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Donkeys need love too.

Whats the point of Donkeys? They have a max sell price of 25, they take forever to make feed for them, and their dung/hour output ranks last behind everything but cows. You cant ride them and PETA wont let us use them in the bakery, I'm having a hard time figuring out a reason to put them on the farm for any reason other then my two daughters like watching them graze the pasture.
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  • GwynethAngie (US1)GwynethAngie (US1) Posts: 87
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    Unless I'm seeing things there is one other thing I just noticed. At level 3 donkey pen , around the 50% completed mark, Jack and Jenny seem to be the proud parents of a foal. ;)
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  • TheloneusTheloneus Posts: 12
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    Personally I think they take the **** adding the ass to our farm previously know as gourmet farm, now known as bakery/pettingzoo/duckswamp farm.
    Bet they are added just to give us something to **** about like they did with the swine

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  • baylee01 (US1)baylee01 (US1) Posts: 103
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    well not nice

    u agree but i dont think u should say it out loud

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  • jaystarr2jaystarr2 Posts: 1,657
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    Yeah, so here's the official stance on Donkeys, from the discussion thread on the GF:


    Take from that what you will! :P
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    lmao Jaystarr2!!;)
  • Irish30 (US1)Irish30 (US1) Posts: 264
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    Geez...the brain freeze must be catching...first the GF upgrade with all the problems and long delays...the missed math in the bakery... now poor Latten on the use and reason for the Donkeys. Maybe its all the cold free beer at Headquarter's. Oh well thank you jaystar for the quote. Explains the "beer free" office I work in as opposite a "free beer" office. Be safe and hug your donkeys..as stated they need love also...petting zoos are exhausting places to work...all the kids drooling and spilling feed on your coat...
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  • Kat Nip (GB1)Kat Nip (GB1) GB1 Posts: 3,796
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    Hey guys, we've got plenty of threads open already where this is discussed. Please feel free to continue the discussion in one of them. :)

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    Many thanks to farmerjohn
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