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Undertaker13 Buries the Farm Coffin for the last time.... and bids farewell to all...

Hello all... and goodbye...

I have decided to put the farms to bed once and for all (well probably anyway) as of this Friday, 21st February. At level 94, I haven't done it all but I've done a lot of it and I have no regrets in having played the game on the Australian server (that's the level 94 one) and lately on the English one (at level 30 after 3 weeks without buying or using any gold). I've been thinking about leaving the game for some months now, not because I don't enjoy the game; in fact, the exact opposite is true. I enjoy it too much and it is taking too much time out of my life that I really should be devoting to other things.

Having Obsessive Compulsive habits, I don't like to leave things half done, so this means that I often end up online for 8 or more hours per day because there is just one more harvest only 3 minutes away much of the time. Having two farms on different servers (of course), this only compounds the problem for me. Basically, this game is like an addiction for me and I have worked out that the only way for me to get back some time is for me to go "cold turkey" and quit it altogether. I just couldn't bear to see heaps of people go streaking past me in the XP rankings (currently I'm at 22nd on the Oz server) if I was to slow down and spend less time playing.

The other thing that takes up quite a bit of my time is this Forum. When I see something introduced into the game that I feel is unfair or biased towards gold users (of which I am one) to the detriment of non-gold users, such as the Blue Barns of Sell Mission Death, I feel the urge to go into print to voice my distaste for it. Of course, then I also have to come back to see what replies have been made to my posts. Most of my posts have been made in the last 3 months or so and you will see from the number of posts I've made that I've been busy here.

I've met many wonderful people through this game and I have the greatest admiration for them, including the unpaid, overworked Moderators of this forum, Kat Nip and Farmer Tess. This admiration extends to those people who have had opposing views to mine but have still been able to explain their views logically to me. The people in my Oz co-op have been very tolerant towards me, especially when I have blitzed the Chat from time to time and they have also very kindly laughed at the appropriate time at my jokes when I've told them there.
Oops, speaking of wonderful people, I'm in Olle Cooperativ on the Eng 1 server. if anyone is on that server and looking for a good co-op to join, they could do a lot worse than to apply to Olle Cooperativ, currently ranked 4th on the server. That's the one I am in until I finish up on Friday... have been with them for only a short time but they make you feel like family and they are very helpful, especially for newbies.

Incidentally, if anyone on the Aus 1 server wants to join a really great co-op, there is a vacancy in Mouse House from Friday evening after I leave the game. I won't say that I'm leaving forever because you just never know... but it's highly unlikely that I'll return. I am going to just leave my two farms to lie fallow though... I'm not bulldozing them "just in case". My gold and farm$, however, will be donated to the two co-ops as compensation "for pain and suffering".

Good luck and good farming to all.
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  • Strange BrewStrange Brew Posts: 34
    edited 17.02.2014
    I'm sure sorry to see you go, as you know I'm one of your biggest fans! I understand you're reasons though and I certainly wish you the best of luck in any and all of your future endeavors! I bet it was a blast being in a coop with you! Take care of yourself and I will be watching (and waiting) for you to return
  • monica79538monica79538 Posts: 1,932
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    bye ;(
    monica7953 @ us1
    My heart got left on a different farm game time to shrink it a little--I don't think most remember that one anymore ;(
  • Celissa9 (US1)Celissa9 (US1) Posts: 82
    edited 17.02.2014
    Sorry to read this. Your posts were always very well thought out and usually always gave me a good giggle...you will be missed :(
    Happy Easter!
    [email protected]
  • agueda3agueda3 Posts: 583
    edited 17.02.2014
    Sorry that you have to leave the game....always look for and enjoy reading your posts.
    Goodluck in your life and i'm sure lots of us forum readers will be checking for your return! ^_^
    agueda @ US 1
    agueda @ WWW 1
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    Thanks very much everyone... It's nice to be appreciated and missed!
  • Rolling AcresRolling Acres Posts: 6
    edited 17.02.2014
    So UT - you are leaving. Me sad :(

