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  • BlueEmery (US1)
    how do you use the horse equipment strategically? i have built smelter but have not produced any ore for it, why, when i can make dollars, and not use up horseshoes? none of this is making sense to me, excepting that BF is trying yet again to get me to buy gold, grrr
    • Data King (US1)
      Data King (US1)
      Yes they want you to buy gold - but you do not have to - just take ur time. You will get there.
      I'm not sure yet still playing around testing things - keep an eye on the forum for now

  • BlueEmery (US1)
    thank you for getting back to me re apartment block, very useful, have since got block and have indeed been able to put my fancy houses in. thanks again :)

  • rsny (US1)
    Hi DK.

    I didn't realize the smelter uses the golden horseshoes.
      I have only used the smelter when this stuff first started so I likely lost a bunch that way.
    I just harvest and sell everything now and have for quite a while.
    I spend most of my golden gorse shoes buying horses that start at around 50 breeding value.
      Thanks for the info
      Stay save my friend.  Rudy

    Oh one more thing how do you use @ to mention someone,  it doesn't seem to work for me.
    • Data King (US1)
      Data King (US1)
      Yea great if one already has their stable & training area's maxed & u have the select horses u'll need for the tournaments
      then the Golden Horseshoe's aren't as needed - but until then u need a ton of them

      I use the cap 2 then start to type the name of the person u wish to mention & a window comes up with a set of selections of the possible names with the letters ur using - then select the correct name & enter
      Some are a bit tricky with under scores & spaces with the name - those I just high light copy & paste when I can
    yeah narr , that what they want , for more farmers to pay gold for the.  Greedy people they are, not player friendly, at all goodgame. 
    • Data King (US1)
      Data King (US1)
      You got that right - play with what you can earn from the game may take longer but . . . .
    • PAESANO (AU1)
      PAESANO (AU1)
      yeah narr , your right mate. but that's the way to go tho buying them with gold, way to expensive. and it would not take, much at all for big farm too have benny around more offtern. getting so that the co op can only grow with gold.
    • Data King (US1)
      Data King (US1)
      Totally agree it should be easy. Have a good look at the co op projects. Think you will see that if a co op can a ton of theses it will pay for the recruiting research to allow more members. More members stronger co op ;)