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What did you name your Island ? ¿

ynot (US1)ynot (US1) US1 Posts: 26
edited 09.06.2015 in The Chicken Coop
Tell us what you call your Island . . .

Mine is the Sandbar.
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  • Al Dente (US1)Al Dente (US1) Posts: 5
    edited 06.08.2014
    8) al catraz 8)
    Al Dente @ us 1
  • Big Beck (US1)Big Beck (US1) US1 Posts: 514
    edited 06.08.2014
  • edited 07.08.2014
    I named mine Aloha and my daughter named hers hula hula
  • edited 07.08.2014
    I named my Island: Mystic Cove

    SuperSpaceGirl @US 1

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    Mine is Oasis
    FarmerJojoBell @ us 1 - Leader of GodsServants Co-op!!

    JojoBell @ www 1 - Deputy of Blessed R We Co-op!!

    Farmerjojobell - @ en 1 - Leader of Positive Vibes Co-op
  • Adrienne_chilisAdrienne_chilis Posts: 141
    edited 07.08.2014
    I named mine Sandals. It is one of the best all inclusive resort. Except this one is not all inclusive. :huh:

    Adrienne_chilis @ us 1

    "Everything will be alright in the end. If it isn't alright, then it's not the end"

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  • RubyfarmerRubyfarmer Posts: 90
    edited 07.08.2014
    Margaritaville :)
    Rubyfarmer @ au 1
  • Kyler992Kyler992 Posts: 34
    edited 07.08.2014
    Mine is shells
    Kyler99 @ us 1
  • kalon (US1)kalon (US1) Posts: 19
    edited 07.08.2014
    The Money Pit (if you ever watched the film by that title, you'll understand why I named it that). :)
    kalon @ us 1
  • the dimond catthe dimond cat Posts: 4
    edited 07.08.2014
    The dimond farm
    the dimond cat @ en 1
  • the dimond catthe dimond cat Posts: 4
    edited 07.08.2014
    Why space

    the dimond cat @ en 1
  • Jiesta (NL1)Jiesta (NL1) Posts: 6,557
    edited 07.08.2014
    I named mine: El Descanso

    Sig designed by farmerjohn 22 (US1). THX!!


  • rheanneke (NL1)rheanneke (NL1) NL1 Posts: 79
    edited 07.08.2014
    dream on
    is my name for it
    rheanneke @ nl 1

    coop: fluistervinkjes

    keep smiling/ blijven lachen:)
  • farmerjohn 22 (US1)farmerjohn 22 (US1) US1 Posts: 37,189
    edited 07.08.2014
    I named my island Anna Maria, which is the name of the island that I actually live on :thumbup:
  • gertrude ayreygertrude ayrey Posts: 1
    edited 07.08.2014
    strawberry fare
    gertrude ayrey @ en 1
  • kbahr007 (US1)kbahr007 (US1) US1 Posts: 1,841
    edited 07.08.2014
    Gilligan's Island - The only name i could think of, next time it will be another name
  • ladykatzzladykatzz Posts: 69
    edited 07.08.2014
    I named mine Gam-Pa island... My grandpa was born on a small island off of mawii back like 70 or so years ago. he was 100 percent Portuguese. his parents came over on a boat way back then.
    Blue Cloud Clan Leader..us 1. For ADULTS or Mature Older teens..... contact me in game if you need a home. Dont forget to send me a note.
  • kbahr007 (US1)kbahr007 (US1) US1 Posts: 1,841
    edited 07.08.2014
  • Pingo42Pingo42 Posts: 537
    edited 07.08.2014
    I named mine Brigadoon Isle, after the mythical town in the Scottish Highlands that appears briefly every so often and then vanishes without a trace until its next reappearance.
    [SIGPIC][/SIGPIC]Pingo4 @ us 1
  • SANDRAUser602SANDRAUser602 Posts: 131
    edited 08.08.2014
    I named mine HolyPalm Island
    SANDRAUser60 @ us 1
  • Bill4112 (US1)Bill4112 (US1) US1 Posts: 72
    edited 08.08.2014
    I named mine Paradise, though Money Pit is a far more accurate description. Of course, when I named it I didn't know that it was a Money Pit.
    Bill4112 @ us 1
  • HogwildHogwild Posts: 5
    edited 08.08.2014
    I call it Bacardi
    Hogwild @ us 1
  • Lilly12341 (AU1)Lilly12341 (AU1) Posts: 19
    edited 08.08.2014
    mine is paradise island
    LILLY12341 AU1

  • rosebush (INT1)rosebush (INT1) Posts: 48
    edited 08.08.2014
    I named mine Isle Fantasia
    rosebush @ WWW 1

  • copperbeech (GB1)copperbeech (GB1) Posts: 226
    edited 08.08.2014
    My island is called Azura retreat
    copperbeech @ en 1
  • LeaderTracy2LeaderTracy2 Posts: 21
    edited 08.08.2014
    I named mine Isle of Man because it's expensive to live there (hahahaha)
    LeaderTracy @ WWW 1
  • ryanreber (US1)ryanreber (US1) Posts: 4
    edited 08.08.2014
    I named mine...Coconut Hills.
    ryanreber @ us 1
  • ndf (US1)ndf (US1) Posts: 151
    edited 08.08.2014
    i named my amazon island
    ndf @ us 1
    Deputy of Wright Wranch
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  • aishwarya6aishwarya6 Posts: 4
    edited 08.08.2014
    i named exotic farm ...:Dthe only name i could
    aishwarya6 @ in 1
  • Anniew63Player (US1)Anniew63Player (US1) US1 Posts: 14
    edited 08.08.2014
    Ghost Island.... everything will disappear soon.
    Anniew63Player @ us 1
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