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save function for certain mail

It would be nice to have a way to save certain mail from being pushed off the list. I am the Communications Liaison (fancy title that means I talk a lot) and I can go through 75 mails quite quickly. There are some that I need to refer back to later and they end up being removed. If I remember I copy them to a note pad on my computer, but, that does not always happen or I do not know in advance that I will need them.

Just a thought,

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  • ezio auditore3ezio auditore3 Posts: 2,399
    edited 14.09.2013
    Hmm that's a good idea and I definitely need it too :)
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  • jaystarr2jaystarr2 Posts: 1,657
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    I agree. For things like recruitment mails or reminder mails to the co-op that I have to write frequently, having a save function would be SUPER handy. I do what Top does and have a notepad, but I also use multiple computers to log into the game, so a notepad is not always the best way to save information that I might need in a pinch.

    Maybe if there's a worry about how much space you can have, you could even put limits on how many mails you can save. Maybe 10-15 would be more than enough.
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  • monica79538monica79538 Posts: 1,932
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    There could be an icon right next to the trash can ;)
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  • aussiefarmgalaussiefarmgal Posts: 228
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    A very good and useful idea.
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