    As someone who is lucky in being able to call you a friend...I shall miss you terribly. I can not imagine this game, or forum, without you...and your warm and wonderful sense of humor! However, as your friend I must support what you have stated is the right thing to do for you and your personal life. I wish you and yours the very best that life has to offer.
    Rolling Acres @ au 1
    MJs Meadows @ us 1
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    Thanks MJ... I was going to p.m. you regarding this but you've seen it anyway... mostly warm but sometimes boiling regarding my sense of humour, if I see something that's not fair. All the best to you and your hubby... I hope your health is boisterous (both of you).
  • garrick (GB1)garrick (GB1) GB1 Posts: 4
    edited 17.02.2014
    Thanks UT and I speak for all of us when saying you will be sorely missed, you have been a pleasure to have with us and a great member, we all wish you the very best of luck and if you should return to the game there will always be a place for you in Olle Coop ,take care .
    garrick @ en 1
  • rie222rie222 Posts: 1,074
    edited 17.02.2014
    OH wow So sorry to see you go Undertaker. I so enjoyed reading your posts in the short time that i have been here. I wish there were a way you could scale down but I completely understand and respect your descision entirely. What a loss to us all here. You will surely be missed!
  • ezio auditore3ezio auditore3 Posts: 2,399
    edited 17.02.2014
    Hey U.T, I'll miss you dude! The awesome humor in your posts will certainly be missed! :) I wish you all the best :D Thanks for being AWESOME!
    Beware of "THE DARK SIDE"...(en 1):):):)
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    Thanks Manish!
  • Kat Nip (GB1)Kat Nip (GB1) GB1 Posts: 3,796
    edited 18.02.2014
    Hey UT, you've certainly brought your own sense of flair to the forums while you've been active, and for that (believe it or not :p) I thank you. :)

    I wish you all the best with whatever path your life takes from this day forward and if it includes us once again, that's a real bonus for us all. Take care and all the best for the future. :)

    Kat. Kittie_by_otomosc.gif


    Many thanks to farmerjohn
  • pixie2me2pixie2me2 Posts: 83
    edited 18.02.2014
    Well we've said it all privately and now I'll say it publically, your one of the better sportmanlike players in this game and you will be sorely missed. Those in Misfits, including myself, loved our relationship with you, especially in missions and your sense of humour always put a smile on our mission players and my face.

    Your ability to think fairly with regard to the game and its players was always documented in the forums in a manner that was well received and understood.

    Selfishly, we at Misfits, do hope one day you return but if not, fairwell good friend, have a wonderful and happy life... you will be missed and remembered.


    Pix xoxo
  • Me the Great3Me the Great3 Posts: 31
    edited 18.02.2014
    Dear friend, Well it has finally come to this!
    How will the farming community survive, without our Crusader to write (hehe) the wrongs?
    Who will beat their manly chest in indignation? (oohh I might swoon at the thought)
    And tell it straight?
    Will we survive without our daily dose of whit, charm, talent, vocab, expertise, and sheer cheek!!!

    Hmmm already I have someone new behind me on the leader board....it just isn't the same sigh.
    So my fellow queenslander, enjoy the great outdoors (watch that sun tho) and if ever Anne gets sick of you hanging around too much....you know we are waiting with open arms and smiles on our faces!
    ;) Me the Great @ au 1
    If I had known that Grandchildren were this much fun...
    I would of had them first!;)
  • nonon82nonon82 Posts: 22
    edited 18.02.2014
    Dear UT,

    I've enjoyed reading your posts and appreciate the contribution you have made to the game. Good luck, farewell and don't look back!

    nonon8 @ au 1
  • FarmerTess (AU1)FarmerTess (AU1) Posts: 2,393
    edited 18.02.2014

    You have made me moan 'not again please no" and made me laugh with your posts. Your arguments were always constructive and most of your posts were funny. You will be missed by many.

    Take care of you UT, and one day I hope to see you in the forums again. :)
    Got a Big Farm adiction? then join the Big Farm Addiction Wikia FarmerTess @ au 1
  • Dolphin (AU1)Dolphin (AU1) AU1 Posts: 117
    edited 18.02.2014
    You will be missed very much. It has been lovely seeing what you have to say and having nice chats to you.
    Take Care of yourself and I am sure everyone is hoping that you will come back.

