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PLEASE give us the option to remove primetime pop ups

All4Fun (US1)All4Fun (US1) Posts: 224
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There are now THREE prime time bubbles above my farm trying to entice me to buy/use gold. I am sorry for not being supportive by spending real money GGS, but some of us play a game online to forget our money problems for awhile, not to be spammed to buy this or buy that! every week it seems you are trying to get us to spend more and more. I am getting sick of this greed and will not buy any, plain and simple. So for those of us who cannot or refuse to buy gold because we may have little choice in the matter, please give us the option to remove these pop up bubbles once we login. Thank you for your time.
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  • cariberrycariberry Posts: 87
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    agreed its getting annoying each time i relog because of something having to see it i do not buy gold often so do not get them done much
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  • Kitty ReedKitty Reed Posts: 80
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    Wow you guys are right about that!
    We should have the option to remove them.
    Now let us hear from the authorities.
    You will hear nothing and we all know that.
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  • Twiglet (GB1)Twiglet (GB1) GB1 Posts: 1,172
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    how many ads on page now exclusive offer, prime day, prime spending and prime sale on top of that we have Omar's Bazaar, wheel of fortune and an accident this is getting pretty ridiculous
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  • duchessogravityduchessogravity Posts: 178
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    yeah 4 bubble is a bit much! please let us turn them off!!!
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  • TheloneusTheloneus Posts: 12
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    I was coming here to write an angry post about the same. GGS has to tone this shamelessly peddling of their effin gold items...Its getting really annoying and pushy. I do buy gold evrynow and then, but I am really put off by this. Ahh well, was a fun game for a while, now its all about gold gold gold. Extra warehouse space use gold, smaller fields so you can have more orchards or animal houses use gold, extra production from your buildings use gold..ohh and all the sellers that visit your farm use gold.....enough is enough allready
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    I buy my far share of gold and when i need it I will get it, but all this is to much prime spending , prime sale you take up half my space with your ads or bubbles, give us a choice to look at them or not. thanks
    lindamleehughes @ us 1
  • All4Fun (US1)All4Fun (US1) Posts: 224
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    See, this is why I don't play facebook games very often. The majority of them ask you to purchase something after ten levels in order to continue, or spam your friends with game requests. I started playing this game to get away from that. Now it's like Theloneus said, it's all gold gold gold! *Sigh* maybe I'll go play some of the classic games which don't spam anything until GGS straightens this stuff out.
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  • Twiglet (GB1)Twiglet (GB1) GB1 Posts: 1,172
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    See, this is why I don't play facebook games very often. The majority of them ask you to purchase something after ten levels in order to continue, or spam your friends with game requests. I started playing this game to get away from that
    same here all4fun
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  • Bosbes68 (NL1)Bosbes68 (NL1) Posts: 55
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    Oh....I totally agree, 4 prime time balloons in the screen is really ridiculous, place it elsewere in the screen or let us turn it off, this is really too annoying.

    In fact... :( I do not want to leave my coöp, but in my heart I don't want to play this game anymore because of all the gold issues here. I will have to think about this really hard. Sorry guys, but this is getting too ridiculous.

    updating my post: it's final, I have decided to quit the game as soon as possible. Have to do some things for the coöp first, then I'm out of here. It was a fun game, not anymore. Sorry.
  • Rose712 (US1)Rose712 (US1) Posts: 2
    edited 07.03.2014
    These pop ups are getting very annoying. I log on and have to get past 2 than in the middle of game today you start posting Handbooks. I can clearly see there are handbooks. Why not offer a voucher to get them cheeper or post your ads on Facebook.
    Poping up in the middle of someone chatting or playing a game is just rude. Rethink this process as there are friendlier ways to do it
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  • MobRoolz (GB1)MobRoolz (GB1) GB1 Posts: 3
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    Think I'll quit the game if this keeps up.
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  • Twiglet (GB1)Twiglet (GB1) GB1 Posts: 1,172
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    you have spoilt a good thing people willing to put real money into the game because they enjoyed playing so much but you take the enjoyment away by forcing these adds to buy gold on them, cluttering there farms up, updates all to do with gold, it just seems you have got greedy and for this reason i shall no longer buy gold as if this continues i can see a lot of people leaving this game and there will not be any point in playing it any longer im not giving my real money to game im not sure is going to survive.
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  • Fran4 (GB1)Fran4 (GB1) GB1 Posts: 50
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    I have bought gold many times but am sick of these icons fixed on the screen, if i want gold i will buy it but please, please, please move the adverts to the side bar. They are interfering with the game and making me less likely to purchase. The screen is already busy with so much in the background, just give us the option to either dismiss the advert or move it to a position where it does not inhibit play.
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  • montuosmontuos Posts: 1,275
    edited 07.03.2014

    And I am also now furious that the editor keeps automatically changing the case on my text! X(
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  • bøffe (SKN1)bøffe (SKN1) Posts: 383
    edited 07.03.2014
    I totally agree with you all...


