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Messages to Deputies Only or Multiple Members



  • Instant Ocean (US1)Instant Ocean (US1) US1 Posts: 189
    edited 15.05.2014
    LOL.... I was just thinking about this idea this morning. Would LOVE to have a button to address only the staff of the co-op.

    Latten, bro, do your best man! :)

  • NeoniteNeonite Posts: 64
    edited 05.07.2014
    Another example...

    There are times I have to send the same message to several members of our coöperation.
    That means not to all of them.
    So it would be handy if I could select the members from the member list and send that message to them in just one go.
    And not have to copy and past to every member that I want to send that message one at the time.
    It would make things much easier.
    Neonite @ nl 1
  • MordnaMordna Posts: 53
    edited 06.07.2014
    Agreed. Some poeple don't appreciate receiving messages that don't concern them really, but need to get to a select few. If I have to message several people I almost always opt for coop message to everyone. The non-target people can just ignore the message.
    @ en 1
  • NeoniteNeonite Posts: 64
    edited 06.07.2014
    I know the problem.

    A few days ago I had to send some members a mail with the reason that they must participate more.
    And that they would be removed if they keep lacking.
    It would not be very nice to send it as a coöp message.
    Most players are doing theire best in making the coöp a great place to be.
    The message is only for the players who are not willing to make our coöperation better.

    I send such mails to give them a second or third chance to participate more.
    Before the decision is made to remove them for good.
    Neonite @ nl 1
  • Adriene12Adriene12 Posts: 32
    edited 01.08.2014
    It would be nice for the Leaders to be able to talk to their Deputies without the entire Co-op being able to read the messages about certain things.
    Adriene1 @ us 1
  • NeoniteNeonite Posts: 64
    edited 01.08.2014
  • Jiesta (NL1)Jiesta (NL1) Posts: 6,557
    edited 01.08.2014
    Has been mentioned countless times in the last year. So this request is known to GGS.

    It is indeed a good suggestion and would make things a lot easier for the coop-leaders; but my fear is that any changes/additions to the chat will slow it down even more than it is already.

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  • Lady VenusLady Venus Posts: 3
    edited 01.08.2014
    I totally agree and it would also safe a lot of time if there would be a possibility to send a standard message to new members with explanation how the coop functions. What we do and how we do it. Now i have to send the same coop introduction over and over again.
    Lady Venus @ nl 1
  • Jiesta (NL1)Jiesta (NL1) Posts: 6,557
    edited 01.08.2014
    Well - that is what we all do, Lady Venus. I simply keep a word-dokument next to the game in which I keep all my standard messages, and I simply copy&paste these messages to a BF-mail. So, no problem at all!

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  • BriannospamGame (SKN1)BriannospamGame (SKN1) Posts: 1,803
    edited 01.08.2014
    A few years ago I played a online realtime war game, where the built-in communication system not was good enough.
    Because of that most of the klans used some alternative communication ways.
    The one is a webbased forum, where all players in the klan could talk with each other, and in that forum also was a closed forum only for the leaders.
    Since it was a real time war game, we ofen need a way which was more fast than a forum, so here we used skype or msn (msn did not exist today).

    I think it could be a good solution to those co-op's where the leader and deputys want their own forum/chat, that they create such a thing outside bigfarm, or make a co-op website where they can built-in a forum.
    It's not so hard to make a useable website which can be used to that, and it don't need to cost any money.

    Try search on the web for "free website" and see what you can get for free on that market.
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  • jaystarr2jaystarr2 Posts: 1,657
    edited 01.08.2014
    Our co-op has an offsite forum for those purposes. We use ProBoards, but there are plenty of other free forum sites out there that you can use.

    That said, it's kind of cumbersome posting something in the offsite forum and then going to chat here and being like "hey deputies please go to the forum". It'd be easier if we could have a deputy/leader-specific chat, or you could be selective about who you messaged (I think at one point I suggested something like the mailing system we have for this forum, or you could check boxes for who you wanted to mail or something).

    P.S. Brian, I have MSN--thanks for making me feel old :P
    jaystarr2 @ us 1

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  • BriannospamGame (SKN1)BriannospamGame (SKN1) Posts: 1,803
    edited 01.08.2014
    You're right Jaystar, it would be number 1 if GGS would make a seperate chatroom in the coop where the leader and the deputys can talk private with each other.

    Did msn still works? - I did'nt know that, I think it's about 1½ year ago that msn and skype was fussion to skype.

    Don't talk about feeling old, my first computer was a Texas 99/4A = 16 kb ram and with 16 colors. lol
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  • mick6 (AU1)mick6 (AU1) Posts: 158
    edited 02.08.2014
    Totally agree with you..have mentioned this b4..never gets anywhere.i think it is needed.i would use it a fair bit
    mick6 @ au 1
  • elunia13 (GB1)elunia13 (GB1) Posts: 162
    edited 11.09.2014
    Anything happening on this front, GGS? :-) I believe the gratitude of all the coop leaders will be immeasurable! :D
    elunia13 @ en 1
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  • Adisam (IN1)Adisam (IN1) Posts: 18
    edited 24.10.2014
    I believe if GGS can give us the luxury of another feature wherein we can message all deputies in one go (just like coop message to all members), it will make the life of coop leaders very different.

