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Airport Suggestion

Have you ever wondered where the plane went when you went to visit your island farm?
In my opinion, there should be an airport (if not, somewhere for the plane to land) on the island farm.

Farmer Maxwell
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  • Ria_ ()Ria_ () Posts: 280
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    There's no habitants(/houses to them to live in) there either apart from the farmworkers so I assume there must be more people at the nearby Island. Or Johnny really is a very bad businessman as his bar has no customers. Exept maybe bank workers, but do they live in the bank?

    Edit: There is a treehouse, I guess someone could be living there with the monkey or maybe it works in the bank..
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  • Tdd7Tdd7 Posts: 34
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    I was thinking the same thing, actually. The island looks like it's only accessible by boat.
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  • tinyandme (US1)tinyandme (US1) US1 Posts: 66
    edited 05.08.2014
    The Airport. GGS Trash it. Bad plan.
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  • jaystarr2jaystarr2 Posts: 1,657
    edited 06.08.2014
    Haha, if they trashed the airport their giant long term plan for the greenhouse and boat and horse field and whatever other things they can construe to fit together all go out the window...
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  • SystemSystem Posts: 106,812
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    Maybe the airplane has pontoons that come down for landing gear, so it can land on the water and not need a runway? I admit, that was the first thing I noticed about the island - "but where did the plane land???" LOL :D
  • AphasiaAphasia Posts: 223
    edited 06.08.2014
    As there doesn't seem to be any good surf, GGS may as well ditch the surfboard. And they could replace it with a seaplane!
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  • anak_baik2anak_baik2 Posts: 3
    edited 06.08.2014
    Hi GGS,

    From Airport at Main Farm we fly to Island Farm.
    At Island Farm I found no Airport, only dock/shipyard.

    I just wonder, could Airplane landing at the dock/shipyard ?
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  • jaystarr2jaystarr2 Posts: 1,657
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    It could if it's a seaplane, which from the picture of the plane at the airport it isn't. :P
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  • raghav agarwalraghav agarwal Posts: 17
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    maybe the plane lands somewhere else and we come there by boat or ship....

    but who buys the drinks
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  • BriannospamGame (SKN1)BriannospamGame (SKN1) Posts: 1,803
    edited 06.08.2014
    Why are so surprised or disappointed that there is a landing strip for the plane?
    Honestly, what had expected when a cow with six teats must be a secret agent who is lemurs on an island in the Caribbean, and oranges grown in the fields?
    Dear friends, this is a game now use your imagination, of course, the aircraft is indeed a VTOL aircraft, which it has to be with the short runway which is our main farm.
    VTOL = Vertical TakeOff and Landing
    Her kan du finde danske informationer og tips til spillet http://fjollefarm.naniq.eu

  • Latten (DE1)Latten (DE1) Posts: 6,246
    edited 06.08.2014
    We might add a little something, if you're really that curious ;) Give it some time though.

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