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  • BarianBarian Posts: 109
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    What's the book Special Offer?
    I haven't had that one yet

    I've never understood the placement of these icons
    Why can't they go in the top left hand corner?
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  • Jazmine101 (AU1)Jazmine101 (AU1) AU1 Posts: 17
    edited 07.03.2014
    I hate prime time because which means i don't have a credit card to buy gold. When ever i log into my account, prime time always flashes up on my screen, and it is really frustrating because i don't need to do prime time because i don't have money or gold to spend.
    I understand leveling up gives you gold, but i use that gold for other "important" things, like donating it to my cooperative, or using it to help me in missions. So yeah we should be given the option to temporarily close the prime times.

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  • thesurveydoc (US1)thesurveydoc (US1) Posts: 80
    edited 07.03.2014
    While I appreaciate BF making the offers available (for those who want to buy them), the omnipresent pop-ups and info bubbles are annoying.

    May I suggest that the vertical tool bar on the left side of the screen (the one showing quests) be moved down a bit and that a second column of vertical icons be created just above it. This new column would house the bubbles/offers, which are currently at the the top/left, below my $/gold info, blocking part of my farm/screen. I have to pull my farm down to harvest/replant anything located up at the top of my farm.
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  • enochnock (US1)enochnock (US1) Posts: 878
    edited 07.03.2014
    Oh My Goodness, could you please move the prime day/prime spending/ prime sale/exclusive offer to the left of the screen. My screen looks like the New York Stock Exchange, I'm just waiting for these offers to start rolling/flashing. At this rate with all of this stuff popping up on my farm I will need to hook my computer up to a 37 inch television screen just to be able to harvest my farm & enjoy working my farm. Also can you please make the exclamation points over the visitors a little smaller. Right now Monty is blocking the crossroads that I use a lot to go from farm to farm, he is in the way. (I asked him if he would back up a little lol) That area where the events shows up is really close could it be moved back a little bit?

    So much for the not having pop up ads huh, well it may not be third party pop ups but its a pop up.
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  • Foxenas (US1)Foxenas (US1) Posts: 9
    edited 07.03.2014
    I came to rant about it too. I used to buy gold, but stopped doing it when all these pestering activities got off hands (and I am dead set not to spend even a dime anymore). For a long long time I did not see a single attempt to make game more interesting, just daily increases in pressure to spend real money. With all that bullying to spend more gold, game quickly looses it's attraction. Once our co-op project is done, I'm leaving for good. CUDOS to your marketing department, keep doing such a marvelous job!
    On top of that, let me tell you that when you decrease the "price" from 400 to 392 and call it 20% discount ..., there are no words left that could acurately express my disgust with you. For a good sake, there are plenty of kids playing this game! Do we have to assume, that you won't stop at anythig to lure one more golden coin from your customers and a simple cheating became a new norm for you?
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    I agree they should have a check box or a way to remove them from our game if we choose not to buy gold. I admit I do buy it but there is times that I just can't fit buying any. My household finances come first and this gold is just not as important as those. I like buying some once and a while but I wish I had the choice to remove the bubbles. So yes GGS please add something to remove them from our game.
  • rhon (GB1)rhon (GB1) GB1 Posts: 1,538
    edited 07.03.2014
    Nafaru, one of the Community Managers has made a statement about the surfeit of pop ups today
    Nafaru wrote: »
    Hey everybody,

    just some quick statement about the current 'advertising'/popup/offer situation as described in these and even more posts:

    This situation should not happen too often and was only caused by us enabling the exclusive offers for all sorts of players at once in order to enable you to get all decorations you could not previously get (e.g. the bird bath and light chain decorations).
    Once these offers expire, everything should return to normal. ;)

    Furthermore we are currently thinking about merging the offer icons if there are more than x offers at the same time. I cannot promise you anything yet, but the team is aware of the tight space up there. ;)


  • LoriBee22LoriBee22 Posts: 1
    edited 07.03.2014
    Honestly though, it's about so much more than just the space those icons take up. Yes, that's one, but two, the pop ups themselves are annoying. I have to close three or four windows every single time I log in. I log in and out numerous times during the day, and that gets old very fast.

