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  • borana albania (INT1)borana albania (INT1) Posts: 1,945
    edited 15.03.2014
    i think that the matched by level must be fixed because i'm at only level 49 , but before in some missions i have been with players in level 194 . that's not fair :(

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  • DSELL (US1)DSELL (US1) US1 Posts: 1
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    I'm very new to the game, and yet, I've already experienced the problem with the gold buying vs non-gold buying in missions. This really needs to be divided, somehow. Just make a seperate selection option for people who want to compete without using gold.

    I've done 3 missions only. The first one I was the only one that participated, the second I placed second and the third I came in second to a gold buyer. I don't figure there will be a fourth unless there are some changes.
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  • njc (US1)njc (US1) Posts: 1
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    I will play missions again once GoodGames does something about the top players who are free gold..they have codes to get it and they are monopolizing the missions since the beginning. Im surprised Goodgames doesnt do something about these players. if they are getting into the system and getting gold without paying for it what is their power with Goodgames?
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  • SystemSystem Posts: 106,749
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    they buy the gold.. not by cheating but buying with real money.

    And since GGS needs that money.. they will never divide gold and nongold. after all, its the goldbuyers who pay so that others that cannot or will not buy gold, can play.
    Unfortunatly there is a difference , and alltho someone said a nonbuyer has rank 10 in top on some server.. i dont see how that is possible. This game, in that way, favours the goldbuyers, sry:)
  • Nicholas10 (AU1)Nicholas10 (AU1) Posts: 6
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    Totally agree. I am level 58 and today up against a player level 98. DID NOT STAND A CHANCE IN H...!!!!!
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  • mystie71mystie71 Posts: 59
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    while i agree with u to some extent,,,i think it perhaps is in the way we use our gold...Example..when i was at level 45,,i was able to beat an 80 level player in a mission,,not by using my gold thr tho......I upgraded my library to the degree that i was producing 4 x the amt the other player was,,,Thus i won the mission:) Just as members who have extensive amounts of cash are able to simply buy the product to the mission,,,while it may be unfair to players who buy gold but have little money,,it makes more sense to change the level we compete at.

    I voted for matching players together differently!,,If we start separating gold buyers u will lose them from missions,,as even gold finally runs out at some point.
  • snork (INT1)snork (INT1) Posts: 518
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    Knaves2 wrote: »

    Levels - The last complaint I'm seeing is that people feel mismatched as far as the levels of opponents you compete against. I know that issue already may have been addressed, but may take some time to work out. All I can say is that as a level 42 player, I'm being matched up against 56 and 57 players, so maybe it doesn't work quite as well as we'd hope.

    So, there it is. The biggest problems I could find, all right here in one place. Hopefully, if we keep all the responses in one place, and this thread gets big enough, the developers will notice, and things may change.

    Thanks, everyone!

    Belated input, but I just found this post:

    When I was level 20, I was paired with some level 90 and one above 100 (full of blue buildings) in a mission! I wrote support and never got a reply. Ever since I never full-heartedly did missions.

