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game costs

miss lionmiss lion Posts: 1
i think for a child's game its too expensive.. you've got games like hay day and other farm games that make it easier and cheaper for kids to afford and so they enjoy the game more..disappointed bout the cost of things in the game.:(
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  • djgreeneyes (US1)djgreeneyes (US1) Posts: 1,766
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    You can play this game for free --- not sure what costs you are talking about? You don't have to have the things that cost gold to enjoy the game.
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  • Cookiie4meCookiie4me Posts: 655
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    I don't consider this a child's game. From reading most of the comments from kids in the forum, this game is too complicated for them.
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  • Gwendolen (US1)Gwendolen (US1) Posts: 1,268
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    I think this is a game for kids from about 10 to 88 (at least :) ) so I am also not considering this a kids game. But I don't understand why you think it's too expensive. You can play this game completely for free, if you have a bit of patience.
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