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How about an UNDO button?

For those times when one makes a mistake. Even if it's only available for a few min.

I was looking at how much it costs to upgrade my restaurant. Did NOT want to do it as I don't have enough workers. But I scrolled over to see what it costs for more land, and suddenly I don't have any money. Stupid restaurant is now upgrading.

Damn it all!!!!! It takes forever to upgrade a house. I'd rather have waited and bought more land first. But now I'm stuck. No money coming in from this for quite some time now all because of a quick mistake.

And this is not the first time something like this has happened.
An undo button would be SO helpful.
FlowerChild @ WWW 1
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  • jess_d (US1)jess_d (US1) US1 Posts: 3,515
    edited 29.09.2013
    You can move the cursor over the upgrade option to see how much it will cost but once you click it then you're stuck with the upgrade. The only advice I can give is take your time and pay very close attention to everything you do. I remember not so long ago if I tried to add/upgrade a building or field I got a warning saying Be careful you don't have enough free workers. It advised me to upgrade houses first before I could build. I don't know when they done away with that option but I wish they would bring it back. I personally don't want to build something that I don't have enough free workers for. Sometimes I forget to look at how many workers I have & I have done upgrades only to leave it sitting there unused until I upgrade enough houses.

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  • Wicked24Wicked24 Posts: 36
    edited 29.09.2013
    that button would be very useful... and also bring back the one jess_d was talking about.. wish it would have never gone away. that one was very useful
    Wicked2 @ us 1
  • Maix3Maix3 Posts: 5
    edited 29.09.2013
    I agree. I think the same should go for spending gold. I never spend gold to skip something but sometimes my cursor just clicks on it without the intention and suddenly you have spent thousands of gold without the intention for something you were actually prepared to wait out. So and undo button would be great for these things.
    Maix @ skn 1
  • ArtmakerArtmaker Posts: 415
    edited 29.09.2013
    Even building houses sometimes I wish I could back out of. "Oh yea, I wanted to upgrade something else."

    And yes, I am very careful. Usually. But sometimes that curser slip thing does happen.

    How hard can this be? Every computer program out there has an undo. Give it a time limit if need be. Say before 10% done.
    Artmaker @ en 1
  • MollieGlitch (US1)MollieGlitch (US1) US1 Posts: 48
    edited 29.09.2013
    An "undo" button or an "are you sure?" button would save many players a lot of grief!
    MollieGlitch @ us 1
  • Myriad3Myriad3 Posts: 77
    edited 30.09.2013
    I'd call it a cancel button though. I've never seen a game with an undo button. Not entirely true, but in games it's usually just a cancel option, which may or may not refund you with 100% of costs. Sometimes refund is dependent on how long you wait before canceling.
    Full refund or not, a way to cancel an unwanted/accidental upgrade, bad planning or something not completely thought through would be very nice.

    And yes, the confirmation gold spending thing is a recurrent suggestion, and there are plenty of options to not bother people with it that don't want it. In my opinion it isn't even a suggestion, it's simply a must-have. It's real world money we're talking about here, not some virtual currency without meaning. It should not be possible to accidentally spend your money, yet this game is even making it very easy (whenever you're building something there's always a skip button permanently on screen, one click away from happening).
    Myriad @ en 1
  • Cyndi33 (US1)Cyndi33 (US1) US1 Posts: 18
    edited 30.09.2013
    Several times I've sent a request for an "undo button" due to accidentally losing a lot of gold. Keep asking.
    Cyndi33 @ us 1
  • PINJO1986 (NL1)PINJO1986 (NL1) NL1 Posts: 1,852
    edited 30.09.2013
    Or you can upgrade it to a higher level but you can still make items from that lower level, the workers are still in the restaurant. At the way it is now you lose those workers until you put some on it.
    Please reply to this thread if you agree

