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Earning XP

LexiatelLexiatel Posts: 146
Level 12 here. I noticed all my quests have slowed down, because I need more levels to do upgrades.

So how do I get the XP needed for the levels I need? It doesn't seem like planting or harvesting is earning me any.

Must I just do a bunch of missions? Seems like it would take days for just one level (given that I need to pretty much sit around for 30mins each one).
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  • jello (AU1)jello (AU1) Posts: 1,040
    edited 20.08.2014
    Missions won't give you any XP, You just need patience in this game. At level 12 you should level up fairly quickly by following the side tasks but just relax and take your time. It is a farming game and as any real farmers know it is a long process :)
  • rhon (GB1)rhon (GB1) GB1 Posts: 1,538
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    Do you have a mill, silo or composter yet? They are the big XP earners when working on your farm. But at your level you will get most from completing the left hand bar tasks. Missions only earn you Certificates and Reputation Points, RP, not Experience Points, XP

  • Wildcard999Wildcard999 Posts: 967
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    You can get XP from a lot of places, but if you need more, as Samty said, your composter, silo and mill are your best bets. All the mills get them for you. Also, if you have nothing upgrading right now, you can build and destroy flower beds over and over for 1xp in 3 minutes. You lose money doing that, but you're basically buying the xp, so if advancing in xp is your priority, go for it. It does take a while though.
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