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New Gourmet Farm Final Opinions

Felicia872Felicia872 Posts: 6
It has been a little more than two weeks since the new gourmet farm. I would like to hear your opinions on the new gourmet farm. I knew that it is not very popular with my co-op and at least three members have quit Big Farm over it. I also know that many different players will not use the gourmet farm.
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    I personally am enjoying the new Gourmet Farm.
    My favorite animals are the Ducks, the art work for them is so lovely.
    I also like the peach orchards.
    And the bakery Design is amazing to.

    As far as profits go, I am know I am making money, did all the math.
    I have also been able to get lots more XP from all the tasks, which has also helped me to level up.

    So I like the new Gourmet Farm, and even though it was a little overwhelming at first, it was a challenge, and I like challenges.

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  • bøffe (SKN1)bøffe (SKN1) Posts: 383
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    I totally agree with you Spacegirl. I like the new farm a lot, was getting bored with the old one :):)


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  • Kat Nip (GB1)Kat Nip (GB1) GB1 Posts: 3,796
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    I'm happily taking my time still building up the new Gourmet farm - it's been ages since I've had anything much to build and I'm loving every level up I complete. I run the building once in between the level ups so I can see what the animations are like. I really don't want to miss a thing! Over all, I'm really enjoying the revamped Gourmet farm. :D

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  • SilverWolf72SilverWolf72 Posts: 10
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    I am liking the new gourmet farm too! I even like the setup of the bakery, mainly because it feels like you actually have to do something to make anything. While you lose the money on the goods, you make up for it in the price of the things you make. I am taking my time too with it, like Kat Nip. I am now upgrading my watermill to lvl 3, and then for my two fields I have. Then on to level four.
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  • Jiesta (NL1)Jiesta (NL1) Posts: 6,557
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    Happy with the gourmet farm! Love the art work! Enjoy still building it up! Enjoyed figuring out the new challenges very much (the old farming became boring indeed) on how your gourmetfarm is supposed to work together with your main farm; and made some nice profits since, too!

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  • chicaachicaa Posts: 437
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    I am really enjoying the gourmet farm. I'm truly enjoying having some new challenges, and am having a blast just rearranging, upgrading, and I love all the new animals also!!
  • Adrienne_chilisAdrienne_chilis Posts: 141
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    I agree with everyone too. Love the new gourmet far. I don't find it difficult to make money with the bakery.

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  • johanna74johanna74 Posts: 1
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    I don't like the bakery there is too many steps to take to get the ingredients to the bakery when the gourmet farm just took what was needed directly out of the far management page if you had enough for what you wanted to make. Also the running costs are way too high if you don't have enough decorations on the farm but the upgrades break the happiness down even though you had enough on the farm previously. The tasks would be done quicker if the costs of everything wasn't so high and unrealistic it is only a game after all. And the price for the land is way too high therefore you can't buy on a regular basis and only when you are tasked if you don't buy it with gold like me.
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  • moriatika (GB1)moriatika (GB1) Posts: 38
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    i love the gourmet farm but i do think they could do with reducing production time a little and better rewards other than that im happy
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  • pasohduah (INT1)pasohduah (INT1) Posts: 66
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    I really enjoy the new Gourmet farm.Just quit my job to fully concentrate on the Gourmet farm. Also just submitted application for USD100,000 loan from loan sharks to spend on Gold for Gourmet farm upgrade.
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  • CraigLeader (US1)CraigLeader (US1) Posts: 90
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    me 2 am really loving it my favourite animals are Ducks and i like bakery and i also suggest GGS to do a flower farm revamp please i want flower farm revamp!!!!
  • Irish30 (US1)Irish30 (US1) Posts: 264
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    [/I really enjoy the new Gourmet farm.Just quit my job to fully concentrate on the Gourmet farm. Also just submitted application for USD100,000 loan from loan sharks to spend on Gold for Gourmet farm upgrade.QUOTE]