    Disappointment, Liar, Bug Hunter & Bratwurst 
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  • [Deleted User][Deleted User] Posts: 0
    edited 01.10.2013
    Just make a cancel build button that works for 5 min, it gives at least a chance to stop a wrong build click.
  • smirlefarmsmirlefarm Posts: 50
    edited 01.10.2013
    I so really want THIS too! maybe for fields as well...I just lost some gold when I suddenly got one field populated with magic beans for no apparent reason :-s
    (I've already sent a ticket on top of refusing to harvest that one field atm but thats a different topic)
    smirlefarm @ us 1
  • bullyownerbullyowner Posts: 207
    edited 01.10.2013
    I'd love to see this option...actually would have been great yesterday when while arranging one of my farms I clicked on the water tower to move it and wound up spending gold for a upgrade I had not planned on doing...ugh!!!


    bullyowner @ us 1
  • ezio auditore3ezio auditore3 Posts: 2,399
    edited 01.10.2013
    This is one of the reasons I don't have gold on my farm :):) (I literally have zero gold) mainly so that when I do missions I can honestly say I do them the right way and so that I don't make mistakes I'll end up regreting but tbh I've also clicked the skip button on something I wasn't planning to blow my gold on :)
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  • SandCastorSandCastor Posts: 11
    edited 01.10.2013
    Fallen London puts it best:

    I misclicked/didn’t realise what would happen and lost [item X]. Can I get it back?
    Unfortunately, we will only remedy player misclicks if something is broken with either the site or the storylet in question. Mistakes are part of the pattern of life. You may sometimes have an opportunity to retrieve [Item X] later.

    sooo... put up with it. I mis-click to. We Grow, We Learn.
    Name: SandCastor
    Co-op: The Sandlot
    Server: US1
  • jess_d (US1)jess_d (US1) US1 Posts: 3,515
    edited 01.10.2013
    SandCastor wrote: »
    Fallen London puts it best:

    I misclicked/didn’t realise what would happen and lost [item X]. Can I get it back?
    Unfortunately, we will only remedy player misclicks if something is broken with either the site or the storylet in question. Mistakes are part of the pattern of life. You may sometimes have an opportunity to retrieve [Item X] later.

    sooo... put up with it. I mis-click to. We Grow, We Learn.

    That is rules for another game? This is Big Farm! GGS said before they were trying to come up with a solution for accidental clicking. This thread is a suggestion about an undo button. Who cares what Fallen London says?
    Latten wrote: »
    We actually thought about this a while ago and we have one or two ideas to help you out. This isn't on top of our priority list right now though, but I'm positive that there will be some way to prevent or undo accidental clicking like this.

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  • edited 01.10.2013
    good idea. button needed.
    vinny eastwood @ en 1
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  • smirlefarmsmirlefarm Posts: 50
    edited 01.10.2013
    sandcastor as others have said in other threads before...do you call losing $40USD to nothing a reasonable "put up with it" really? just saying :)
    smirlefarm @ us 1
  • Latten (DE1)Latten (DE1) Posts: 6,246
    edited 02.10.2013
    We're still thinking about implementing some kind of undo function, not sure about the when, where and how yet :)

