Happy Birthday Big Farm! Your Birthday Wishes!



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    thank you8)8)
    njalbano @ WWW 1
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    joyce r. wrote: »
    HAPPY BIRTHDAY big farm !!!!


    please try watch !!!

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    They say the first year is always the hardest and you learn so much from it, you are doing a great job so far, keep up the great work with many fun, exciting and sometimes trying years to come. Happiest 1st Birthday BigFarm. <3 Best Wishes from Unlimited and the rest of the team :)
    unlimited @ au 1
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    first say the year always b-day in big farm.Happiest 1st b-day big farm.Enjoy in b-day in big farm team.best wishes always and join in big farm .
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    happy b'day big farm.. may god give u all success...& thanx to team for giving best game ever...
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    That is a beautifull poem....Penfold, very beautifull.....
    Wokkel @ nl 1
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    yea to all of the goodgame Big farm people Congratilations :D awesome game
    [SIGPIC][/SIGPIC]Roonie @ nl 1
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    Happy Birthday Bigfarm
    Best wishes from Belgium
    Thank you and keep up the awesome work looking forward to many more Birthdays.
    johnnyv @ nl 1
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    Happy anniversary, Big Farm!!!!!!!!!

    Sig designed by farmerjohn 22 (US1). THX!!


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    happy birthday

    Congratulations on an entire year of Big farm! Thank you for an entire year of commitment, dedication, patience and lots more! I hope Big farm sees a lot more birthdays and each one being sweeter than the next :) You guys have done an amazing job in the creation and running of this game :):)

    Here's a poem I wrote in order to celebrate that milestone....

    Congrats on making one year,
    you made it through all clear,
    1 year later we're bigger and stronger,
    and the list of good things just gets longer,
    Look at the game and you can see,
    that everything's made beautifully,
    I feel like the throne is yours for the taking,
    so gear up and you best start preparing,
    to take everyone by surprise,
    and show them that big farm is on the rise,
    and at the end of the day your farm's the true prize :):)

    And also my cousin wanted to help out by pointing that I didn't make a card so he made one for me :) By the way he's 5 so go easy :)Here it is..
    Beware of "THE DARK SIDE"...(en 1):):):)
    Are you on US1, EN1 or NL1 and do you want to learn what a co-op is all about? Or do you simply want to complete the co-op task? Try the training co-op! (click here)
    Contact support here
    Larino has an mazing website full of amazing tricks and tips. All you need to do is click here
    A Big farm wiki made by our very own Katnip.That can be found here

    Thanks Manish!
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    Farming Wizards
    # Rank 5 Cooperative IN1
    Motivated, High energy players with a great sense of humour! We succeed in tackling EVERY challenge with smiles on our faces!
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    I want to wish Bigfarm Happy Birthday. Thanks for a great year. I have met lots of people through this game and made lots of friends.Happy happy Happy Birthday and many more to come. Kennetha
    kennetha @ us 1
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    Happy B'day Big Farm! i like this game .its very fun.
    i play every day
    thusharika @ in 1
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    Gelukkige Verjaardag: Bigfarm
    Happy Birthday: Bigfarm
    Joyeux anniversaire: Bigfarm
    Alles Gute zum Geburtstag: Bigfarm
    feliz cumpleaños: Bigfarm
    Grattis på födelsedagen: Bigfarm
    Buon Compleanno: Bigfarm
    Wszystkiego najlepszego z okazji urodzin: Bigfarm
    Doğum günün kutlu olsun: Bigfarm
    Hyvää syntymäpäivää: Bigfarm
    生日快樂: Bigfarm
    johnnyv @ nl 1
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    You now celebrate your first birthday
    This year you have learnt to walk, smile, talk and be a person
    You have got you first teeth
    Your first friend

    Mum and dad are proud of you
    And all you other relatives.
    Because you are you

    Så lets sing
    Let you live at least 99 years more
    Happy birthday Big Farm
    Happy Birthday Stora farm, that are your name in Sweden
    LillaJaget @ skn 1
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    Happy Birth Day Big Farm
    frenky- @ WWW 1
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    happy birthday big farm thanks
    francky1 @ nl 1
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    agian to late i think but haooy birthday
    opaeuro @ nl 1
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    happy birthday big farm , thanks
    anouck8 @ nl 1
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    happy birthday
    magy @ nl 1
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    Thanks for the game, is GREAT and i love it!
    Sylvie1 @ nl 1
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    happy birthday again to late?? from hollland
    opaeuro @ nl 1
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    happy happy birthday,
    thusharika @ in 1
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    I wish you the most important thing to fulfill your desires.
    Because when a person has what he wanted,
    he is cheerful, healthy and full of joy.
    Happy New Year!Big farm
    Thanksgiving is a time
    For reviewing what we treasure,
    The people we hold dear,
    Who give us so much pleasure.

    Without you as my friend,
    Life would be a bore;
    Having you in my life
    Is what I¡¯m thankful for.

    Thank you for inviting us
    To your Thanksgiving dinner.
    A day spent in your company
    Is invariably a winner.

    Thank you for the time you spent
    Preparing all the food;
    For making us feel welcome,
    You have our gratitude!

    It still seems like magic
    everytime I remember
    how love softly touched our hearts
    bringing in together

    Whether the day is good or bad,
    Whether I'm feeling happy or sad,
    If I have a need, you’ll comprehend;
    You’ll be there to share and be a friend.

    Other people may fill my day,
    But never in such an important way;
    We support each other around all life’s bends,
    It feels so good that we are friends.

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    soumik10 @ en 1
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    Happy #1 Birthday Big Farm
    3c70454a-be43-483d-9de0-82f9ae09a422.jpgMarj :p @ us 1

    Coop- Northern Star ,come join our growing coop we have fun and work together on projects and researches currently have one spot open drop in and see what we are about.Thanks
  • Crops (US1)Crops (US1) Posts: 25US1
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    Happ B-day to Big Farms:) Is a great game and holesome. It a great game for young and old alike. Its great to have a good development team such as ggs. again, Happy Birthday. :)
    Crops @ us 1[SIGPIC][/SIGPIC]
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    Happy Birthday Big Farm!
    Ildi @ us 1
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    Congratulations to whole team behind this great game. Continuous improvements, gifts and ongoing news updates made this game one of kind. Therefore I want to express appreciation to team and all individuals behind BigFarm.

    Well done. Your work didn't go unnoticed
    Posiljak @ WWW 1
  • Nellie3 (NL1)Nellie3 (NL1) Posts: 163
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    Attachment not found.

    From Friesland, Attachment not found. with your first birthday :)
    Nellie3 @ nl 1
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    congratulation big farm your the best play me .Happy farming in all and happy birthday your the best
    I love my big farm try nyu po ito please congratulation po bf farm !!!!!

    have a nice day in all !!!!
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