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Name our Big Farm Cow!

CM NafaruCM Nafaru Posts: 1,325
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Dear Farmers,

We would really like to know, which name do you think would suit our Big Farm Cow the best?
Keep in mind: she might be chilling in the sea on this picture, but our cow has a yet undiscovered secret identity... :cool:



your Big Farm Team
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  • kegan56 (US1)kegan56 (US1) Posts: 3
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    Big problem the cow has 6 udders.
    KEgan55 @ us 1
  • Dara (SKN1)Dara (SKN1) SKN1 Posts: 2,638
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    Oh, yes, real cow has only 4 udders :D

  • tornadoo2tornadoo2 Posts: 23
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    hahaha maybe its a level 7 cow :D
    tornadoo @ WWW 1
  • farmerjohn 22 (US1)farmerjohn 22 (US1) US1 Posts: 31,940
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    Studies show that cows that are given names and are called by them actually give more milk! My vote is for Holly, as in Holly cow! 8o
  • JojoBellJojoBell Posts: 44
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    tornadoo2 wrote: »
    hahaha maybe its a level 7 cow :D

    Hahaha!! :thumbsup: Clever response, I loved that. A level 7 cow! Maybe that is why moomoo7 is a name option?
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  • farmerjohn 22 (US1)farmerjohn 22 (US1) US1 Posts: 31,940
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    Just to clarify, a cow only has ONE udder, with four teats, not six. ^^
  • HDbkrst69 (US1)HDbkrst69 (US1) US1 Posts: 14
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    Mooshelle the cow...
    HDbkrst69 @ us 1
  • Yakoska (US1)Yakoska (US1) Posts: 1,631
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    If Chandler Bing can have a 3rd nipple.....
    Yakoska @ us 1
  • Mr. Green JeansMr. Green Jeans Posts: 1
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    I always liked Moogaret Rind. Moogy for short. And I have to agree...Level 7 cow for sure.
    Mr. Green Jeans @ WWW 1
  • wmjvonk (NL1)wmjvonk (NL1) NL1 Posts: 23
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    Cow Holliday, as she seems to be on a holliday!
    wmjvonk @ nl 1
  • zimmy1zimmy1 Posts: 3
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    HDbkrst69 wrote: »
    Mooshelle the cow...

    I LOVE this name! I think it's the best one! Mooshelle! Very good. (and I grew up on a dairy farm, btw, so we had LOTS of names, but never this one.... how did we miss this?)...

    Zimmy 1 :)
    zimmy1 @ us 1
  • zimmy1zimmy1 Posts: 3
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    I can appreciate the three names you posted, but, in reading through, there were others that were also fabulous.

    My favorite among the thread..... and I must confess, one I like 138% better than the three I had to select from above was this:


    I grew up on a dairy farm and we named a lot of cows special names, and somehow missed this one!

    Could even be "Mooshelle with Bell"

    or, simply "Mooshelle"

    My best friend did have a prize bull named "Sir Loin", BTW.
    zimmy1 @ us 1
  • Nauna14Nauna14 Posts: 238
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    Just to clarify, a cow only has ONE udder, with four teats, not six. ^^

    (She is six teats to the wind.)

    How about - Mootilda, Moodona, Miss Mooly, Moonica, Moonchkin, Moonpie, Moonbeam... and my favourite - Moo + Unique = Moonique.

    (Is MooMoo7 supposed to be a play on Mamba № 7?)
    Nauna14 @ us 1
  • Basil7 (US1)Basil7 (US1) Posts: 26
    edited 11.07.2014
    Melena? My chicken's named that! Moonie the cow? Moo-rue? Mill? Millie? Cooing cowshed? Anti anti cow? Madonna? Cowmill? Millcow?


