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water tower,

Wicked24Wicked24 Posts: 36
wondering if the water tower is useful for just the main farm or does it have any benefits on the other farms (gourmet, flower ect)
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  • SystemSystem Posts: 105,879
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    A Water Tower on the other farms does affect how much fertiliser is needed for their orchards, so whether it's worth while depends how many almond, citrus and olives orchards/groves you have

    I don't have a Water Tower on the Flower Farm myself but according to this thread the WT affects the amount of honeydew needed too
  • Lilypaddle (INT1)Lilypaddle (INT1) Posts: 614
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    I have it on all my farms and yes it is useful. If you don't want to put one on every farm, it benefits you most on the main farm.
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  • monica79538monica79538 Posts: 1,932
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    I think most people have at least level 1 water tower in the main to help reduce the fert required for the mega cherries. They would then cost 27 units instead of 30, and then the apples and animals are reduced by 1 unit of fert/feed. The other farms take only 1 unit and the water tower would have less uses on them.
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  • aussiefarmgalaussiefarmgal Posts: 228
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    I find it very useful on the flower farm. I was constantly running out of fertilizer for my olives and one would often sit idle until I upgraded my water tower.

    On the gourmet farm I have a level 2 water tower, I will only upgrade it further if I see a real need to do so.

    For the main farm I personally think that the water tower is the best thing that you can buy with gold, upgraded as much as you can afford.
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  • ss02092ss02092 Posts: 772
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    My suggestion is build a level1 on the main farm... Next build one in the flower farm... then one in the food farm.

    In main farm we will be having lots of orchards and coops.

    In flower farm the liquid fertilizers are a bottle neck. at level 68-70 you might faced this if not properly planned. Also the honey dew will be of shortage. So its good to have there as soon as possible.

    In food farm we wont be much help when compared to other in low level... since you might be having more gardens than the almond orchard. At later stage when you have more orchards build it there.

    This is for those who buy WT from the saved/bonus gold. For gold users try building it as soon as possible.
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