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Hi Gang, this thread is now obsolete, I will be updating the website instead. Find it here:


Sharing content of this thread:

Whilst this thread was originally started for the benefit of Turtleoats Gang members, we are aware that other forum members use it for advice and guidance. We have absolutely no problem with that and welcome you to share any information you feel will be of benefit, particularly for newbies. The content of this thread is mostly original work undertaken by our team members with the exception of work which is quite clearly linked and/or acknowledged as belonging to others.

We would ask that you show us the courtesy to NOT copy and paste our articles and pass them off as your own, but rather to link to the article in question or, if more appropriate, to copy and paste with an acknowledgement of the author and/or the thread.

Benefits of our coop:

Main Farm

An 80% increase on the price of your pigs when selling
A 27% increase on the price of your apples when selling
A 25% increase on the price of your cherries when selling
A 67% increase on the price of your eggs when selling
A 40% increase on the price of your milk when selling

Gourmet Farm

A 120% increase on the price of your donkeys when selling
An 80% increase on the price of your almonds when selling

Gourmet Recipes

A 15% increase on the yield of fruitcakes and cream
A 15% increase on the yield of apple pie
A 5% increase on the yield of apple turnovers
A 10% increase on the yield of muffins

Flower Farm

A 5% increase on the price of your wildflower bouquets when selling

Your very own Smurf

Fun team members

Lots of help and support for newbies, including Carrie (carrianne9), our very own Newbie Mentor

It's a well-established fact that Turtleoats Gang members have the best dance moves. In the world.

Out of 1,739 coops, we are currently in the top 10 and rising :)

We came 7th in the last 2 Coop challenges, winning special cherry orchards and many other rewards for our coop members.


As a Turtleoats Gang member we want you to play daily, play nicely, pay your weekly subs (we need cash to undertake further research), participate in research, contribute to projects and coop challenges. We also want you to water everyone's trees on a regular basis. Please notify lori (lbcbab) if you are going to be unable to play for a couple of days or more.

Weekly subs are paid on a sliding scale according to level:

Level 0-15 - No requirement
15-25 - $15,000
25-35 - $30,000
35-45 - $45,000
45 + - $60,000 minimum

To pay your subs, go to the front tab of the cooperative page, Click on donate dollars then enter the amount you wish to pay in the sliding scale. Chris (bdreish) is our collections officer. If you are unable to pay your subs you should contact her.

Members: Please add a post telling us a little about yourself, many thanks.

To join us, please message Lori (lbcbab).
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    Research allows us to increase our selling prices and our production yield on various goods. It also allows us to increase our membership and decrease the number of collectibles required for projects. Research is managed by Smurf and is tailored to benefit all coop members. Current and upcoming research projects are listed on the coop front page. It is vital that you take your place on our research projects in a timely fashion as non-participation/undue lateness makes you smell bad, which annoys the rest of the team.

    Attachment not found.

    To take your place in research, click on the coop icon at the bottom of your farm, then select the tab on the far right with the orange *Erlenmeyer flask. Find and click on the current research project to add a researcher and then marvel at your own fragrant loveliness. If for any reason you are unable to participate, please contact me, Smurf.

    Attachment not found.

    * see what a knowledgeable Smurf I am :)

    Cooperative Tree

    For every time you water someone's tree you get $200. When a tree has been watered enough it gives valuable collectibles for use in coop projects. It's a no brainer, everyone wins when you water those trees! You should be able to do it twice daily. Click on your tree to get access to the list of coop members, click on them to visit their farm. You should get a pop-up list of names with orange cans next to the ones that need watering, scroll through this and click and water each one until they are all done. Should you forget to water those trees, a small baby animal will die :'(


    Upgrade your dog as soon as possible and be sure to pat him whenever he needs it. Click on his kennel to 'train' him and get lots of experience points.


    Completing projects gives us coop points which increases our rank and gives us mega gloating rights. This is, naturally, very important. It doesn't cost you any money to participate. Max (max999) is our project manager. You can see what project we are running by clicking on the crossed fork and spade on the bottom right of the screen. It shows what we are collecting and how much progress we have made. You contribute simply by harvesting the required items, you do not have to donate or sell them. Max always posts on the coop front page what the next project will be.

    Attachment not found.


    In order to start projects we must first assign a given number of collectibles to it. When all components have been collected, the project is outlined in green with a tick beside it. You will need to be around level 40 to have amassed enough collectibles to donate. To donate, click on incomplete projects and if you have enough items it will show with a green tick.

    Attachment not found.

    The following chart shows which projects need which collectibles:

    Attachment not found.