    Well hope you can keep up those payments after leaving your job...and that GGS is grateful for the support. Best of luck...with the super insight you have maybe you'll be able to get a great job with them. Be safe and hug your puppy. ( - :
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  • uksharon (GB1)uksharon (GB1) GB1 Posts: 1,151
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    i like the g farm because i can have lots more eggs and milk towards the projects for the co op so factory farm number 2 :)

  • Greg F. (US1)Greg F. (US1) Posts: 1
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    First things first, this is no longer a "Gourmet Farm." This another "Main Farm." This has slowed down making money, which I believe to be the purpose of this "upgrade."

    Use too many eggs; I can produce almost 5 times the amount with 2 chicken coops at level 5 in half the time than with 1 level 3 duck coop. (about 300 an hour)

    It takes longer to produce supplies for the "newly renovated" bakery and uses ALOT more.

    I was making almost 1 million in a 24 hour period. I have everything levelled to 3 and can make about 520,000 dollars in a 24 hour period.

    I spent a lot of time and money building my actual gourmet farm, and it was just simply wiped away.

    Yeah, sure, cutting down my build time in half really helped. ARE YOU SERIOUS!!!!!?????

    Why can't we incorporate this other "main Farm" with our challenges and missions?????
    Greg F. @ us 1
  • amaprincess1 (US1)amaprincess1 (US1) Posts: 636
    edited 20.04.2014
    I agree that Gourmet has pretty much just become an extension of the Main Farm. At first I was rather disappointed with this revelation. I actually kinda like it now that I am familiar with it, however. I can now support my co-op without nearly the effort I had to make pre-update. We do lots milk and eggs so it works even better for our particular needs as a co-op. And it is "different" enough to add interest to the actual game experience. I'll wait before giving an opinion on production/bakery until GGS tweeks it to their satisfaction. For now, it mostly sits idle awaiting said tweeking...
  • neriux777neriux777 Posts: 161
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    Now opinion - neutral, have every buylding for variety, all at level 1 not worth to upgrading. They need to change farm with "flower farm". "Flower farm" have potencial - this one just to "do somethings" what you can't do on main farm.

    Now it's just like cooperativs in this game, you spend a lot and got back very little. Well ofcose if you play 10 years cooperativs and new gourment farm will give money.
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  • ezio auditore3ezio auditore3 Posts: 2,399
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    I love the new gour....*ehm* I mean farm. It got me doing things I wouldn't have done on the old one :) My one huge criticism is that it completely drained XP tasks from the main farm.... For example I was going to get 1000 XP if I upgraded all 4 of my cowsheds to level 5. After the update, I'll only get 150...... :(
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  • fjutta (SKN1)fjutta (SKN1) Posts: 14
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    With the old gourmet farm i could at least keep up. I made stuff and earned money.
    I could do some things in the restaurants that didn't take so much time or products... Spaghetti was my favourit. Scrambled eggs if i didn't have any products...

    Now i am struggeling with just get a few dollars here and there. I am not sure if i should do anything on the new farm or not.. seems like a waste of time. I am constantly in need of money. Earlier i could upgrade stuff and expand the farm.... not anymore.
    Maybe i should stop doing things on the new farm and just try to earn money by selling them right away instead of trying to produce something in the bakery.

    I really don't like this new farm.
    fjutta @ skn 1
  • SpeedyDog10SpeedyDog10 Posts: 258
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    uksharon3 wrote: »
    i like the g farm because i can have lots more eggs and milk towards the projects for the co op so factory farm number 2 :)

    Lovin' factory farms ... :)
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  • MrsSGBrownUserMrsSGBrownUser Posts: 84
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    Lovin' factory farms ... :)

