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  • HoneyMuffin (US1)
    Hello CM_Hunter,
    To this day i am still having troubles playing here on bigfarm since the HTLM5 was made finial. Before i was still using flash player because of the same issue. I was able to still play without any troubles at all. Now that its totally completed I have more troubles then i ever did.  Everything on my computer is updated. I only have troubles here on bigfarm. The troubles i have is when i sign in, my screen is either completely green or some of my farm isn't showing, sometimes i have a great screen everything i fine until i click on something on my farm then all it does is flash on and off and no matter what farm im on that is all it does to the point i just have to leave the game. I do refreshes, restart my computer hoping it would stop. Some times it does and other times it will not. It is really annoying i have gotten my farm rather far and have nice friends here on bigfarm to talk with. But with all this trouble i dont know if its worth it or not when i cant even play on my farm like i use too. I dont know what else to do I would like to continue to keep playing but i need a solution to the problem im having. Can you help me? 
  • ButterflyGail (US1)
    I have been receiving gold each week for signing in.  It is disappearing and I don't know why.  I am not using it for anything.  Please help.....
  • danial7 (GB1)
    could you tell me what as happened to the trade van where you can use your vouches from candy farm it disappered 2 day before the end of event the van as not come back or one for this event
    • CM_Hunter
      Hi there Danial,

      There was a small scheduling issue but we are working on resolving it and have forwarded to the schedulers that this trader should stick around for a few more days in future ;)