    (No, seriously, 42 to 56 I could understand, but beginner to highest ranking gold level player urks).
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  • s. melvin grays. melvin gray Posts: 11
    edited 15.04.2014
    _Please give us a sound when the mission is complete. Maybe a chord like the buildings and fields sound when the job is done.
    _Even if the mission has officially ended, leave up a window or screen showing the results of the mission.....one that stays there until a cursor removes it. If the player gave up and switched over to do something else (read the forum or read about Bigfarm on Facebook), he still wants to know how the mission came out.
    _Give a sound when the mission finder enters you in a new one. For similar reasons, the player may not be able to see the screen on the farm.
    _Some way to plan ahead would be nice. If one has cabbage growing in the fields, he cannot do a "collect corn" mission but he gets no choice. Players are people who need to schedule time to play the game. ;-)
    _Where are the certificates? Can't find them yet.
    _What we need most is money. The missions once provided a place to earn a few thousand and now that is gone. We lost the restaurant which also provided reasonable cash. We cannot run this Goodgame farm on a few thousand a day when it requires millions to perform the tasks and upgrades.
    _This farming game is almost fun. But it has a way to go. It just needs to allow for more success with less stress and a little personal fun. These farms are just not attractive. An aesthetic farm without a lot of needless junk (i.e. decorations) would be pleasing to visit. Then players would look forward to playing everyday. It should not be all about competition but relaxation.
    _My humble suggestions.
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  • Siren910Siren910 Posts: 1
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    So with the new mission search function there is no way to see a mission before you are in it? I liked being able to gauge my chances and skip the ones I was not ready for.
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  • melvin668melvin668 Posts: 17
    edited 16.04.2014
    I got to say, Since the mission rework..I have competed in a few of them, with zero gold, can't afford that anyway, At the beginning I was match with players pretty close to my level, let say from 35 up to 40, I'm level 38. I won 1st place in a couple of them, some 2nd and some 3rd place. The last mission, I was competing against players level 64, needless to say I was last. Collecting eggs, takes 13 min for coop to be ready and you get 30 min to complete mission. I have 4 coops level 3. First Place winner collected 890 eggs in 30 min. Gold anyone??...Completely unfair, so the idea of having 2 different groups (with gold and can't use gold) should be the way to go.
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  • Celissa9 (US1)Celissa9 (US1) Posts: 82
    edited 16.04.2014
    It may be that they used gold, but they might have egg boosters as well. I have 6 level 7 coops and I purposely hold my eggs until the mission starts, harvest and then can get 2 more harvests in that half hour. That gives me 1332 eggs for a half hour without gold. However, there are still a lot of people using gold.
    Happy Easter!
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  • teebirdteebird Posts: 5
    edited 16.04.2014
    the way the missions are set up now is uncool :( all i wanted to do was look at the new set up. I hit the "search" button and it automatically entered me into a mission. the uncool part : it did not ask if I wanted to start this mission or look for another one, not to mention i filled my barn with corn so was doing 1 field corn and 3 cabbage but it started me on collecting corn mission. level to level yes much better; but we need an opt out button or search again.
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  • snork (INT1)snork (INT1) Posts: 518
    edited 17.04.2014
    And commenting in this thread as well:

    Even though I look for a new mission right away, the second after completing one mission, it says "time remaining: -"

    Not that it matters, since I get 15 corn missions in a row when I have planted wheat.
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  • lolleke23lolleke23 Posts: 6
    edited 26.04.2014
    I don't like the new missions at all.
    They are boring and even with al lvl 106 and no use off gold, you can't win them.
    And i am a player that can't afford to buy gold.
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  • Josiexox2Josiexox2 Posts: 8
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    I don't like the missions because
    1-you don't get to pick a mission that you want, or think you have a chance to win
    2-you cant win unless you use gold
    3- if you have a crop planted and look for a mission, your out of luck if your fields are required
    so I don't use gold and I don't do missions and if everyone did this they might get the idea that we are pisssed off
    and fix it

    Josiexox @ us 1
  • awerick2awerick2 Posts: 356
    edited 09.05.2014
    You should have more mission tasks in higher levels, as soon as you do all of this.
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    awerick @ us 1
    awerick @ us 1
    awerick @ us 1
  • Jiesta (NL1)Jiesta (NL1) Posts: 6,557
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    To me it's clear that there should be made 2 differences:
    -First and above all: there should be made a difference between FACTORY-FARMS and NORMAL-FARMS!!!
    -Secondly there should be made a difference between gold-buyers, non-gold-buyers AND occasional gold-buyers!

    After nearly 1 month now, I am still finding myself in missions against factory-farms over and over again; even if they are 10 levels lower, there is still no way/chance to win from them!
    So, its not only gold-buyers who are greatly favored but certainly also the factory-farms are!!'

    I often compete against players, who do nothing at all the first 25 minutes (their state shows 0), just farm their farms; and then in the very last minute they throw in special seeds + super humus and then skip for gold.

    No fun whatsoever in playing missions this way!

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  • Goodfella4Goodfella4 Posts: 432
    edited 10.05.2014
    C'mon, guys.... Still on the whole gold/non-gold kick, eh?

    There is really no way for the developers to distinguish and separate the 2. It should not happen, anyway.

    SO MANY PEOPLE come onto this forum and cry about how unfair it is around here and Gold-Buyers get special treatment yadda yadda yadda.

    Just once, I would like somebody to come around here and thank us for making it possible for people to play for free. I buy gold, yes. I buy a lot of it. I don't get special treatment. I don't get a Christmas card from GGS, they don't invite me to their house for Thanksgiving dinner, our children don't have slumber parties. C'mon, it's all common sense, people! We buy gold with real money, which pays GGS' bills and keeps this game free for people to play if they choose to play that way. Don't send me a hateful message after a mission and berate me for using my gold my way. Losers still earn certificates. It is still VERY fair for non-gold players. Why??? Cuz you get to play the game for free, that's why. Wow, send me a message and thank me, don't yell at me. Incredible how ungrateful so many people can be.