    As in Mill-cow-migration

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    Basil7 @ us 1
  • MoonionsRule (US1)MoonionsRule (US1) US1 Posts: 491
    edited 12.07.2014
    Moovilla - the friendly neighbourhood, village cow
    Mooney - for bringing us gifts, money
    Bessie de Bell
    Moonshine, Moonpie, Fullmoon, Filomoona

    plenty of funny cow names for our adventurer :)

    M o o n i o n s R u l e @ u s 1

    G O L D E N    H A R V E S T

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    Sunny Holly ? :D
    Kurt Steiner @ WWW 1

  • farmerjohn 22 (US1)farmerjohn 22 (US1) US1 Posts: 31,940
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    Of all the names suggested so far ( including my own), the ones I like best are Mooshelle and Moonique. Keep 'em coming, everybody! We still have an anonymous cow here!!!! :)
  • copperbeech (GB1)copperbeech (GB1) Posts: 226
    edited 12.07.2014
    Dairy Queen or Buttercup ( "silly moo" is what I have been called many a time!!)
    copperbeech @ en 1
  • Instant Ocean (US1)Instant Ocean (US1) US1 Posts: 189
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    How about a name that would represent us all towards GGS: Gold Cow

    They try in every way to milk us from our cash to purchase gold... I find it very fitting. Just look at the next update... Now Monty will have LEVELS and what does that introduce... competition. And how can you remain on Top? With your VISA card, buying gold and giving your hard earned cash to GGS.

    The more this game gets so called "upgraded and improved", the more I see scams and tricks to make us buy more gold and more gold and then even more gold.

    I'm a gold player myself... just look at my farms. They are painted in BLUE. But I think that GGS is pushing the limit of what is reasonable and what is somewhat "abusive" business practices to push people to get that Visa card out and make them more profit. I am a business man myself and I know that a corporation needs to generate profits in order to stay alive... but there are ways to get that profit you need and what I see here is disgusting me more and more.

    The GF revamp, the boat, the library, the new so called "fairer" missions, the garage, now the wheel... what is next? What other scheme will they use to try to get your money for a supposedly FREE web game? Granted, no one is forced to buy gold.... but get serious. You look at the game mechanics and if you wish to have a flying chance of being on top, you have to dish out the cash. I know. I DID. BUT NO MORE!!!

    Enough is enough!

  • cynthiaenos (US1)cynthiaenos (US1) Posts: 330
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    How about Moooovin' Molly ?
    cynthiaenos @ us 1
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    Just to clarify, a cow only has ONE udder, with four teats, not six. ^^

    Hey Farmerjohn, Thanks for pointing that out! Us REAL FARMERS notice things like that! I've milked a lot of goats too. (They have 2 teats.) LOL... I sure hope GGS takes the cow back to the drawing board and does some corrective editing!!! We wouldn't want all that new social media to think we don't know anything about our cows! A city slicker must have drawn that one! LOL

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  • karmit (US1)karmit (US1) US1 Posts: 65
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    Crafty the cow or just Crafty.. :D Sorry Crafty, didn't see your name. How about Ole Heffer.. : )
    karmit @ us 1
  • rhinanarhinana Posts: 561
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    Why am I not surprised that our resident complainer made an appearance to *shockingly* complain. SMH.

    PS Melena is not a name you want to assign to any living thing, has a gross medical definition.
    rhinana @ us 1 Doves Hollow Cooperative Member
  • ccbotton (SKN1)ccbotton (SKN1) Posts: 2
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    The name has to be: Big hope cow:))
  • mustang11 (US1)mustang11 (US1) Posts: 10
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    Really don't care for the names on the poll. But I do like Miss Mooorific
    mustang11 @ us 1
  • Toni Bowes (US1)Toni Bowes (US1) Posts: 388
    edited 14.07.2014
    I'll vote for Agent Moo if I have to vote for one of the three choices. But I do kinda like mustang's name better. :)
    We are an active group & lots of fun too. Come check us out.
    Toni Bowes @ us 1
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    Agent Moo!
  • VickyFarmerVickyFarmer Posts: 107
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    i think with the shades it is going 2 have 2 be agent moo. although then u'll need 2 put a blazer on him
    mustang11 wrote: »
    Really don't care for the names on the poll. But I do like Miss Mooorific

    this is an awesome name and totally funny

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    VickyFarmer @ us 1
  • Sklyler StevensSklyler Stevens Posts: 9
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    Real cows have 1 udder and 4 teats. Six teats could mean more milk faster though! : )

    I think it would be fun if we could suggest names, but from the selection I would vote for Agent Moo.

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    Sklyler Stevens @ us 1
  • Ala123Ala123 Posts: 52
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    Ala123 @ us 1
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