    Before the happiness update I had -100% running costs on my main farm and it made me happy to come play it each day with free animal feed and poof all that gone. Then the Gourmet Farm which made the bulk of all my income turned into some kind of game for children with 'cute new animals' and I'm just shaking my head. What does a gourmet farm got to do with any of the crap they have now, it isn't even organic which I would have been happy with because I HATE factory farms. I proved you could be successful without turning your farm into a slaughterhouse and a place that would give most people nightmares if they ever actually visited. I'm sorry, it just doesn't work on any level, it doesn't make money, it doesn't make sense and the graphics are so fuzzy and the animals so small it isn't even nice to look at. The animation sucks too or rather there is no animation just one movement repeated over and over like the main farm. These game developers have no talent at all compared to some games. If the profits don't make sense soon I will be just cutting loose that farm and just focus on the others. No point in throwing any more money down the outhouse.

    Added note: I used to be an accountant before I retired and even I can't make head nor tails out of the bakery console. The old ones were simple and straightforward, you knew at a glance what you were going to make and what running costs were and even what you could tweak in order to make more profit without being an accountant. Now you need spreadsheets just to keep it all straight it's ridiculous. Who wants to bother with all that just for a game, if I want to get bored I will balance my checkbook. And boring as the gameplay, it's boring waiting to do six months of research before you find out if you can make money on peaches, no you have to do six levels of research on donkeys first like what do they think, donkeys are going to become a cash crop? Wow, now I have heard everything.
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  • Fannyfarmer (US1)Fannyfarmer (US1) US1 Posts: 13
    edited 23.04.2014
    I miss the OLD Gourmet Farm with the adorable restaurant and dairy and profits. I have TRIED to get into this one but find it tedious and almost painfully boring. The bakery is so dull I don't care if it makes $ or not. The water wheel and duck pond are cute, but pointless. I think it's silly to need so many fields to feed ducks and a goat and I never have enough for the donkey. I have to FORCE myself to farm it, so I mostly just do the other two. If you are going to make changes, let them be IMPROVEMENTS - more fun, more interesting, more profitable. To me, this new one is fine for new players who don't know what they are missing, but, as a long-term player, I feel totally let down.

    I agree. I invested a lot of time and money building the old Gourmet farm, which I loved, and reached a high level. It was then wiped away and replaced with this silly kiddie farm. I dislike it so much and find it so boring that I am not going spend another penny on it and usually don't even farm it. I find it utterly pointless and a HUGE disappointment. I am stunned when I read that anyone likes it. I have over a 100 unemployed workers now and housing I don't need that is not even worth tearing down. I'm growing weeds to feed ducks that provide eggs I don't need and goats who used to eat twigs and I don't know why I have a donkey. It's just so disappointing I can't bear to farm it anymore. I have ZERO interest in it now, whereas I loved the old one.

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  • TOPORUTOPORU Posts: 11
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    +1 Fannyfarmer & MrsSGBrownUser

    This so called "new gourmet" its totally for the kindergarden kids. Maybe ggs forgot that the most gold buyers are not the kids?! Am I supposed to clap my hands when i see the duck pond or those donkeys?! I start to get bored , and this is not good, and the worst part is that im not the only who started to get bored! I think the game already lost some players, and when the flower farm will be changed you will lose even more, and maybe , with some badluck game will die.so, I strongly suggest that the staff of this game to reconsider their plans on this game.Im new in this game, nearly have 4 months since i play it, but I already can tell you that this game is going in the wrong way.The old (real) gourmet attracted me , it was way more ineteresting than this ..Globus circus! whats next? monkeys collecting bananas?! This move had no brain, sorry!
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  • Bweatherholt (US1)Bweatherholt (US1) Posts: 359
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    I would kinda like to change the name of my Gourmet farm now that its a bakery. Is that possible without spend 2k gold? Since we didn't ask for the restaurant to turn into a bakery.
  • GeorgenollieUseGeorgenollieUse Posts: 1,801
    edited 23.04.2014
    I would kinda like to change the name of my Gourmet farm now that its a bakery. Is that possible without spend 2k gold? Since we didn't ask for the restaurant to turn into a bakery.

