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happiness denied

Hi guys I just spent $100.00 in gold to try and bring up my happiness, I exchanged regular houses( -120 happ ) for fancey (-78 happ) than I exchanged reg fields for fertile to give me more space for deco's, after all this, plus adding deco's still has not brought up my happiness up, so I guess it makes no difference what u do, might as well kept my money
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    Thus, you have discovered the true intent of the recent "happiness" update. The constant chasing of the ever elusive carrot (99.9999% happiness), which will no doubt cause many new, not educated to the ways of GGS players, to actually spend their real money trying, trying, trying to bring up their happiness level. As mentioned in another thread, if the true intent of this update was to curtail the production farms, all GGS had to do was put a cap on all production buildings. Once you have 6 cow barns, 6 pig barns, and 6 chicken coops...well sorry that's all you can build. However, that is the easy peasy route and that would have actually made sense.
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    I think the ones with the bigger farms,like 20 cow & pig barns and 30 chicken coops are the ones that need to be limited,not the rest of us. It makes me mad to have spent what I have to have 100% Happiness,only to have it reduced,so I don't see buying gold for awhile,if it does no good for the happiness,what's the point,right?
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    Hey guys, you're welcome to continue the discussion in this thread. I'm going to close this one so that all the discussions are in one place. :)

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