    There is a whole lotta "I want I want I want" going on around here. Sounds almost like a kindergarten room, it's amazing.

    Factory farms? Hell, one day soon I hope to run my farm kinda like that. I have 6 apple orchards, 6 cowsheds, 6 chicken coops and 3 pigsty. I find that to be a decent balance at the moment. Maybe one day I will demolish some pigsty and build a few more cowshed and chicken coops. It's called CHOICE. It is strategy. It is hard work and patience. Don't like it???? BUILD SOME MORE STABLES OF YOUR OWN!!!!! Stables don't cost gold, people. If you choose to under-produce, that's your choice and nobody is yelling at you for it, so don't go getting all F U on people who play their game their way. Yall just mind your own.

    I still suggest that GGS launch a new "LITE" version. Don't wanna spend a dime on the game? Fine, play the LITE version where you wont have to put up with all this special treatment gold-buyer stuff. Whatever, it doesn't even matter....

    BTW... I can take down a factory farm in a mission. Strategize people. You have nobody to get mad at but yourselves. Oh, and how dare so many people come around here and complain about gold-buyers.... all the damn time... SMH

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  • Jiesta (NL1)Jiesta (NL1) Posts: 6,557
    edited 10.05.2014
    Forgive me Goodfella, I read this thread over and over again, and I never saw anyone yelling at you !!!!

    The only thing they (and me) are asking for is some more fairplay in the missions! Let gold-buyers compete against gold-buyers, and let Factory-farms compete against Factory-farms, just to bring some real equivalence in the missions.

    You want me to say thank you for being a gold-buyer. Ok, there you have it: thank you!

    But me thanking you has absolutely nothing to do with the matter of any equivalency in competitions!

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  • Goodfella4Goodfella4 Posts: 432
    edited 10.05.2014
    Goodfella4 wrote: »
    Don't send me a hateful message after a mission and berate me for using my gold my way.

    What I have stated here today is not meant to be taken personally by anybody. It was not directed towards any one individual. It is a generalized statement. I can go and scan this forum and get a thousand posts by people bickering about gold players. Nobody yelled at me here on this forum, but I have gotten far too many complaints about my game play in my personal in-game inbox after missions.

    So... you ( and many others ) are asking for Segregations? Segregate people who buy gold from the non-golders to make it more fair? Do us gold-buyers have to sit in the back of the bus?

    Here is the thing... no matter what, in anything and everything in life, things are not going to be 100% fair, ok. Maybe in a perfect little world, but lets be real, alright. It is impossible. It is impossible for GGS to sort players based on how many stables they have and how much gold they plan on using in their next mission. There are far too many variables. Just because somebody has a bunch of gold on hand doesn't mean they necessarily want to blow it all in missions. So, example, if I have 50 gold left in the stash and enter a mission... If I get put up in a mission with somebody who has 100,000 gold, how is that fair? Just because there is a lil gold in the account I have to play in the "gold-user" missions? It just wont work. See? It is impossible to get things 100% fair, it's just not in the stars.

    Why cant you just hold your head up high and be proud of yourself and your solid efforts after each mission? Tell youself... Damn right I didn't use any gold and check out my production numbers. Pretty solid, eh?

    I send messages to players who don't use gold. After a mission I will send out a friendly hello and congratulate them on a solid effort. The response? I wont bother you with the details but it's rarely welcoming.

    Sometimes we gotta run with what we got and make the best of it. Keep that head held high and pat yourself on the back.
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  • Jiesta (NL1)Jiesta (NL1) Posts: 6,557
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    So, what you are mainly saying is: "Lose, lose again, keep on losing you all. Suck it up and do not dare to be sad or complain about it!"

    Show me 1 person on this planet who can endure permanently losing every single match, just because he/she has no chance at all against factory-farms (I even never ever played once against a non-factory- farm in a mission)...

    So: feeling proud??? Keep my chin up high??? Being proud about my solid efforts??? Maybe, in the beginning, once or twice... But nowadays I must drag myself to the "Mission-tab" and force myself into a mission, and stay in one for at least 30 depressing minutes (only to know at first glance I will be last again)...Still keeping my head up, after a whole month of losing, losing and losing; while knowing there is no equivalency at all in the matches??? No human being could possibly do that!

    I would not mind at all to lose against equal players, but this??? GGS has put a new, utterly competitive item in the game with these missions - there is nothing against competition, but there is no fun in an unfair competition, no fun at all.