    Happiness :)

    This is essential for keeping your running costs down. Houses have a negative effect on happiness so you need to offset them by adding happiness to your farm. The easiest route is to buy decorations (decos). Decos can also be won through various events. In addition to decos, upgrading the fence and gate adds happiness to your farm, with the added bonus of not taking up any valuable space. The Retro Classic tractor can also add happiness to your farm without taking up space but it only applies to your main farm. Each individual farm has it's own happiness rating.


    No point re-inventing the wheel here, this site gives all the advice you will need: http://big-farm-addiction.wikia.com/wiki/Events. Chris (bdreish) always sends out a coop message with a precis of the different stages for themed events so that you have an easy reminder to hand.

    Missions/Coop Challenge

    Even if you hate missions, you can still partake and win points without any great effort on your part. Start up a mission when you log on, go water some trees if it is taking it's time. Remember that you get reputation points even if you don't win. If you happen to catch a crazy gold player then so much the better - you will often get more points for second place against some nut with 45,000 eggs than you would coming first against a smaller player.

    Dung/Eggs: These are is great if you catch them when you first log on as you will have all your animals ready and will stand a better chance of winning. Even so you'll be harvesting your animals for cash at any rate (3 chicken harvests every 30mins) you may as well get the reputation points for playing whether you win lose or draw. Fire up your powerhouse tractor if it's available before harvesting as it will increase your cash as well as your dung. These missions pay well in certs and reputation points.

    Corn/Flowers: These mission give less rewards than eggs and dung but chances are you will be planting one or the other so you may as well get the points for it.

    Remember: Points Mean Prizes! There are some really high end decos and other useful prizes available during the coop challenge, the more you play the more we all win. Don't forget, you will also win certs which you can use to increase happiness, add workers, exchange for humus or increase harvest yields via the various farm machines in your garage.
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  • tierratfiretierratfire Posts: 1
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    you click on the team and you write a letter why you want to join there team.

    ok.i got it

    A 25% increase on the price of your cherries when selling
    A 67% increase on the price of your eggs when selling
    A 40% increase on the price of your milk when selling
    Your very own Smurf
    A 5% increase on the yield of fruitcakes and cream
    Fun team members
    Lots of help and support for newbies, including Carrie (carrianne9), our very own Newbie Mentor
    It's a well-established fact that Turtleoats Gang members have the best dance moves. In the world
    Out of 1834 coops, we are currently 17th and rising :)

    Members: Please add a post telling us a little about yourself, many thanks.[/QUOTE]

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    tierratfire @ us 1
  • Max999 (GB1)Max999 (GB1) Posts: 107
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    Thanks for all the info. Smurf. it is brilliant just like our coop. Turtleoats Gang rules OK.
     Max999 @ GB1     
  • carrianne9 (GB1)carrianne9 (GB1) GB1 Posts: 45
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    Hi all

    I am Carrie (Carrianne9)

    I am the newbie mentor so if you have any questions at all however silly they may sound please ask me. I was new once and with the help of the members I was able to build my farm to where it is now.

    we have a lot of fun especially when we chat, it feels like your chatting to lifelong friends.

    I live in East Anglia uk. I work during the day but I am on here first thing in the morning and in the evenings.

    the main thing is to have fun and ask if you need anything
    carrianne9 @ en 1
  • yodel jonesyodel jones Posts: 1
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    Great info but i must let you know i can't dance lol
    yodel jones @ en 1
  • Max999 (GB1)Max999 (GB1) Posts: 107
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    Hi Gang, I am sure you all know who I am by my inane ramblings on the chat but I will formally introduce myself. (There's posh) I live in Portugal but am British by birth. I work from home so can be around the computer most of the day and , because the game is so addictive, most of the night as well. I run the projects for the team and generally make a nuisance of myself with my obsessive cheerleading. (Go Gang Go) Pom-pom shaking is a requirement of every team member. :) I post the present and next projects on the noticeboard in full chat and try to keep you up to date with our progress. Feel free to suggest anything to me( even if it is just to shut up - lol). Haapy Farming Gang. 8)

    haha Yodel. Don't be shy. I'll bet there are some cool moves in there somewhere. ;)

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     Max999 @ GB1     
  • Carolaturner (GB1)Carolaturner (GB1) GB1 Posts: 38
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    Hi I am Carol i i live in Devon England. I play this game every and very much enjoy the company of the players this is a great cooperative to belong to with some very friendly people.
    Smurf you have done a fantastic job with this forum.
    Carolaturner @ en 1
  • lbcbab (INT1)lbcbab (INT1) Posts: 17
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    The Gang:


