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New Happiness Update

tippy28132tippy28132 Posts: 18
Please with only one word and one word only. No bashing or negativity just one simple word.

Please respond with either HAPPY or UNHAPPY about the new happiness update.

Curious to see how people are liking it.
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  • tippy28132tippy28132 Posts: 18
    edited 18.03.2014
    UNHAPPY with update

    ok so it won't let you post less than 10 letters
    tippy2813 @ us 1
  • SystemSystem Posts: 106,749
    edited 18.03.2014
    miserable = leaving
  • studbuzzrd (US1)studbuzzrd (US1) Posts: 29
    edited 18.03.2014
    Unhappy with update!!!!
    studbuzzrd @ us 1
  • Goodfella4Goodfella4 Posts: 432
    edited 18.03.2014
    Extremely Unhappy
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  • monica79538monica79538 Posts: 1,932
    edited 18.03.2014
    this is very sad update
    monica7953 @ us1
    My heart got left on a different farm game time to shrink it a little--I don't think most remember that one anymore ;(
  • Tylerbarnett2Tylerbarnett2 Posts: 16
    edited 18.03.2014
    hate hate hate
    Tylerbarnett @ us 1
  • MrDubYaMrDubYa Posts: 2
    edited 18.03.2014
    unhappy with update going to leave game if they dont fix it
    MrDubYa @ us 1
  • usedoldboat (US1)usedoldboat (US1) Posts: 14
    edited 18.03.2014
    Not happy!!!
    usedoldboat @ us 1
  • rie222rie222 Posts: 1,074
    edited 18.03.2014
    unhappy Tippy start a poll please see you in the coop will tell you how
  • FarmerEverettGFarmerEverettG Posts: 3
    edited 18.03.2014
    Unhappy, though it presents a new challenge....
    FarmerEverettG @ us 1
  • Celissa9 (US1)Celissa9 (US1) Posts: 82
    edited 18.03.2014
    Unhappy to the 10th degree...
    Happy Easter!
    [email protected]
  • Schoena (US1)Schoena (US1) Posts: 9
    edited 18.03.2014
    Do not look forward to rebuilding
    Schoena @ us 1
  • jerishakenijerishakeni Posts: 3
    edited 18.03.2014
    extremely unhappy
    jerishakeni @ us 1
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    lindamleehughes @ us 1
  • agueda3agueda3 Posts: 583
    edited 18.03.2014
    Extremely UNHAPPY
    agueda @ US 1
    agueda @ WWW 1
  • Jiesta (NL1)Jiesta (NL1) Posts: 6,557
    edited 18.03.2014
    rie222 wrote: »
    unhappy Tippy start a poll please see you in the coop will tell you how

    Why? There are thousends (maybe even millions) of players who seldom read (and never write on) the forum-threads... So starting a poll will never give you the accurate information (not even an indication of what) you want.

    Sig designed by farmerjohn 22 (US1). THX!!


  • gramps7gramps7 Posts: 7
    edited 18.03.2014
    not happy at all thinking about leaving
    gramps7 @ us 1
  • edited 18.03.2014
    The happy thing has not affected me at all. My main farm happiness is exactly the same. I wonder why there is no choice for "neutral" I have to be happy or not happy. How about if I see no change at all and I am neither?

    Well, I am not unhappy, so I guess I am happy. But the Happy vote did not work. I wonder why?

    Being happy with this game is not a very popular position. It is never popular in any game forum I have ever been on, large or small. Maybe forums are made for unhappy people to vent their frustrations. If that is the case, then this is the last time I will post on the forum. My coop is full of happy people. I will just stay on my farm and keep my happiness to myself.

    Moonshine1962 @ us 1
  • Shelley04 (US1)Shelley04 (US1) Posts: 3
    edited 18.03.2014
    Not happy. More unhappy than my workers! Certainly no gold purchases for me until all this weighs out!
    Shelley04 @ us 1
  • Jiesta (NL1)Jiesta (NL1) Posts: 6,557
    edited 18.03.2014
    Well spoken, Moonshine1962!!

    Sig designed by farmerjohn 22 (US1). THX!!


  • rie222rie222 Posts: 1,074
    edited 18.03.2014
    Jiesta...tippy wanted to start a poll not me...ask her..though gotta tell ya I will stand up for her. She is in my coop. I tend to stand up for my team mates. I was just trying to help her. Though I didn't do well on that. I am new to this. So if you want to troll the forum looking for an argument your picking on the wrong person. I won't really answer you. Take care.
  • henroyhenroy Posts: 10
    edited 18.03.2014
    Un - un - un
    henroy @ us 1
  • riley063 (US1)riley063 (US1) Posts: 9
    edited 18.03.2014
    Unhappy unhappy
    riley063 @ us 1
  • RPM LadyRPM Lady Posts: 4
    edited 18.03.2014
    miserable & disappointed
    RPM Lady on server US 1
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  • pop1pop1 Posts: 341
    edited 18.03.2014
    unhappy , yes i am :(
    pop1 @ el 1 , Ε΄λληνεςΑγροτες, ψάχνουμε νέο μέλος, στείλτε μήνυμα !

    eagle owl @ WWW 1
  • Dave 2013 (AU1)Dave 2013 (AU1) AU1 Posts: 9
    edited 18.03.2014
    unhappy if i am to get punished for crime i might as well do the crime. put all decos in box and build all production buildings. and start playing this free game and not use any more gold.
    Dave 2013 @ us 1
  • maddy2206maddy2206 Posts: 9
    edited 18.03.2014
    maddy2206 @ us 1 - FARMERS ONLY member
  • EngelmanJEngelmanJ Posts: 3
    edited 18.03.2014
    Very UNHAPPY !!!!
    EngelmanJ @ us 1
  • Irish MistIrish Mist Posts: 6
    edited 18.03.2014
    Very UNHAPPY :(X( !!!!!
    Irish Mist @ us 1
  • UltimateVNUltimateVN Posts: 1
    edited 18.03.2014
    UltimateVN @ WWW 1

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