    I do not mind anyone being a gold buyer. Let all the gold buyers have their gold and spend it on missions if they feel like it. I rather use my gold on our projects or in the events, that's my choice!
    I do not mind anyone having a factory-farm, if that is their choice, let it be so!

    But I do mind being put against factory-farms in the missions all the time!
    And I have the right to! GGS themselves acknowledged these factory-farms had to be discouraged. But instead: GGS is now enabling them even more. On our server it is obvious that a lot of players are now changing their farms into factory-farms, as a result of this mission-system.
    I often feel the depressing urge to step out of a mission at the very first second, because of it being so obvious I'll lose again - But then again: I cannot, because I'm forced to play them to gain at least a few certificates. As we do need certificates.
    So the factory-farms are favored double; 1) they win everything, 2) they can permit themselves to step out of a mission whenever they are not interested, 3) they can manipulate the matches (I discovered they often play to win 2/3x and then they lose deliberately against players like me 1/2x, to make sure they are matched against us over and over again; that’s how they work around the computer). And therefore the non-factory-farms are double disadvantaged. I call that: enabling!

    So I stick to my case: GGS should divide the missions in factory-farms and non-factory-farms.

    And if this is somehow not possible for the developers, then IMO there should be one rule overall with regard to the missions: NOT IN THE GREEN = NO MISSIONS!!

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  • abeer abeerabeer abeer Posts: 2
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    well so.................
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  • Goodfella4Goodfella4 Posts: 432
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    Very well said. Many valid and interesting points.

    Ok, cool. Get rid of em. Rid the game of these missions, altogether. Jiesta, you are right. GGS made it perfectly clear by taking away Happiness that factory-farms are not a fair representation of how this game is designed to be played and those who decide to play against the games design will suffer some consequences. However, GGS then unveils this new mission format.... players suddenly demolish all of their pigsty, orchards and cowsheds and build 40 chicken coops on their farm. I am now coming across players with their gourmet farm ran as factory as well, with about 25 duck ponds. These players have all the farm cash in the world, so it doesn't phase them to run farms like this, and GGS trys to punish them but it just backfires and the only ones getting hurt are lower level players who still need decorations to earn money and upgrade everything. Factory-farm players' only consequence is having too many certificates. It's nonsense, I completely agree.

    What might work, though, is for the players to come together here, link our minds up and try to come up with a solid solution to the problem. Players come on here and allow frustrations to script their messages and the points become blurry. We need to keep suggestions realistic and offer up reasoning to justify what we say. Otherwise, posts get binned long before they may end up on the table of the developer.

    So.... Implement into the game, for example.... If your farms happiness is in the red for over 24 hours, BOOM... a Tornado comes ripping through your farm and demolishes half your stuff. Or.... An unhappy worker forgot to turn the stove off and a few houses burned down. Some sort of natural disaster brought on by unhappy farms may discourage further use of factory-style farming. Because (GGS, please listen carefully) the happiness update did absolutely nothing to this type of farming. I have come across more factory-farms nowadays than before that whole happiness issue went down. Something else has got to happen to discourage this type of gaming. I am a golder, which is within the limitations of acceptable. Factory-farms are not, and GGS has tried (and failed) to make this clear. There has got to be a way, somehow, to end the use of factory-style farming. So... lets get the ball rolling and suggest ways for GGS to solve that issue, which in turn.... should help solve the fairness aspect of missions. We need to suggest ways to better the game, and validate our suggestions with reasoning, and maybe voices will be heard and something will be done to improve mission fairness. GGS is a business and when making suggestions, keep that in mind. View your suggestion from GGS' chair (I often do this when reading other suggestions, and I may upset some with a post about how it just cant work) and make sure it still has a leg to stand on. (example) Give us the option to buy gold with farm cash.... See how that just wont ever work??? Gotta keep it reasonable and realistic to both the players and GGS as well.

    So, now... what have we got? Suggestions on how to better the mission play.... Keep em realistic. Let's see what the players can come up with.

    Post edited by Kat Nip

    Thanks, but I'll just re-word that one myself, meow-meow.
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  • Yakoska (US1)Yakoska (US1) Posts: 1,631
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    Well, I'm not voting, not because missions are perfect, but out of apathy. :)

    That said the gold issue is a baseless one. Let me throw out some numbers from my own experiences. In the last week or so, maybe longer, I have been recording my results. I have 115 mission records, and yes, I realize that qualifies as 57.5 hours of my life, and it truth its more, because I don't record WF missions often anymore. You'll see why below.