    ATTENTION: Co0P Hijacked!
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  • lbcbab (INT1)lbcbab (INT1) Posts: 17
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    [10:15] Max999: Omar is still trying to flog that garden pump.
    [10:16] carrianne9: he keeps offering me tokens
    [10:16] Max999: He has offered me a lot of violets today. Strange??
    [10:16] Smurf: I'm out of favour with him.
    [10:16] Max999: Not dancing Smurf?
    [10:17] farmergiles77: i keep getting roses
    [10:17] Max999: haha Omar has a problem or he thinks we smell.
    [10:17] Smurf: too tired to twerk and i've still got a friction rash from shaking my coconuts at him the other day
    [10:17] Max999: haha
    [10:17] carrianne9: lol
    [10:18] farmergiles77: lol
    [10:18] Max999: I am going mission crazy. It is becoming a blur.

    [10:55] Smurf: good things always happen when max leaves the room heehee
    [10:55] carrianne9: lol
    [10:55] Thomas7887: lol

    [04:40] Famer Chuck: sorry forgot to say hello, hi rich and nick
    [04:40] FEARFIELD: hiya:)
    [04:41] chloe030301: haha its all the excitement
    [04:42] Famer Chuck: yep, the big man in red comes tonight :p
    [04:45] FEARFIELD: have you been good boys n girls?
    [05:00] Famer Chuck: oh yes, i'v been very good.
    [05:01] Famer Chuck: are you checking the list for him nick, lol
    [05:02] FEARFIELD: its St Nick fyi, i have elves checking for me
    [05:02] Famer Chuck: ok St Nick, lol
    [05:05] FEARFIELD: no need to be formal
    [05:05] FEARFIELD: you can call me Sir!!
    [05:05] FEARFIELD: hehe
    [05:05] Famer Chuck: haha
    [05:09] Max999: Hi and a Merry Christmas to all. HOHOHO
    [05:09] FEARFIELD: meey crimbo max, wb:)
    [05:10] Famer Chuck: hi max, merry xmas :)
    [05:10] Max999: haha hoho hehe
    [05:11] Famer Chuck: St Nick is checking the list to see if you have been naughty or nice
    [05:11] Max999: NIce of course ;)
    [05:11] Famer Chuck: did you here that nick
    [05:11] FEARFIELD: yup he's on my list
    [05:12] FEARFIELD: there'll be an hgv turning up in ther morning
    [05:12] Max999: Oh goody.
    [05:12] FEARFIELD: full of dung for your farm
    [05:12] Famer Chuck: haha, have you been clearingout the rein derr again lol
    [05:12] Max999: Somehow I thought it would be something like that.
    [05:13] Famer Chuck: great mind nick
    [05:13] FEARFIELD: ewww yeah
    [05:13] FEARFIELD: dasher and rudolph had curry last night, its not pretty
    [05:13] Max999: And there was I thinking Jag or Lotus.
    [05:13] Max999: lol
    [05:14] Famer Chuck: lol
    [05:14] FEARFIELD: the jag and lotus got impounded over vladivostok, no tax discs
    [05:15] Max999: Cheapskate.
    [05:15] FEARFIELD: the new zealanders had all the ship, so bang goes your love-life
    [05:15] FEARFIELD: *sheep not ship lmao
    [05:15] Max999: haha
    [05:15] Famer Chuck: haha
    [05:16] FEARFIELD: all i've asked for is keyboard that can spell
    [05:16] Max999: There was I will my brand new wellies.
    [05:16] Famer Chuck: did you spell it right could get anything
    [05:17] FEARFIELD: thats way to much information
    [05:17] Max999: lol
    [05:17] FEARFIELD: omg what if he turns up with a kogbawd??
    [05:18] Famer Chuck: Aaaagggg!
    [05:20] FEARFIELD: my love of internet shopping came back to haunt me this morning
    [05:20] Famer Chuck: how?
    [05:20] FEARFIELD: royal mail turned up and the postman was singing 'moonpig dot com as he pulled up
    [05:21] Famer Chuck: lol
    [05:21] Max999: Hehe
    [05:21] FEARFIELD: not to worry i'll wrap the 18 spice racks back up and send them next year o.o
    [05:24] Famer Chuck: I'm off visiting. if I don't get on again, have a good day tomoorrow, hope he is good to you all.