    Dolphin @ au 1
  • Undertaker61Undertaker61 Posts: 2
    edited 18.02.2014
    (oohh I might swoon at the thought)
    FarmerTess wrote: »

    You have made me moan 'not again please no"

    I think most readers can see where I could go with this? You really shouldn't provide me with so much ammunition.... but I will constrain myself and merely say "Wow! I really must be a lady killer!"
    Undertaker61 @ en 1
  • Jiesta (NL1)Jiesta (NL1) Posts: 6,557
    edited 18.02.2014
    Even by the Dutch players you will be sorely missed! Thanks for everything and hopefully the spare time you will gain by leaving this game will bring you what you wish for!!
    Good luch and take care!

    Sig designed by farmerjohn 22 (US1). THX!!


  • Bweatherholt (US1)Bweatherholt (US1) Posts: 359
    edited 18.02.2014
    Ohh Undertaker, I hate to see this. You always gave me a laugh, sometimes when i really needed one. I really hope to see you back on the forums, someday. As of now, I wish you the best of luck in everything you do. Your wife is a very lucky lady. Hope to see you sooner than later.
  • edited 18.02.2014
    Yes, well... I have to admit you're right... not many of my clients like to see the Undertaker either. It usually means that they are having a very bad day; not that they actually SEE me when I call to pick them up anyway, but you know what I mean. Unfortunately, as I only work one week out of every three and then only on call outs (people are dying to meet me) that just isn't enough to keep the wolf from the door. I'm no longer in my carer's role for Mum (she's now living in an Aged Care Facility) or Dad (his needs are few now that he is sitting in the urn above the computer table) so I've lost the Carer's Pension and have had to register for work. Even after applying for about 70 jobs since last December, I've only had 3 interviews and that's that.
  • Agons000 (AU1)Agons000 (AU1) Posts: 39
    edited 18.02.2014
    Hey mate,

    I am used to you spamming my inbox daily, it just doesn’t feel right, now that you’ve decided to leave :P

    I was fortunate enough to be in the same co-op as you for quite a while and I really enjoyed our almost daily banter whilst inevitably clogging up the co-op chat box. But what I will miss most is your somewhat sly sense of humour that brightens an otherwise boring forum (for me personally).

    I wish you all the best as you start the next chapter of your life.

    Take care!
    Gold! Gold! Gold! Gold your way to the top!

    Agons000 @ au 1
  • edited 19.02.2014
    Hmmm... "Earthling"? Location: "Earth"? Good to see you are finally giving us some information regarding who you are and where you live approximately. Don't give away too much though matey... or we might figure out who you are and rock up on your doorstep one night at about midnight or so...

    As for "sly", sometimes maybe but at other times "subtle" might be used? a.k.a. "like a sledgehammer".
  • Rusty Farmer (AU1)Rusty Farmer (AU1) AU1 Posts: 1,681
    edited 19.02.2014
    Sorry to see u go U133. You were a great encouragement in the early days of my playing at Farmtastic.

    I've just got onto the UK server and have applied for your co-op there BTW.
  • thaddeus5thaddeus5 Posts: 13
    edited 19.02.2014
    I sad day indeed, The peoples champion, no matter what level you were Undertaker would chat, give advice to improve your farm, a true gentleman of the game, understand the reasons. The forum and the game will miss you. Cheers, Missions won't be the same.

    All the best Sir.
    thaddeus @ au 1
  • edited 21.02.2014
    Thanks, Sir Mate..... So are you and good luck in the game and in real life.

    I have now sold off all my produce and donated all farm$ and gold to the co-ops on the two servers I was playing on. I did, however, set all the production buildings on a production run, "just in case". Good luck to everyone and I hope you all continue to enjoy playing the game... and remember: it's only a game but play hard anyway!!
  • SirGeorge (US1)SirGeorge (US1) Posts: 354
    edited 22.02.2014
    Goodbye, see you on Monday.
    SirGeorge @ us 1
    Co-op Farmers first

    SirGeorge @ WWW1
    Co-op Larino

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