    edit: Oh, I have already been quoted ^^ Well then, carry on.
  • ArtmakerArtmaker Posts: 415
    edited 05.10.2013
    Cool! Good to know. Thanks for popping in.
    Artmaker @ en 1
  • jjsicajjsica Posts: 28
    edited 08.10.2013
    shes so right becuz i make lots of mistakes. once i accidentaly clicked the skip 4 gold sign and to skip the thing cost 34 gold! i couldve used that 2 mine gold! i coulda used an undo button then. i think that if you hd an undoe button than u could prevnt things you didnt want happening.
    jjsica @ us 1
  • ynot (US1)ynot (US1) US1 Posts: 26
    edited 10.10.2013
    A cancel button would be nice even if there is a cost for for the ability.
  • monica79538monica79538 Posts: 1,932
    edited 10.10.2013
    Ok I don't get how spending more gold would fix a careless click of the mouse.
    monica7953 @ us1
    My heart got left on a different farm game time to shrink it a little--I don't think most remember that one anymore ;(
  • smirlefarmsmirlefarm Posts: 50
    edited 11.10.2013
    same thing here monica..finally got a support ticket to simply be told they can't do anything about it so...my farm is still stuck to only four useable fields for now...I'm still thinking what to do about the 'abuse' of golds as per the thread topic line ^_^
    smirlefarm @ us 1
  • Asid (GB1)Asid (GB1) Posts: 31
    edited 18.10.2013
    and not to forget gold skipping accidents... I lost about 400 gold yet once again just few mins ago
    skipping a task for gold while i was trying to select the building next to the garden
    skipped onions for crying out Loud. this is really annoying. each time it takes me ages to collect some gold
    and accidents keep happening. this is like my 7th time. Need undo button or at least confirm before skipping for gold
    Asid @ en 1
  • runner222runner222 Posts: 2
    edited 18.10.2013
    Happens to me so many times too, accidentally skip gold over really stupid tasks, dont even get the gold back :( need a way out of that
    runner22 @ en 1
  • iloPhililoPhil Posts: 1
    edited 18.10.2013
    I like this idea of an "Undo Button"/Or an undo button, For an unwanted upgrade... People make mistakes, We are all human after all...

    I would like to see Big Farm GGS bring it, And also (bring back whatever else they had THAT DID WORK GOOD TOO) After all, "If it ain't broke" Well you know the rest...

    I think, That this particular (undo button) would help one tremendously after making a simple (human) mistake, While playing Big Farm GGS...

    I myself, Had lost (quite a bit of gold) from purchasing Premium Liquid Fertilizer (with the very modest amount of gold I had to begin with) for uses in the Orchards. I purchased Premium Liquid Fertilizer, But then there was (none to show for) immediately after my purchase...
    And all (Big Farm GGS Customer Service) said to me after I wrote to them, Regarding this issue was, That their records indicated that I had made (the said purchase) So I asked them then, Where is my Premium Liquid Fertilizer? Where is my product then? I told them I do/did not see it anywhere on my Farm. I still did not get an answer, As too where the product was located on my Farm, But I looked everywhere conceivable, None was to be found...
    (I knew) That it is/was supposed to be FOR THE ORCHARDS, Before and after my purchase (it is/and It was supposed to be) IN THE ORCHARDS (But to my dismay, It was not) It was nowhere to be found in the Orchards, Nor was it anywhere else on my Big Farm game for that matter...
    I still have never received (from the powers that be) an answer (that was logical) (And I have yet too receive/I never did receive, Anything tangible for my loss of gold and product) (To them, As well as myself, This particular incident(s) is/are a dead issue now) I realize that, I am not going to get a logical explanation from them. "Oh Well" lesson(s) learned here anyway. Thankfully I never have, And that I never will purchase gold. Via, Pay Pal Or Visa on here, Or anywhere else on the internet for that matter...
    It seems to me, That if, Big Farm GGS want this game to continue to be popular, They better work on the glitches and technical aspects of Big Farm (that seem to me anyway) too be going wrong, In this game... Further more, I think, I believe, People who play these games (SHOULD NOT) (NOBODY SHOULD HAVE TOO SUFFER THE LOSS) OF SOMETHING THAT THEY WORKED SO HARD TO ACHIEVE (From which the game(s) maker(s) Surely, Make a healthy dividend) Even that this is just a game. Being frustrated because of the games technical issues/And shortcomings that should be solvable, If only Big Farm GGS, Take people seriously and act upon our request and suggestions, On what we (the players) would like to see... Having said that however, I do realize that there are limitations on what Big Farm GGS can do... And I respect that fact... They are only human like the rest of us...
    (there is) REAL money involved here, Yes, But most importantly, I think that, Maybe?? For most people, It is really THE TIME and THE EFFORT that people make on this game or any other game, That is what really counts, For most people...
    And when one loses gold or money, One did not intend on losing, Or spending, Is very frustrating...
    I am sure that most people DO NOT want to feel like THEIR TIME and THEIR EFFORTS and THEIR ENERGY and THEIR MONEY (where applicable) were squandered.
    iloPhil @ us 1

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