    And three, the constant pressure to buy gold or spend gold is getting irritating. Like someone else said, I switched TO this game because I didn't have to bug my friends or spend a lot of real money to enjoy it. I do understand the goal is to make money, and I did buy some gold for the farm for an amount I would have paid to play this game if I had purchased it from a store - but if it becomes no fun to play without spending more money, then I'm going to have to give it up. The more I get badgered to spend real money, the LESS likely I am to do so.
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  • Dan24 (US1)Dan24 (US1) Posts: 10
    edited 07.03.2014
    I agree. At least move them to the edge of the screen. Very annoying and in the way most of the time. And every time I sign in, don't have them all pop up. I know they are there.
    Dan24 @ us 1
  • sonolumina2sonolumina2 Posts: 34
    edited 07.03.2014
    LoriBee22 wrote: »
    Honestly though, it's about so much more than just the space those icons take up. Yes, that's one, but two, the pop ups themselves are annoying. I have to close three or four windows every single time I log in (I have two farms, and I switch back and forth between them constantly, so more like 6 to 8 windows to close).

    x 100000000000000000000000000000000000

    I feel like I'm back in the AOL days of "you got more spam, friend!" Yes, it takes only a second to close them, but having them repeatedly pop up over and over every time I log in is extremely irritating. I closed them because I saw them (probably because they were in my face at log-in screen), I don't need them shoved back in my face at every log-in.

    I would appreciate a pop-up/notification/"ok I saw it, don't show me again" disable feature, relocation or resizing of the icons displayed at the top, or some other viable solution. Thanks.
    sonolumina @ us 1
  • EricaJ (US1)EricaJ (US1) Posts: 202
    edited 07.03.2014
    montuos wrote: »

    I agree with you, montuos.

    I've always supported this game with real money, and was seriously looking at investing more and building / upgrading some additional gold-only buildings on my farm - but if this crap continues, I will leave the game. I will NOT play or support a game that is constantly in my face with greedy pop-up ads, nor one that has multiple "buy buy buy spend spend spend" icons constantly twinkling at me covering up large portions of the play area.

    I've never complained about this before. Update after update has been designed to sell more gold, and you've gone so far as to introduce "prime spending" as well. I've never complained about any of it - but this has gone too far.

    If you aren't making enough real money to keep the game going, I would like to make a couple of alternative suggestions:

    Offer a "prime membership" for a smallish monthly fee, no more than $10/month. Those who purchase it would see no ads and receive deep discounts on gold purchases.

    Show pop-up 3rd party ads only to those who are not prime members / do not purchase gold. Sorry, freeplayers - I don't want you to have suffer through that either, but if those who spend actual money on the game are not generating enough income to fully subsidize freeplay, that would be a way that you could also contribute something to help support the game and keep it going.
    EricaJ @ us 1
  • Hayseed LilHayseed Lil Posts: 81
    edited 07.03.2014
    I agree with Erica's idea about a monthly subscription. I hate being nickled and dimed to death. Also, with so many icons all over the place, it is very hard on my senior citizen eyes!!! I like the way another game I play does it...they charge $15 US a month and for that you get extra gold and a special free decoration at the end of the month. If you need to purchase more gold for something, you go the normal route, which, in this case would be to click on the + sign by the gold icon. I liked the Omar gimmick...that was cute and he had some really good deals, so I would not be opposed to him. I also liked The Wheel of Fortune gimmick as that seemed like a good deal. But the rest of the stuff, I didn't like. Prime Times, I think need to be rethought...how not to make them so annoying...perhaps show them once each time you sign in. I do spend gold but really shouldn't ask I can't really afford to. But, to me, to know I can buy a monthly subscription so I can budget for it, that makes more sense. I love the game and have no intentions of leaving it, but I may have to stop buying gold.

    Hayseed Lil
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  • rie222rie222 Posts: 1,074
    edited 07.03.2014
    I have to agree. When i log onto the game it gets in the way, I have to click everything to get on. It gets in the way of my graphics as well. Can you all please shut this stuff off it is way too too much. I understand you want to make money but you have gone overboard. At the very least give us an on off option. thanks.
  • doggeltje (NL1)doggeltje (NL1) NL1 Posts: 9
    edited 07.03.2014
    I agree, please move all prime day, prime sale etc to the left or right side of the screen.
    And STOP those popups, it is very irritating!!
    doggeltje @ nl 1
  • plowshareplowshare Posts: 9
    edited 07.03.2014
    I was hoping to see something about the prime times. It is getting pretty annoying to have them up all the time. Just once is enough with the option to remove them or not display them again for that item.
    plowshare @ us 1
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