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A poem for a special mother

dreambig102dreambig102 Posts: 345
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Dear mother,
You are awesome, you are great.
May the sun shine on you all through the day.

May the birds sing where ever you go.
And may the temp stay high and never go low.

May the flowers dance when you walk by them.
And may you sparkle like all the diamonds and gems.

May you have fun on this special day.
Because Today's the day we call 'Mother's day'!

Happy Mother's Day!!

I hope you all liked it! If you can't find something to write in your moms card then feel free to use this one. Hope it helps.

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Be Glitterful!

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  • nannsi (SKN1)nannsi (SKN1) SKN1 Posts: 321
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    thanks for a lovely poem
    nannsi @ SKN1 

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  • khoulker (IN1)khoulker (IN1) Posts: 54
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    This is very beautiful, Dream!! So proud of you! ^^
    Hope everything is going really well, my friend! xo
  • NicoleexDNicoleexD Posts: 1
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    Wow you are a good poet. I really liked your poem. Keep it up!!!! :D
    NicoleexD @ us 1
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