    They can have it only for coop leaders as they will than be able to communicate effectively and efficiently with deputies.

    Any support to the thread in the form of replies/views will help it in terms of being noticed at GGS level.
    Adisam @ in 1
  • RunsWivScissors (GB1)RunsWivScissors (GB1) GB1 Posts: 6,633
    edited 24.10.2014
    Good idea, though having it for coop leaders only would mean the deputys couldn`t reply to the leader & the other deputys too, so would probably be better if they could all use it. ^^
  • Adriene12Adriene12 Posts: 32
    edited 05.11.2014
    Why can't there be a way for the Leader of a Coop and the Deputies to send messages to each other without the whole Coop being able to read them. Sometimes I have situations that I may want to discuss with the Deputies and not the entire Coop. At times this is a problem, because some of the members may think I am talking to them and I am only addressing the Deputies. I this is a good idea.
    Adriene1 @ us 1
  • rhinanarhinana Posts: 561
    edited 05.11.2014
    It is a good idea and had been brought up several times before. I think one of the mods/managers was going to take it to the developers. The old threads are here somewhere.
    rhinana @ us 1 Doves Hollow Cooperative Member
  • Adriene12Adriene12 Posts: 32
    edited 06.11.2014
    I suggested the same thing today it is good to know someone else is thinking about the same thing

    What I usually do is write a message to one of the deputies, copy it and then paste it to the rest. I only have to write it once.

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    Adriene1 @ us 1
  • Barrkley (US1)Barrkley (US1) Posts: 84
    edited 29.01.2015
    Game has option to send a message to all cooperative members. It would be great if leaders could send a message to all deputies. Would make doing cooperative business easier and less time consuming.
    Barrkley @ us 1
  • katmorr (AU1)katmorr (AU1) Posts: 96
    edited 02.02.2015
    As a Co-op Leader, when I message my Deputies, I do so to each one. As a Co-op, we work together, though each member has different circumstances beyond farming, which is taken in to account. It makes for happy farming for us.
    katmorr @ au 1
  • Chateau Busby (US1)Chateau Busby (US1) Posts: 112
    edited 22.03.2015
    How about making it possible to message more than 1 person vs the whole co-op.

    What I finding cumbersome is when I & my deputies are discussing things through messaging & not chat. As a leader I have to copy & paste the same message to them individually.

    Maybe adding the option to message "co-op deputies" in the same area the "Cooperative message to all members" option is?

    Does anyone else like this idea? Never know what GGS will do & not do!
    Chateau Busby US_1
  • Laurel Curtis (US1)Laurel Curtis (US1) US1 Posts: 8
    edited 22.03.2015
    I think this is a great idea. Adding the option to message deputies would save all the leaders and deputies time and make sure message went to all the deputies. Wouldn't be the first time that I have forgotten to message one by doing it individually.
    Laurel Curtis @ us 1
  • edited 23.03.2015
    is a good idea, but as a member, I like knowing what deputys talk about. there are enough secrets without a deputy only message. It would be a nice addition however if there was an option for "plain members" to read it. Like a notification when you log in about it and a "click here to read" button maybe... and message length should be lengthened, maybe an archive to save poetic and heartfelt messages too...
  • brutane (US1)brutane (US1) US1 Posts: 52
    edited 29.03.2015
    If this was a gambling game, I'd wanna put all my chips in for "message for all debuties and leader" button. IM ALL IN!
    brutane @ us 1
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  • RunsWivScissors (GB1)RunsWivScissors (GB1) GB1 Posts: 6,633
    edited 29.03.2015
    is a good idea, but as a member, I like knowing what deputys talk about. there are enough secrets without a deputy only message. It would be a nice addition however if there was an option for "plain members" to read it. Like a notification when you log in about it and a "click here to read" button maybe... and message length should be lengthened, maybe an archive to save poetic and heartfelt messages too...

    Err... A Message that everyone can read....Don't we already have that? 8|
  • mariachi (RO1)mariachi (RO1) Posts: 7,850
    edited 20.04.2015
    chicaa wrote: »
    I love the idea, would certainly make life a bit easier. I love Jaystarr's idea also regarding having the checkboxes next to each members name.

    I support this idea, too.
    Any official response to that? Is it possible? Are you thinking about it? :)
  • stef7 (US1)stef7 (US1) US1 Posts: 460
    edited 19.05.2015
    deputy message button

    It would be very nice to have a contact all deputy mail button.

    We have the person to person mail and a co-op mail but what if you want to send a co-op message to all the deputies only you can't.

    That way if a deputy or leader wanted to give instructions to the all the deputies at once without the rest of the coop getting it they could.
    [SIGPIC][/SIGPIC]stef7 @ us 1
  • edited 19.05.2015
    Just copy/paste the message you want to send to your deputies. Or if you have too many to do that, just send a cooperative message the normal way. ^^

    Anyway, this had already been suggested a couple times at least. :S
  • jwllmsjnb (US1)jwllmsjnb (US1) US1 Posts: 392
    edited 08.06.2015
    Put a list of coop members next to the message board and make it possible to check off which members you want to send message to. Right now, it's one or all. Say, I want to send a message to only eight of 19 members. I hate having to go back and forth from the members list, type in the subject for each one, then copying and pasting to send a message to multiple members. It would be so much faster and easier with a check list attached to the side of the message board. Just a suggestion.

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