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hay any one want my acc lvl 54

nelson192nelson192 Posts: 1
:whistling:acctualy i am going to my home town and we r removing the net so who want my acc:whistling:
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  • GeorgenollieUseGeorgenollieUse Posts: 1,801
    edited 11.07.2014
    It is against game rules to turn your account over to someone else. :( Best thing is donate everything you have to your co-op or join a co-op and do that then notify support that you want to delete it.
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  • Larino (INT1)Larino (INT1) Posts: 4,572
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    Sorry Nelson, it is not allowed to give away or 'sell' an account. The rules clearly state that. Please close the account by sending a message to support or simply leave it be in case you want to get back on it later in life. If you bought gold it will still be there. If not, it will be removed after 6 months probably.

    Edit: George beat me to it XD
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  • Latten (DE1)Latten (DE1) Posts: 6,246
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