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Missions and cheat codes



  • Shane LoweShane Lowe Posts: 2
    edited 05.12.2013
    Yea that just happened to us to..we were on a mission for 4 hours and then .....he comes in the last 5 seconds and beats the game...and he was zero...at the bottom..
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  • thaddeus5thaddeus5 Posts: 13
    edited 07.12.2013
    there has to be fair playing fields, another player and myself both level 58 at the time v level 133 at the time we had no hope. I understand he wanted the victory, thats the way he plays he said, but what about us we were crushed 1 minute in. There is no satisfaction in it for him and I feel like giving missions away, its a game and meant to be fun. You need to rethink the way players are grouped against each other, Since I have started there has been a 20% drop in people playing, this a minor factor in the drop off. good farming Cheers.
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  • thaddeus5thaddeus5 Posts: 13
    edited 07.12.2013
    the same thing happened to me yesterday 30 seconds to go and my score was tripled there was no way back. good farming.
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  • ElizabethKElizabethK Posts: 519
    edited 08.12.2013
    GGS is rethinking missions. We just don't know when it will happen. Hopefully soon.
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  • ezio auditore3ezio auditore3 Posts: 2,399
    edited 08.12.2013
    Yup, all we can do is pray 2014 comes fast because of the plans they have :)
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  • cupcakes rulecupcakes rule Posts: 1
    edited 01.03.2014
    i use my chicken coop a lot and I passed the mission!! 8-]
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  • rie222rie222 Posts: 1,074
    edited 01.03.2014
    yeah ok latten...i think its happening. as a gold user i see it.
  • mandapanda84mandapanda84 Posts: 13
    edited 01.03.2014
    This is why i've pretty much given up on these types of missions. Because unless u have loads of gold, there seems to be no way to come in 1st-4th place.
    mandapanda84 @ us 1
  • Ms.IsabelleMs.Isabelle Posts: 1
    edited 02.05.2014
    Dear Sami66,
    I totally know how you feel! I just finished a mission and I lost at least 300 eggs! Waste of gold and my hard work, at least I came in 2nd place. The thing is to check how much produce your other teammate has… if it's too much stop and don't waste money while you still can. If it's almost a tie, give it your all!
    Isabelle :)

    Dear mandapanda84, (love "mandapanda84"! )
    I think that's true too. I lost about 100 coins of gold just for one single mission! I always seem to run our of gold easily, even though I don't use it much!

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  • NissePlutt (SKN1)NissePlutt (SKN1) Posts: 48
    edited 02.05.2014
    Why do those missions in the first place? I have skipped them.
    NissePlutt @ skn 1
  • Latten (DE1)Latten (DE1) Posts: 6,246
    edited 02.05.2014
    You can get nice rewards :) Also, if you like to be in a ranking, there are seperate mission rankings only for playing that content of our game. And very soon you will be able to use a brand new feature in Big Farm that heavily relies on missions.

    So, there is a lot of incentive if you're up to the challenge :)

  • crazzyhackercrazzyhacker Posts: 1
    edited 26.05.2014
    that isint a cheat thats plane out stupid
    crazzyhacker @ us 1
  • Uncle Willy3Uncle Willy3 Posts: 23
    edited 27.05.2014
    Thanks Timo, Good to know :thumbup: Cheers
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  • mick6 (AU1)mick6 (AU1) Posts: 158
    edited 27.05.2014
    maybe the farm boosters have something to do with it ???
    mick6 @ au 1
  • mince3mince3 Posts: 5
    edited 27.05.2014
    Hi....my coop members and I were discussing about how it would be great if we could donate dollars or gold to our fellow coop members. Some of us are working and therefore have the ability to buy gold. Some of our members are students and hence won't be able to buy gold. If we who could afford it help those who can't...won't that be great?
    mince @ en 1
  • mince3mince3 Posts: 5
    edited 27.05.2014
    Don't worry about answering the question. I read thru the answers to the same question which was asked previously and I guess it's not going to happen. Every men for himself then....
    mince @ en 1
  • RubyfarmerRubyfarmer Posts: 90
    edited 27.05.2014
    hahaha like missions much willy? luv the pics
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  • amaprincess1 (US1)amaprincess1 (US1) Posts: 636
    edited 29.05.2014
    mince3 wrote: »
    Don't worry about answering the question. I read thru the answers to the same question which was asked previously and I guess it's not going to happen. Every men for himself then....

    Not true at all. It is actually very easy to buy gold for a co-op-mate. It's as simple as buying a gift card and messaging the card number to the recipient.
  • snowbell003snowbell003 Posts: 1
    edited 31.05.2014
    y u need cheat codes 2 play a simple game
    snowbell00 @ in 1
  • mick6 (AU1)mick6 (AU1) Posts: 158
    edited 02.06.2014
    thats true...
    i think its still a better idea to do it threw the game,it makes it a part of the game been able to donate gold to other members.it will boost gold been moved threw to ggs accounts !!!!!so pay attention good game!!!!

    mick6 @ au 1
  • Nickelplated (US1)Nickelplated (US1) Posts: 25
    edited 14.06.2014
    I do not know about a cheat code, but I have found someone that on multiple occasions has had some very suspicious activity while doing the collection missions. the Player was name removed the first time was an egg collection mission. Within the first 30 seconds of the mission he had almost 5000 eggs. I went to his farm and the only egg collection buildings he had was 1 lv4, 1 lv5 chicken coop, 1 lv2 duck farm. THAT is IT. He has no gold items on his farm so I assume him not to be a gold buyer. But thinking that he could have spent over 10,000 gold just to skip the duck farm over and over is ludicrous. But it would have taken longer than 30 seconds to skip the 20 times it would have been required to reach that number of eggs.

    On a side note this is not the first time I have run into this. If it is not a hack or cheating please explain how it could be possible.

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  • BriannospamGame (SKN1)BriannospamGame (SKN1) Posts: 1,803
    edited 14.06.2014
    It's against the forum rules to mention names at that way.
    Are you 100% sure, it was the egg harvest there was displayed on your screen?
    At the moment there are a bug which does that we ofen instead of get a screen showing what the other player hace harvest, we get a screen witch show some other player's reputation points.
    The number of coop's you tell that player could to me looks like it was that players reputation points there have being displayed to you.
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  • amaprincess1 (US1)amaprincess1 (US1) Posts: 636
    edited 14.06.2014
    BriannospamGame is right, strictly against TOS to call people out that way. Pretty low too considering the bugs players have been experiencing in this respect. The more appropriate way of handling this would have been to send the player in question a note politely asking her if she indeed ran off those kinds of numbers so quick and if so, how. If no response and you truly feel something is fishy, advise support of the problem. Of course it is fine to report it in here, as well, but you can't call out the player by name in doing so.
  • Moonbeam11 (US1)Moonbeam11 (US1) Posts: 38
    edited 15.06.2014
    I don't think the intent was to call someone out. I saw it as giving as much detail as was available, for this player to assist with figuring out how this could happen.

    In any event, sometimes the weekly ranking get 'stuck' on the mission timer during a mission and that is what I think has happened in this instance.
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