    Latten says that they realize people would want to change their name and suggests sending a ticket to Support to get it done.
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  • ArtmakerArtmaker Posts: 415
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    I like all the new stuff. The old farm was pretty boring.
    I like the challenge of learning a new balancing act to keep everyone fed and producing.
    I actually liked rebuilding everything from scratch.
    I like the animations (even though that is only cute for a few seconds then I've seen it.)
    I like that the architect can be used on that farm now.
    I know it makes no logical sense to have donkeys or goats on a "gourmet" farm, but it's just a game and I like more stuff to juggle.
    I like how milk and eggs and fertalizer can be made in either farm. Slow if your away for long periods, or faster if you are here to play. (or both. I use both.)

    Before even launching the gourmet farm, slashing happiness was real bad. That alone lost players.
    They should have listened. No one liked that.

    I really liked the nice big gorgeous restaurant. The new "bakery" is boring. Even high levels it looks like a grocery store. Yawn. I wish they would have expanded on the idea of a bakery AND restaurant. This new thing offers pie without any crust. WTH? Not a bakery. More like a smoothy bar.

    Launching the gourmet farm with HUGE math errors costing people money with losses was a real blunder that SHOULD HAVE been fixed right away. Not weeks later. (It should have been found and fixed BEFORE rolling it out to the public.) And those who don't visit the forums thought it was planned that way. That too costed some players who simply left.

    Profitability seems to be a whole lot harder now. Between the happiness being cut, land prices raised, and doing away with the very profitable ice cream, I don't see being able to buy land any time soon. Even small upgrades are tough. It's really taken a lot of fun out of the game when goals are SO far out of reach.
    Now personally, I'm not in any hurry. I just like to play. Seems I level up without even trying. However, most people seem to be finding this a huge let down and are leaving. Out of three coops, none of them seem to be able to complete a project anymore. Too many members simply don't show up. People who did before all this.

    In the end, it is what it is. Clearly they don't care how many complaints they get. So... either learn to like what we have, or give up the whole thing. That's our choice here.

    I miss the old gourmet farm. But now I'll learn to find things about this new one to enjoy. I'm not ready to leave....... yet.
    Artmaker @ en 1
  • jess_d (US1)jess_d (US1) US1 Posts: 3,499
    edited 23.04.2014
    I dislike it so much and find it so boring that I am not going spend another penny on it and usually don't even farm it. I find it utterly pointless and a HUGE disappointment. I am stunned when I read that anyone likes it.

    Is that why you're currently upgrading the bakery?

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  • Uncle WillyUncle Willy Posts: 261
    edited 23.04.2014
    I miss some of the things from the old GF but I like all the new stuff and improvements in the new GF.
    The only constant in life is change. So GGS bring on the changes, it keeps things fresh and interesting. I look forward to the garage and horse stables and MY FIRST BOAT ! :thumbsup:

    AHOY MY M8TEES !!!

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  • melo43melo43 Posts: 3
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    I agree I hate the new gourmet farm.... I don't even use the restaurant... not wise financially.... it does not produce more money.... I did the math too.... it is a waste of time.... I plant things for the crops and feed the animals.... but I am not impressed........ IT is a second main farm that is less profitable..... waste of space.... they need to up the financial gain.... I believe they missed lots of great opportunities..... the old farm was way more fun..... I was hoping this was an upgrade.... its like trading your new sports car in on a 1993 minivan.....and being expected to like it
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  • amaprincess1 (US1)amaprincess1 (US1) Posts: 636
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    jess_d wrote: »
    Is that why you're currently upgrading the bakery?

    She's probably harvesting as much xp out of it as she can stand like just about everyone else. Other than that I use it only for co-op projects. Overall it lacks appeal on many levels.
  • neriux777neriux777 Posts: 161
    edited 23.04.2014
    Maby someone from new players can say something to? How now it's fit's from level 25 to start?
    neriux777 @ WWW 1
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