    [15:05] Max999: Think we need a gold booster Lori.
    [15:06] Max999: Done it.
    [15:07] lbcbab: lol.... so does mean no patience and u answered 4 me7
    [15:08] lbcbab: funny funny
    [15:08] Smurf: He gave you a whole 30 seconds to respond lori, it's not his fault you were dragging your heels ;)
    [15:09] FEARFIELD: here's a gude on how to rule on big farm...
    [15:09] FEARFIELD: http://youtu.be/ntG50eXbBtc
    [15:09] Max999: Haha stop stirring it Nick.
    [15:09] lbcbab: lol... well i appreciated it
    [15:10] lbcbab: lol
    [15:10] FEARFIELD: your indestructabbubbleoooo
    [15:10] Max999: lol


    [15:18] FEARFIELD: playing with myself again sniff
    [15:18] FEARFIELD: corn sends you blind
    [15:18] Smurf: I've heard that about you nick
    [15:18] bdreish: hehe
    [15:19] FEARFIELD: its all lies i tell ya
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  • lbcbab (INT1)lbcbab (INT1) Posts: 17
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    You are all super XXXX

    I shall fight anyone who says different!

    We are getting more people chatting and getting involved.

    haha you can't beat enthusiasm Lori.

    former player: I do miss you all lonely by yourself

    Proud to be part of the best coop!!!!

    The team is pulling together. ;)

    Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to all Turtle-Oaters!

    A very merry Christmas to you and yours and a happy 2015!
    lbcbab @ en 1[SIGPIC][/SIGPIC]
  • SellingMostafaSellingMostafa Posts: 1
    edited 08.12.2014
    Thanks for all the info. Smurf. it is brilliant just like our coop.
    SellingMostafa @ us 1
  • Max999 (GB1)Max999 (GB1) Posts: 107
    edited 10.12.2014
    Hi All, As always the coop rose the challenge and did mission after mission heroically. We did well and acquired lots of rewards for the team. Great teamwork Gang. I think we are all missioned out and may take a day off to recuperate. ;( As ever a brilliant effort Gang:)

    Attachment not found.
     Max999 @ GB1     
  • JPJ562JPJ562 Posts: 6
    edited 10.12.2014
    This is great !!! Thank you for putting the time in to help the rest of this. The my first co op was and still is ibn the USA, I live the group !!!! You Are The Best Smurf !! JP JPJ56
    JPJ56 @ en 1
  • JPJ562JPJ562 Posts: 6
    edited 10.12.2014
    Someday I am going to take a moment to edit my posts before I send them, but then I am a New Yorker and people from New York rarely take a moment to stop, let alone breathe. I am not sure where we think we are all headed to but maybe as far away from Washington D.C. as possible. We all are not fools despite international polls; but I am thinking of making the Great Escape to Europe, probably the U.K. if everyone there is as nice as this group. !!!! JP 8)
    JPJ56 @ en 1
  • SellingChristySellingChristy Posts: 1
    edited 10.12.2014
    hi, my name is mum04, i see you side you are from NY what part ? my i ask. me i am from NH
    SellingChristy @ us 1
  • lbcbab (INT1)lbcbab (INT1) Posts: 17
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    A BIG thank you to my dear friend and fellow co0p player Max and the rest of the gang for all u'r support and pulling together in our time of need. I do appreciate my wonderful team players. Thank you.

    A BIG thank you to you Uncle Willy(traveler) for helping out our co0p in our time of need. We really appreciate that fact that we can count on you. Thank you.

    Chicken Little: i had alot of fun playing against you and our conversations last night ... it was a blast! hope to come against you again. take care.

    jaynrrxtence : thank you for the sparkles.... and you are not even in my co0p. all the best to you and u'r success.
    lbcbab @ en 1[SIGPIC][/SIGPIC]
  • lbcbab (INT1)lbcbab (INT1) Posts: 17
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    step 1 -collect fertilizer and start cherries
    Step 2 - find ink paints ( fields and stables)
    step 3 - collect egg / cabbage / rice
    step 4 - find cherry blossoms ( Orchards )
    step 5 - supply pigsties with pig feed and collect pigs
    step 6 - get origami cranes - everywhere (silo, composters, mill.orchard and fields)


    step 1 : collect cabbages
    step 2 : find coconut - everywhere (fields,stables,orchards,mill,compoter and silo)
    step 3: make milk available
    step 4 : find sea shells - orchards and fields
    step 5 : collect apples and cherries
    step 6 : find blossoms - everywhere (fields,stables,orchards,mill,composter and silo )



    Hidden Items
    Plot 10 - circle of stones - happiness count 135
    Plot 13 - pine forest, happiness count 63
    Plot 16 - cult stone, happiness count 35
    Plot 21 - gold-leafed tree, happiness count 84

