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Tips and Questions for Gold Buildings

awerickawerick Posts: 40
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I have a thread about whee and what level water tower I should have, and from that I realized that us non-buyers and even small buyers value there small amounts of gold and use it for the most important stuff. This is a thread where you an post a tip or ask a question about any gold building, as well as answer the questions.
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  • kbahr007 (US1)kbahr007 (US1) US1 Posts: 1,841
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    Only suggestions I have is not to buy gold unless you are absolutely going to use it within hours or even a day. I know people like to have it ready at all times but too many times it is used accidentally. Also, wait for a month minimum after you buy gold, the bonus's will start going up to 100% and eventually 200%, do this is concert with other bonus''s and you will make out.
  • cheshi (US1)cheshi (US1) Posts: 135
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    I agree with kbahr. If you do not have a LOT of money to put into a game, then buy sparingly and use it quickly.

    My last gold purchase I kept for several days, because I was interested in the booster books. Those few days were so stressful for me while waiting for each discount of the books. I hesitated every time I had to click, because of fear that I might accidently click on something that spent gold.

    I could have bought more gold, but didn't want that much around to lose, but it was still a bit sad when the gold was all gone. I hadn't bought all the books I wanted to buy, and didn't have enough gold to upgrade my water tower on my main farm or add one to my gourmet farm. So I have to wait for the next decent gold buying deal, but it's better than seeing the gold wasted from accidental clicks.

    I'll probably upgrade my tower and put one on my gourmet farm first thing, then hope for the book deals to come along at the same time. At some point, I also hope to upgrade the two blue houses I bought. I would have never bought them if I had known all future upgrades would require gold, but what's done is done, and I think it would not be easy to get the regular houses in there to replace those two. I'll have to see how it all plays out since we can only build one thing at a time and it isn't safe to have too much gold on hand at a time.

    Other than that, I can do without the gold. Yes. I did spend some on stuff I regretted in hindsight, while I was learning the game, but I have more self-control and knowledge of the game to avoid most of the gold traps. I think it would be much easier to spend gold if we could build more than one item at a time, so having to have patience keeps my money in my wallet. There are constant upgrades, and with just that one building allowed, those that require gold have much lower priority than those that keep my farms running and growing. You don't have to worry about building when you buy the books, so it is like one of the few times this game offers instant gratification.

    Oh. The Wheel of Fortune can also be fun. I've only bought more tokens once, just for fun, as the rewards are small unless you put in a lot of gold. I'm always hoping to land on fertilizer and deco. But everything else is still gravy.
    cheshi @ us 1
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