

    Some one entered my farm and deleted many things like windmill level 7. water mill. 21 GML,,

    I feel like crying Till yesterday everything was there .Please restore

    • WascallyWabbit
      Hi Jyoti,

      Please change your password right away & do not share it with ANYONE, make sure you set one that cannot be guessed, as those are the only 2 ways that someone can gain access to your farm. After that you will need to contact Support, If you know what time it happened, include that in your ticket, otherwise just tell them the times that you were logged in, so that they will know which logins are yours. - Good luck!
    • jyoti26 (IN1)
      jyoti26 (IN1)
      Thanks wobbit, I am contacting support
  • Metalllic (US1)
    Why doesn't GGS just cut to the chase and have CC for the entire month.  They might as well since we only get a couple of days in between each one.  While they are at it, just do away with Village Fair as well. 
  • AndyGriffith (US1)
    Has anyone mentioned the "shimmering" issue in the Horse Meadow when I (we as a community) go to do chores to increase the Love Meter?  It was working fine until Sunday evening (3/31/19), and now it's going haywire and is VERY difficult to use.
    Thank you!


    • WascallyWabbit
      Is it happening for all of you & does reloading your game, clearing caches, changing browsers etc make any difference?
  • mutterkjær (SKN1)
    Hi wabbit, I cannot find out how to put in a screenshot in the discussions : Can you help me.
    I know how to make the screenshot, and I can also have the picture converted into any format. But nomatter what I try. it will not appear in the discussion. 
    • WascallyWabbit
      Once you have a picture saved on your computer, you should be able to just drag & drop it into a post on the forum.
  • charlies (US1)
    is there a way to know what time a event will start .  I live in Texas USA and would like to know in advance when FHWE would start, because by the time I find it, other people have 400,000 points above me

    • WascallyWabbit
      Unfortunately we are no longer told the start times for events, all we can do is go by the time that it started last time it was run, but they sometimes change that.
  • FarmerCli (US1)
    WascallyWabbit, are we supposed to put the puzzle pieces together to determine how many "complete" decos there are?  Other than doing a screenprint and printing out the puzzle pieces then cutting each piece to fit them together, which is not doable for me, is there a link to click onto to move the puzzle pieces around to fit them together?
  • wmjvonk (NL1)
    Hello Wascally Wabbit,
    According to your calender,the wedding planner will start on the 21 of march. It's already 4 o'clock in the afternoon and still no wedding planner!
    Is it resceduled?

    Kind regards,wmjvonk
  • Grammy26 (US1)
    help!! my hwe silo is invisible!! i was able to start it but now i can't see if it's even working or how much time i have for my cabbage!! ty
  • jyoti26 (IN1)
    CC are too frequent and too long.They are becoming  a pain in the neck

    Have CC for 2 days to keep the interest alive.
  • Marja (NL1)
    Compliments on how things are going lately.
    You hear only from me when things go wrong, so I thought let's make a compliment.
  • Pieter De Beer (GB1)
    I wanted to send message to Support, but maybe you can help. I want to change my game name from Pieter De Beer to BioShock. Please can that be possible or can't they do something to assist with this request?
    • WascallyWabbit
      Only Support can change your username, but they will only do it if there is a very good reason, they will not do it if you just don`t like the name that you chose when you registered.
  • Metalllic (US1)
    Good Afternoon WascallyWabbit,

    We just finished the "Better than the competition" project.  We use to have all gold shovels but once we completed the project we lost a gold shovel and obtained a silver shovel.  There are several of us who participated in the collection of items and, cannot figure out why we did not maintain all of our previously earned gold shovels.  Please advise.


    • WascallyWabbit
      Hi Metallic,

      The shovels are calculated over the last 4 projects, the project with your lowest contribution is ignored & only the best 3 are counted & you get red shovels showing the members who contributed the most. In addition the top contributor gets the gold shovel & fork too. It is possible for more than 1 member to have the gold ones, if their contributions are equal. The calculation also takes into account your player level, so lower level players have the same chance as everyone else.