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  • Heather Norsk (US1)
    thank you sooooooooooooo much !!!!!!!!!

    I do the regular horse farm at 14, 26, 38, 50, 62, etc ..... I just didn't know to do the horse meadow between each & every one to get the better ranking, I was just leveling up at my own farm without using any other co-op members horses

    you are an absolute gem!

    How's life treating you these days? I hope you are well, and enjoying life!
     Are you still playing your farm, or most just hanging out here in forum?
    I admit, I'm rarely in forum these days, been busy with my girls at home, and the game itself is much more time consuming I find it hard to take the time to come over here, unfortunately.

    Anyways, thank you again, and I wish you many smiles to fill your day :-)
    • Data King (US1)
      Data King (US1)
      It's much quicker & better to use the Horse Meadow as well - you refine the horse better. The tough part here is getting others to put a horse into the HM - the more horses in the meadow the better your odds are you'll get some thing useful for your horse.
      Over all with all that's going on in the world - I'd have to say pretty good! Still safe & some what well as is every 1 here with me at my home. Thanks & do hope you & your family are safe & well!
  • Data King (US1)
    Start with your horse ranch - the training area's - the horses
    I'm sure u know the horse stable holds ur horses each level allows room for more horses. U can also buy your Goldies here - starter horses
     - buy 1 Goldie - check the family tree for it's parents - you want the same name for both parents
     - example Silver Silver shows up in the family tree window for ur horse u are checking
    Once u find 1 Goldie with the same name parents - these will be the only Goldies u will want from this point on.
    Take 2 of ur good Goldies & train them in all 3 areas until they to level 14 - once there breed them together through the stable = u get a foal - a first generation horse & it should get an enhancement. It may not happen every time but it will most of the time if u stick with the same parents.
     Now u have 1 horse/foal with an enhancement that u can send into the horse meadow to improve the enhancement it got from the breeding through the stable.
    Not 100% sure of the max number of times u'll be able to charge up the love meter before it is no longer effective - 5 seems to close. You may have to play with a bit to see what works for ur horse/s.
     Once the love meter is ready check each horse available in the horse meadow against the gene pool to find the 1 that will give u the max improvement for the enhancement ur horse has. Once found send it through & go back to ur stable recheck ur improved horse - note it will be called Goldie again - yes u can rename it for free.
    Now u need a mate for that horse u have got to this point so far. Repeat what u just completed with another good Goldie.
     Once u have 2 good Goldies lvl 14 with enhancements on them & they have been put through the horse meadow until they can not gain any more improvements. Train them both - 1 of 2 ways - either in all 3 areas or for a super horse just train in the discipline of it's enhancement until level 26 - then breed through the stable = 2nd generation horse with 2 enhancements. Now just basically repeat the horse meadow part in between each breeding level.
     What u need to know is what training levels a horse has to be in order for it to get an enhancement.
    From the top
    level 14 - 1st generation foal with 1 enhancement
    level 26 - 2nd gen w/ 2 enhancements
    level 38 - 3rd gen w/ 3 enhancements
    note the jump here which why u want a little extra training at the beginning
    level 50-51 4th gen w/ 4 enhancements
    level 62-63 5th gen w/ 5 enhancements
    level 74-75 6th gen w/ 6 enhancements

      not sure after this yet lol

    Now be warned about the horse meadow & it's level
    the information showing the horses level that is allowed into the horse meadow is NOT right
    a level 1 Horse Meadow will only allow a horse with at least 1 enhancement up to trained level 35
    a lvl 2 HM up to lvl 50 horse
    a lvl 3 HM up to lvl 75 horse
    a lvl 4 HM up to lvl 90 horse

       not sure after this yet
  • Data King (US1)
    For those , who have reached level 300 !