    The deco on plot 13 on the Viking farm in the middle plot holds a pine forest after demolishing. The pine forest looks like undergrowth, so be careful you do not accidentally demolish it after you demolished the undergrowth.


    task 1 - collect logs for firewood (orchards)
    task 2 - Donate apples
    task 3 - collect paw tracks (fields)
    task 4 - start making chick feed, pig feed and cow feed (save full load cow feed till last- you can then start next task as soon as mill starts- saves hours)
    task 5 - collect maps (everywhere - especially mill , silo, composter )


    4~FIND EVIDENCE PHOTOS -stables /silo/composter
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  • lbcbab (INT1)lbcbab (INT1) Posts: 17
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    Go Turtleoaters Go!!!
    lbcbab @ en 1[SIGPIC][/SIGPIC]
    edited 12.12.2014
    Been playing again hope you like it:-

    Attachment not found.

    If you want to save it to your device the url is http://i58.tinypic.com/2s7sy0w.png

    Nick xx
  • JPJ562JPJ562 Posts: 6
    edited 12.12.2014
    Hi, I am in the Southern Tier of Central NY. about 10,north of the PA. Border. The Chenango and Susquehanna Rivers meet in my town. It started out in the 1700's as a trading post, then became a resort town for vacationing New York City upper class because of the river resorts. Later in the 1900's, IBM was formed here along with
    Mc Intosh Speakers, Singer Link Aviation Simulators for air and ocean training, Ansco Film and Cameras originated here as well as E J Shoes which made most of the military boots in WWII for the U.S.

    All things must end though and now all these businesses are gone but we have SUNY at Binghamton and we are becoming a college town now. We have the 5th oldest zoo in the nation here, Ross Park though it is small and quaint. I lived up in Nashua for a while in my teens. Beautiful country where you are. JP
    JPJ56 @ en 1
  • lbcbab (INT1)lbcbab (INT1) Posts: 17
    edited 13.12.2014

    The bright side:
    1. By breeding.... the foal is better than it's parents.
    2. Training goes much faster.....just one training in full intensive (cost 4000 shells), raise the new horse from level 1 to level 14.
    (Breeding effects will make your foal quicker in training.)

    Don't forget, how many training points you get depends on your arenas levels...the higher the arena, the more training points during intensive training
    (each level upgrade will increase 41 training points)
    lbcbab @ en 1[SIGPIC][/SIGPIC]
  • JPJ562JPJ562 Posts: 6
    edited 14.12.2014
    thank you jp
    JPJ56 @ en 1
  • Thomas7887Thomas7887 Posts: 1
    edited 14.12.2014
    well done guys u have done a really good job with the forum and all the info
    Thomas7887 @ en 1
  • Smurf8Smurf8 Posts: 235
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    Another great thread from Prince Manish on the Viking Farm:


    As lovely as the scenery is, I get the feeling I've been here before already, although happily it means I know where the decos are hidden!
    Smurf @ en 1icvfqu.png
    edited 19.12.2014
    have a lovely christmas folks

    Attachment not found.
  • lbcbab (INT1)lbcbab (INT1) Posts: 17
    edited 21.12.2014

    Seasons Greetings to a great group of people
    lbcbab @ en 1[SIGPIC][/SIGPIC]
  • Carolaturner (GB1)Carolaturner (GB1) GB1 Posts: 38
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    Attachment not found. or Happy hoilday or what ever you want to call it but every one in the Turtleoats gang:thumbsup:
    Carolaturner @ en 1
  • lbcbab (INT1)lbcbab (INT1) Posts: 17
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    May we take this opportunity to wish you and all your players a Very Merry Christmas and a Happy, Healthy 2015 from all at Placid Oasis.

    Placid Oasis

    Merry Christmas

    Hey Everyone,

    I wish you blessed holiday season. May this Christmas bring you comfort, joy, peace, and happiness to last throughout the coming year!

    Wishing everyone in Turtleoats Gang a Merry Christmas and a Wonderful New Year!

    Happy Holidays and Have a blast :D

    wishes on the behalf of Kingdom Galaxy

    lbcbab @ en 1[SIGPIC][/SIGPIC]
  • Max999 (GB1)Max999 (GB1) Posts: 107
    edited 24.12.2014
    A very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to all the Gang. We've had a great year and I would like to thank you all for being such an amazing bunch. Thanks for all your never ending cooperation in the projects and events. Turtleoaters are GO!!!! ;)

    Attachment not found.

    Love and Hugs
     Max999 @ GB1     
    edited 27.12.2014
    Testing testing

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