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cooperative collectibles

i think as a co op needing alot of collectables it should be that every member can add not just one member having to add them. in other words if the co op needs 2700 tickets to do native wildlife then every member should be able to add what we have until we get there not just one person having to have all 2700. GGS c'mon you play with everything else fix this so its added as a co op.
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    This has come up before and the official statement has been that they have the game balanced the way they want it so if they introduce this feature they would have to increase the total needed extremely high . . . just an example of what I mean (and these are random numbers that I am pulling from my head) . . . instead of needing 2700 tickets - if they allow all co-op members to add partial amounts to the collections, they would change the number to 27000 (or even higher).

    I am not sure if that would be a win or not.
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    ok thanks for the input.

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