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4th Farm Please

BabyRooBoo2BabyRooBoo2 Posts: 83
I thought I would start a post to gauge how anxious players are to start the 4th farm. Having been on since February, I would like to have more individual tasks to complete. I am also very anxious to see what this farm could possibly be.

Please let GGS know your interest here!
BabyRooBoo @ us 1


  • aussiefarmgalaussiefarmgal Posts: 228
    edited 02.09.2013
    Yes! While I love all the new events that GGS are delivering, I really do want to see the 4th farm now. We have been waiting soooooooooo long now. Too long. Bring it on!
    aussiefarmgal @ au 1

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  • chiaradarknesschiaradarkness Posts: 12
    edited 02.09.2013
    We have seen the "Coming Soon" long enough. While I do enjoy the new updates of the tree and the mine to come. Some of wish to have more challenging tasks on a personal level. With the 4th farm it could add this. Or give us more personal tasks on the other 2 that we have. But the waiting to see the 4th farm is killing me.
    chiaradarkness @ us 1
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