    In those 115, I have used no gold for extra boost, nor do I hold cows/chickens/pigs/goats more than 5 minutes (To see if they are needed in the next mission). I do occasionally hold my one donkey, and one duck (now two) for different reasons. 1 Donkeys make me almost no money to run, so holding them is no loss to my farm, and for ducks, I hold them if I know I'm only going to get one more click out of them before bed anyway. Then it doesn't matter when I do them. And I have won 50 of them. Of course 19 of those are Solo missions. Heh.

    So maybe I am the person some people are complaining about being unfairly matched up against? I routinely bounce up and down winning and losing (and uncaring) the levels of my opponents. In fact, I will rarely, if ever look at the standings until the end when I write down the results. Because of these simple facts:

    1) Reputation points don't affect the game.
    2) Certs are free*

    *Nothing is really free in a game, you have to invest time. But there is no game cost. All you need to do is meet the minimum required harvest. For WFs, I've found 60 WFs will get me 1 cert (And often that's all I'll put it. And I don't bother to record those)

    Mostly what I do, is sign in, search for a mission, and do non-mission stuff. When I get a mission, if its WFs or Corn I dedicate at least one field (sometimes not) to the mission, otherwise I run my farm exactly as i would otherwise. I harvest when things are ready and move on. Every 30 mins, a window will pop up and tell me how many certs I've won. I search for a new mission. Repeat at your leisure. Obviously, the more time you can spend with Big Farm on in the background, the more certs you will get, but they don't cost a thing. Free stuff is great!
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  • Pingo42Pingo42 Posts: 537
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    I completely agree with Yakoska. It doesn't matter to me if I win a mission or not. Sometimes I do, more often I don't. Even if I come in last, I still get one or more certificates as long as I participated. And it's the certificates that matter to me. If someone else wants to waste money using gold to come in first, let 'em.
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  • Jiesta (NL1)Jiesta (NL1) Posts: 6,557
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    Thanks Goodfella, I agree with most of it you wrote!

    TMO this one little simple rule would solve the fairness problem:

    "Not in the Green (to a reasonable extent) = No missions!" as stated above.

    But indeed, you are right: let's see if other players may have some other great ideas to solve the fairness aspect of missions!

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  • Goodfella4Goodfella4 Posts: 432
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    Ahhh, I understand your line now. If your happiness is not in the green area of the bar, you cant open the missions. That is actually a really good suggestion, one GGS should definitely take a look at. wow.... : )

    And yes, entering missions is no longer a gamble with reputation points. It really is a win win. It is the certificates that matter and they are awarded to all who participate in the missions.... win or lose.
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  • Jiesta (NL1)Jiesta (NL1) Posts: 6,557
    edited 11.05.2014
    Yes, that is exactly what I meant - I think it is a good suggestion to look into: If your happiness is in THE GREEN (let's say >55%), only then you can play missions.

    This will of course not solve the fairness problem for 100%, but would help a great deal in the right direction.

    And yes, I know, I know .... that everybody, win or lose, will get certificates anyhow, which is a good thing - but there is a huge difference in getting 35 - 50 certificates each match, or 2 or 3 certificates each match (this will take ages to build up your amount of certificates).

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  • VlknudsonUser1VlknudsonUser1 Posts: 7
    edited 19.05.2014
    I don't like the new missions because they are NOT FUN!

    -you should not be able to use gold for missions. How can you start a mission for wild flowers and in the 1st 30 seconds the only other player has 1200 flowers? Wow! Not much fun for the others partaking in the mission...
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  • BriannospamGame (SKN1)BriannospamGame (SKN1) Posts: 1,803
    edited 19.05.2014
    I don't like the new missions because they are NOT FUN!

    -you should not be able to use gold for missions. How can you start a mission for wild flowers and in the 1st 30 seconds the only other player has 1200 flowers? Wow! Not much fun for the others partaking in the mission...

    That's esay to have 1200 flowers in the first 30 seconds, if you have a lucky guess and use special seeds.
    One level 6 field can give 350 wild flowers with spec. seed. Using humus gives more flowers.
    So if you sow wildflower and wait 25 minutes before you activate the "search new mission." Now you have to do is hope that you are so lucky that you get in a mission with wildflowers.
    If the flowers when getting ready for harvest before the mission starts, you just wait to reap the mission has started.
    The same can be done with corn, here you just saw spec corn. approximately 55 minutes before you try to play a mission.
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