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Rulers Famiglia--6 Months Young February 17, 2015

chicaachicaa Posts: 437
edited 24.04.2015 in Cooperatives
Hello, and Welcome to our Farming Family Ruler's Famiglia!! :) (BTW, Famiglia is the Italian word for family, FYI.) I would like to offer a warm welcome to you, and introduce you to our farming family. This introduction will walk you through what we expect from you as a team member, and what you can expect from us, as your cooperative farming home.

Rulers Famiglia was formed back in mid August of 2014. Our leader, Rulerwirehair1 wanted to be part of a team that was fair. A place where people could come to enjoy the game, work their farms, and be treated fairly and equally. A place where team efforts is in the forefront. Our leader and our deputies have worked very hard to ensure your environment here is enjoyable each and every time you log in to join us. If at any time you have an issue or concern, please bring it to Ruler's attention. As he does try to be online as much as possible, please understand that he does not have eyes in the back of his head, and may miss something that concerns you. First and foremost, farmers who do not abide by these rules will be booted from our team. Period. Drama farmers, unkindness or bullying of any member here will not be tolerated at any time.

Our leader and deputies here have a TON of knowledge, as well as tools which will passed along to you. It's an added benefit that you will not find in other teams here--which we feel takes us a step above the other co-ops now currently looking for farmers.

Our day to day operations here at the family consist of the following:

  1. Projects
  2. Research
  3. Filling collectibles
  4. Watering of co-op trees

These steps are the basics of what keeps our team moving. So with that said, it is expected that everyone here take part in all of these, while playing online. As far as donations to our team, gold and monetary donations are not required, but are always welcomed. It takes quite a bit of funds to keep your farms moving, and for that reason, we'd appreciate you using your funds to do just that, rather than donating to the group. If at any time you are low on funds and cannot take part in one of the above activities, please be sure to let Rulerwirehair1 know. If for some reason we become low on funds, our leader will make an announcement at that time.

Each individual here plays an important role within our farming family. While playing online, we do ask that you be involved as possible with what is going on. As indicated in our description, we don't ask that you be online for 8 or more hours a day, we just ask that you be an active part of the group while online. Chat is strictly optional here. We also ask that you keep your light away from red, yellow and orange colors. These colors indicate that you have not been online daily as required to be here. In the event of your light changing to these colors without prior notice, you will be removed from the team. It is not fair to the others who are here day in day out. If you have something going on that will take you away from playing, all we ask for is a brief explanation about how long you will be gone.

This introduction is just a brief overview of what we are all about here. We all have fun, and want you to enjoy the time you spend here as well. It's very important to us. We also try to keep things orderly here, so that is the reason for us implementing this overview to you all. In the near future, this overview will be updated from time to time. Please feel free to mention any suggestions or ideas you may have, we welcome them!! We also again, welcome you to the family.. and truly hope that you are here.. for the long haul.

HUGE thank you's to each and everyone of you--it's us together who have made it to 12th in the rankings. Keep it up everyone!! Again thanks for being here, we could not do it without YOU!! Please join us in a few days on February 17th--to celebrate our 6 month anniversary. Look how far we have come!!

Cooperative Championship

GGS has now made the co-op championship a regular part of our gaming experience, we felt we should address it in our co-op overview. We are an ole school team, meaning we feel that co-op pride, and teamwork be put towards all our other co-op tasks on the farm. This championship takes away from our regular farming, and is aimed at mission completion. Seeking missions and all other non co-op activities take a backseat to our regular work, we do not take part in this championship as a team.
Please feel free to compete in the individual portion of the championship. Keep in mind however, that we will NOT tailor our projects based upon this championship.
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  • Tracico (US1)Tracico (US1) US1 Posts: 2
    edited 15.02.2015
    Very well said, Chicaa.
  • chicaachicaa Posts: 437
    edited 15.02.2015
    Thanks very much! Glad to see you checkin' it out, and hope you found it helpful. :thumbup:
  • chicaachicaa Posts: 437
    edited 17.02.2015
    happy 6 month anniversary!!!! :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup:
  • chicaachicaa Posts: 437
    edited 20.02.2015
    Please welcome our newest farming family member--leahgamer3423!!

  • chicaachicaa Posts: 437
    edited 22.02.2015
    Let's welcome our newest familymember--Wickedwitchy!!

  • chicaachicaa Posts: 437
    edited 25.02.2015
    Let's all welcome our newest family member--Sarab8!!!

  • chicaachicaa Posts: 437
    edited 02.03.2015
    Let's all welcome our newest family member---mommy1979!!!

    Welcome!! :)
  • chicaachicaa Posts: 437
    edited 07.03.2015
    Let's all please welcome our newest farmer to our family--BlueCarol--woo hoo!! WELCOMES to you BlueCarol!

    BlueCarol has to leave us due in part to some family illnesses.. We will welcome her back when things quiet down a bit on her homefront. :)
  • chicaachicaa Posts: 437
    edited 13.03.2015
    BIG HUGE WELCOMES to Tessa23Darling!!

    Thanks for your interest in our team, and hope you enjoy it here!
  • chicaachicaa Posts: 437
    edited 14.03.2015
    Just a fun little fact that I'd like to share with you all.. Did you know, that since I have been a player (my start date is October of 2013) that we are the second smallest team to be in the top 15???

    Yes, it's true! Not a small feat, especially considering the marjority of these teams out number us..by quite a bit! So proud of each and everyone of you!!

    Keep it up & WTG Rulers Famiglia!! WHOOP WHOOP! :)
  • chicaachicaa Posts: 437
    edited 18.03.2015
    This post can be deleted at anytime by a mod, please
  • chicaachicaa Posts: 437
    edited 18.03.2015
    This thread can also be deleted as well, thank you!!
  • chicaachicaa Posts: 437
    edited 21.03.2015
    We just made it to 11th PLACE!!

    WOOOOOOO hoooo!! WTG Everyone!!
  • chicaachicaa Posts: 437
    edited 23.03.2015
    Let's all give a BIG Huge WELCOME to Grandma June & Kay Freeman, they have now joined us!!

  • chicaachicaa Posts: 437
    edited 02.04.2015
    Welcome to our farming family!!:)
  • parastoo6parastoo6 Posts: 1
    edited 02.04.2015
    hello do you speak persian?
  • chicaachicaa Posts: 437
    edited 16.04.2015
    No I do not parastoo. English only.
  • chicaachicaa Posts: 437
    edited 16.04.2015
    We've welcomed many new members to our family--

    Welcome to:


    Big Welcomes to you all--Welcome to Rulers Famiglia!! ^^
  • DonnaChafin1940DonnaChafin1940 Posts: 5
    edited 16.04.2015
    Thank you I am happy to be a member.
  • Kitty ReedKitty Reed Posts: 80
    edited 24.04.2015

    Where are you now ?

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