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  • kikkara (SKN1)
    Hey, my co-operative member Jussimi (skn1) cannot move houses to an apartment building, the door is gray i.e. does not open, He does not have an email address registered as a player. How could this problem be solved?
    Regards - kikkara
    • RosyStarling
      If it's greyed out then there is not enough room in the Apartment and he needs to upgrade it
      Not all upgrades give you more space but more workers

      Check out https://crazybigfarm.net/farm/buildings/apartment_block.htm for the details of what you get with each level

      Jussimi MUST have a registered e-mail as it is impossible to play without one

      If he click the forum button when on his farm it will show the e-mail he has registered with GGS
    • kikkara (SKN1)
      kikkara (SKN1)
      Hi, the door of the apartment building is always open and inside you can see if there are free places to move the house there. The door does not turn gray. In this case, there is a bug when the door is gray! Her the apartment building is on level 9.
    • RosyStarling
      If jussima truly believes it is a big and not a misunderstanding of how the Apartment works then they must contact Support

  • cookie2 (NL1)
    it is an account with the name, eef2, i will ask here if she wil sent a letter to you/support oke?

    • RosyStarling
      Yes that it is important they contact Support

      I will also pass on eef2's name

      Fingers crossed it is sorted soon
  • Farmer Kimby (GB1)
    This is the error code that kept coming up when trying to sow the field not sure if you needed the screen shot
    Kim :)
    • RosyStarling
      There is a bug on the field you are given when starting the Northern Lights Farm.

      Th only unsatisfactory solution is to demolish it and build one as the bug only affects the auto generated field

      See the thread https://community.goodgamestudios.com/bigfarm/en/discussion/208802/island-and-northern-lights-fields-not-working-title-edit-rs
  • Farmer Kimby (GB1)
  • mikedk (US1)
    i am mikedk. i play in the Northern Star cooperative at the us1 server.
    Tonight in the vilage fair event we were doing a challenge and we really kicked in with all we could and in all 4 cathegorys we reached more then 200% of what was requested (the dobbelt). normally that gives the coop 2 times the bonus points when the challenge ends.
    so in the challenge we reached 106.000 points and when it ended we should have had 318.000 including the bonus, but we only got 106.000. so the Game cheated us for 212.000 points.
    will you please add those points to us thank you
    Northern Star
    us1 server
    • RosyStarling
      Unfortunately in game losses need to be reported to Customer Support

      They can check on numbers and make the required adjustments
    • catlynn6 (US1)
      catlynn6 (US1)
      GGS has so much going on in Big Farm they just hope no one notices. When they do these hot fixes or maintanise it is always during one of our challenges or projects and we lose all that time. Just because they are on the other side of the world. Night time there and daytime here.
    • RosyStarling
      It is very frustrating. Updates are planned and announced in advance so we farmers can plan around it

      HotFixes are emergencies and cannot wait, they are not done lightly
      They do try to give as advanced a notice as possible

      They are not in GGS night time but in their working day, generally around their mid morning,
    new event is rubbish. just another pointless event. why not fix this game first, 

  • KoStone (US1)
    So you want everyone to get Big Farm Story. I get it. And I want to. But, It. Costs. MONEY. I won't buy it until you get GGS to make it free.
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