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Online activity - colored dots

Lylu (INT1)Lylu (INT1) INT1 Posts: 448
Has anyone else noticed that the colored dots that are supposed to indicate a Co-Op member's online activity seem to be inaccurate after the late update? I know for a fact that one of our members was logged on (they posted in the chat window) yet about 20 hours later their dot was orange indicating they had been offline more than 48 hours.

I will try to do a little tracking of data to support my suspicion that a bug has crept into this feature, but if any other players could help verify whether this is happening to them also, that might help lead to a solution.

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  • AboveTech8 (GB1)AboveTech8 (GB1) GB1 Posts: 17
    edited 28.05.2015
    In my opinion this feature has never been accurate but seems even more way out at the moment.
    AboveTech8 @ en 1
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    I found out that either the green light has a delay on it to keep it green for some seconds after you log off.
    And on the forum, I found a way to keep my light always green until I log into the forum again.


  • Katylocks (GB1)Katylocks (GB1) Posts: 21
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    one of my cooperative members went to a red light after only being offline for 4 days yet another didn't go red until their 9th day of not logging in.

    definitely out of wack at the moment.
    Katylocks @ en 1
  • JustMe (AU1)JustMe (AU1) Posts: 170
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    I think it is in part counted by the gg reset clock like for candy and daily side tasks. If you are offline when it happens you have not been online since yesterday in the systems mind if that makes sense. That said I agree, the yellow, orange and red seem to happen at an accelerated rate now.
    kujhawkfan @ us 1
  • WinnerSudais (INT1)WinnerSudais (INT1) Posts: 364
    edited 29.05.2015
    My coop member was offline for 3 days and it showed red light. Unfortunately he was removed from the coop. Please fix this issue GGS otherwise we will be removed from our coop, coop leader not knowing that there is a bug.X(

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