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Criticism: Horseshoes

For what it costs to purchase seeds to load on ship, GGS shouldn't be so stingy with the amount of horseshoes. I think we should also be able to load more of our product/products for x-tra horseshoes like with the plants.
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    Well I don't see a problem or anyone being stingy. It's just that you have to do the island to do the horse ranch. That's what the island was based on and it is just the fundamentals of the game.
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    Well I don't see a problem or anyone being stingy. It's just that you have to do the island to do the horse ranch. That's what the island was based on and it is just the fundamentals of the game.
    Fundamentals of the game??? Sorry but it was IMPOSED on us. We never asked for a money pit that takes 100's of mil off of you to get a few seeds to grow in a greenhouse to fill a boat. That is pure nonsense. GGS, at the rate they are going now, will drain all of us of our money with their Island event. And trust me, look at my farm... I generate 4 to 5 mil a day easy. If you wish to succeed the island, it takes more. They created a money pit but for what? A Horse Farm that we never asked for and that is so demanding and confusing that it's not even funny.

    No my friend... The Island and the boat are just an ill concept. I miss the days when we had the telescope event and YOU could decide how much you were willing to dish out to get a good one. Now, they FORCE us to spend money and for what.. a puny 5 x 5 / 90 happy deco. Whooooo! I'm so impressed! But I have no choice to play their scheme if I want to fill my boat.

    Bad concept.... This is a game and GGS should NOT force us to do anything. That is exactly what they have been doing for the past months and I do not like it at all. The Island is a farce if I've ever seen one.

    I went down from 4.7 Mil to 2.7 in a jiffy this time because I want to finish it. Also, it cost me over 80K of gold and I'm not done.

    Nope mate... sorry... I do not agree. That whole Horseshoe, Seeds, Island and Horse farm is simply a money pit. Never liked it, never will.

    I'm seriously considering dropping the whole scheme... meaning, to hell with their horses and all the silly nonsense they built around it. Makes no sense and even a player like me, with a fully upgraded farm will run dry in a few "Island events". I will not have it.

    As usual, GGS didn't think before doing what again, they thought was a great idea. Yeah.... right...

  • RunsWivScissors (GB1)RunsWivScissors (GB1) GB1 Posts: 6,633
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    Well I don't see a problem or anyone being stingy. It's just that you have to do the island to do the horse ranch. That's what the island was based on and it is just the fundamentals of the game.

    Sometimes the "random" selection of products that it asks for, does fall into the stingey category, I have had it ask for 4 items all with less than 5 horseshoes & even had several ships in a row doing that, which gets very annoying.
  • BriannospamGame (SKN1)BriannospamGame (SKN1) Posts: 1,803
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    IO: Maybe you not have ask for the horses, and I have not asked for the horses..
    But several other players have asked for horses, and I think that's maybe are one of the reasons to GGS give us the horses.

    Same about the tempoary farms (Island and viking): Some players have complain about the game was begin to borring them because their farms was fully built up, so they not longer have any challenge in the game and nothing to use all their dollars to (exept as donation to their coop... if they not was in a coop where everything is researched).
    - and some players (including me) have complained that they was a little tirred of having all these telescopes, they would like to get something else.

    But when that's tell...
    I'll say I also feel the tempoary farm's is to expensive to run, when we in a way are forced to play these tempoary farms.
    - I think it's nearly impossible to breed and train horses and build up the horsefarm, if you're not running the tempoary farms, and also if first you have run one of the temp farms just one time, you in a way are forced to continue run these temp farms every time they start up.. if not you want to have your ship in dock most of time because you not have shells/runestones to buy seed to the greenhouse.

    So yes, also I feel something should be changed in the concept with cyklus temp farm -> greenhouse -> ship -> horsefarm.. repeat.
    E.g. I would like if the ship being restored when a new temp farm start up, so (if you have played temp farm before) you can choose to skip the temp farm for a while to save up some dollars, with that result the ship not longer ask for greenhouse products before you again begin to play one of the temp farm.

    Also I would like if it was possible to adjust the amount the other types of products the ship asked for, not only the green house products.
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  • kbahr007 (US1)kbahr007 (US1) US1 Posts: 1,841
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    The other produce would be nice to adjust, GGS seems to have listened when we asked for upgrading the decos, now, if they listen to changing the amounts needed onboard the ship for loadouts
  • Uncle John (GB1)Uncle John (GB1) GB1 Posts: 8,544
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    As mentioned in the "Island and Viking Farm" thread below -
    "If you check the forum board "Questions about the game Big Farm" and then the Tips and Tricks page, there is a thread titled "Island Farm Minimum Harvesting" that has some excellent tips for doing just enough without spending too much."
    Just enough being minimum loading the ship 3 times a day everyday till the next Island
    Without spending too much being $4.4million
    An excellent piece of work by Trippel.

  • RunsWivScissors (GB1)RunsWivScissors (GB1) GB1 Posts: 6,633
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    That is indeed an excellent thread, but its a how-to on keeping the ship filled, it doesn`t address the OP's problem of stingey horseshoes. In fact it almost emphasises it, because Trippels thread suggests supplying the minimum amount of fruit, which can sometimes get you less than a couple of hundred shoes. So it is possible for someone to go to the island & makes all that effort to fill the ships & still end up getting less shoes that someone else who skips the island totally, but is lucky enough to get decent amounts for the top 4 slots.
  • CRAZE4CRAZE4 Posts: 1,414
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    i simply hate to visit those island and viking farms....
    so i dont tend to spend my dollars on those farms.
    in my opinion one should not worry about each and every farm.
    just take the main,gournmet and the flower farm into consideration.
  • Uncle John (GB1)Uncle John (GB1) GB1 Posts: 8,544
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    You are quite right Scissors but he/she did say "stingey for what it costs"
    I was trying to suggest that the cost was not actually that high. :¬)


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