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Sue8 (US1)Sue8 (US1) Posts: 94
When you are a higher level player, it gets increasing difficult to gather the required XP due to the fact that you dont get any large tasks. It is the same continuous loop of using humus, earning money, spending money etc.... all for 10-20 xp!! When you need over 8000 to get to the next level, it seems like quite a mountain to climb, only to get there eventually and have another 8000 to do, with tiny tasks.

Is there a chance that the developers are looking at putting in some more high xp tasks. I dont even care if it is a tough task for 1200xp, it certainly gives me something to work toward
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  • jaystarr2jaystarr2 Posts: 1,657
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    Yeah, I particularly liked those multi-step tasks you got at lower levels; maybe we could have something like that but with more steps or something?
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  • monica79538monica79538 Posts: 1,932
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    The mini-tasks Are getting pretty boring for the main farm, they just are not challenging anymore ;(

    We could have send 10 wildflower bouquets from the flower farm to the resturant tables for one task.
    (Can't think of anymore right now)
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  • !!!_396723 (GB1)!!!_396723 (GB1) Posts: 253
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    I don't know what triggered it, but I've just gone through the sell apples, use humus, earn $$$, collect eggs, etc. tasks, all of which had very small targets. On a level 65 farm they were all completed in a matter of hours - there was no trouble in collecting any of them.

    With the higher level farms why don't they scale up the targets, so each one is more of an achievement, and also scale up the XP for completing it of course. Completing 10 - 15 tasks helps towards my achievement points, but it gave me no satisfaction at all because they were completed so quickly.
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  • Kakerullen (SKN1)Kakerullen (SKN1) Posts: 243
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    I am on level 64 and all I do is make feed to get XP and small task for 10 or 20 XP. I hope we get some more to do to get level up. (I also wood like to take down the watertower because my animal eat to litle, because on that farm it is making feed who gives most XP)
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  • Katie455Katie455 Posts: 5
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    please think about the rewards that are tempoary ,like seeds. I know I work very hard to complete the tasks and to get seeds is really a let down. One other problem. I'm paying a lot more for land and no llonger getting hidden deco. Whassup?

    youre English is great, My typing skills are bad , I mean really bad! lol!
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  • Sue8 (US1)Sue8 (US1) Posts: 94
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    I am on level 84 and getting super tired of those small tasks.... I cant remember when I had one for more that 25xp

    please Developers, take a look at this

    Sue8 @US1
  • Gwendolen (US1)Gwendolen (US1) Posts: 1,268
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    I totally agree! I do have some tasks left on my flowerfarm, but I also only have the tiny tasks on my main. Make humus, use humus, earn money, spend money.... there's only a few and it gets truly boring. And they only give little bits of xp.

    I'd love some longer, bigger tasks for more xp! I would also love to have extra tasks on food and flowers too.
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  • aussiefarmgalaussiefarmgal Posts: 228
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    It would be great to get some different tasks as it is repetitive and boring doing the same few over and over. Earlier levels were much more fun, trying to achieve the task, now I don't even bother paying attention to them. And please increase the XP. Give higher levels something more interesting, challenging and XP profitable - Please!
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  • FarmingGamerFarmingGamer Posts: 107
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    yeah quite boring
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  • Sue8 (US1)Sue8 (US1) Posts: 94
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    oh, and by the way.... I have NO tasks on the food farm or the flower farm!! I havent had a task on those in forever as I have completed all the ones that were necessary.... Pretty hard to climb the ranks without being awarded XP

    So if you could add some tasks in for the higher level folks, that would be awesome

    Sue8 @US1
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