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Dog Event items

neriux777neriux777 Posts: 161
Maby we can get event items from dog house same with level? From first just one, and from 5 - 5? There is no point to level it up for 10 xp per day with gold. If we get at least 6 event items from gold upgrade then will be point to spend real money on him...
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  • Irish30 (US1)Irish30 (US1) Posts: 264
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    I agree it would be nice to get more event items from the dog house when we collect from the dog, but doubt GGS will ever give a one for one increase for upgrading....after all the disappoints we have had lately might be a nice peace offering. Be safe...hug your dog...they always seem to find some enjoyment in everything you do....
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  • neriux777neriux777 Posts: 161
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    Thank you, I don't have a real one, I will hug yours... from picture if you nevermind... And just xp not enought for me to build blue dog house :)
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  • wilma79 (NL1)wilma79 (NL1) Posts: 312
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    From level 5 the dog finds things and during the events it also gives collectibles (1 at level 5, 2 at level 6 and 3 at level 7) I don't think GGS will change this
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    I built up my dog house to level 7 for two reasons; 1. it gave more happiness (don't know how important that is now) and 2. It gives me tons of stuff all the time. Like 1200 Pigs, 300 Eggs, $100,000 and lots of other stuff to. That is why built my doggy the best house he could get.

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  • GeorgenollieUseGeorgenollieUse Posts: 1,801
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    To me, next to the water tower and the workshop, the gold spent on the dog house is probably one of the best ways to spend gold for the reasons that Space listed. The items it locates has helped me finish tasks and projects.
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  • seriscoolseriscool Posts: 2,026
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    well.....i dont have enough gold to upgrade my doghouse ( i am a non-gold buyer).....but getting more event collectibles from the dog is a nice idea!!!!

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