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Fibro_fog (US1)Fibro_fog (US1) US1 Posts: 29
I'd like to see a forum that is for Co-Op Leaders/Deputies to share tips and strategies with one another. I'm sure there are threads of that sort mixed in here somewhere but I wouldn't know how to find it.
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  • FarmerTess (AU1)FarmerTess (AU1) Posts: 2,393
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    If its a totally private forum you are after, sorry but we don't have one. :(

    What we do have is this forum You could use it for just the leaders and deputies. :)
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  • SystemSystem Posts: 106,347
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    I think you mean a forum for all leaders and deputies to discuss issues they have with running a co-op not limited to the leader and deputies of one co-op?

    There are already three forums for co-ops, Co-op Search, Co-op Introductions and Co-op Meeting point, and farmers already get confused as to the purpose of them and the differences between them. I think a fourth would muddle things further

    I'm also not sure how much it would be used. You can already discuss these things in the forums and there really aren't that many for you to find. Which is an indication of how much use a forum devoted to these issues would get

    It would be interesting to get the views of other leaders and deputies on this idea. Is it something they would use themselves? But it is not an idea that I think would really work
  • jaystarr2jaystarr2 Posts: 1,657
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    Do you mean like a co-op UN, where each co-op sends a representative or two to discuss their issues in a forum? Wouldn't this be problematic though, since 1) there are a LOT of co-ops and 2) unless there are a bunch of leader-specific issues to discuss, it'd probably just turn into a regular forum?
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  • choppychop (GB1)choppychop (GB1) Posts: 789
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    it would be even harder with different servers because there are so many servers and languages.
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  • ezio auditore3ezio auditore3 Posts: 2,399
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    Well, honestly speaking there aren't any special tactics you can use other than donate,collect and keep producing :):):) so any other tactics can easily be discussed in the co-operative meeting point :)
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