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Replacing cooperative founder/ Deleting cooperative

Eop (US1)Eop (US1) Posts: 5
Can a Cooperative founder remove themselves from a coop and then come back and delete the cooperative? I am new to this coop leadership stuff and so dont want to build a coop that can later be deleted by the original creator, not suggestion they would im just inquiring to cover the bases...?(
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  • Celissa9 (US1)Celissa9 (US1) Posts: 82
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    No, but they might come back and ask for the leadership position again. That would be up to you to grant that wish at that point.
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  • Eop (US1)Eop (US1) Posts: 5
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    Thank you very much
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  • Kat Nip (GB1)Kat Nip (GB1) GB1 Posts: 3,796
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    Eop, the only way a cooperative shuts down/disappears is if everyone leaves it and there's no members left at all. Build your cooperative to your hearts content, and by the way, if the founder is still in the cooperative, they have no abilities to do anything unless you set them as a deputy - the key next to their name is just to let everyone know that they founded the cooperative.

    Good luck to you all. :)

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  • Eop (US1)Eop (US1) Posts: 5
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    thank you Kat....
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