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lack of fireflies ridiculous



  • jess_d (US1)jess_d (US1) Posts: 3,499US1
    edited 26.08.2013
    @Asid3 jaystarr2 is not taking sides with anyone. Just simply explaining personal experience. I was worried about collecting enough fireflies too. I finished with 2 hrs left. I have tried to complete the fairy tale event before but I was unsuccessful. Yes I got frustrated too. It's not impossible to complete the events without gold. Maybe you should add more fields or apple orchards for the events? I don't know....I'm on a different server & can't see your farm. GGS doesn't pay gamers to take their side. If you're not happy with this game don't play it. You don't have to participate in events either.

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  • FarmerTess (AU1)FarmerTess (AU1) Posts: 2,393
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    Ok people, please be nice. It is time for everyone to step back. Asid, I realise you are angry about not getting the reward, and you think GGS Is greedy for wanting people to buy gold. You seem to forget that GGS also gives gold to players every week for logging in. It is a business, they have to pay wages to the people who work for the company. They have to pay for the offices that everyone works in, so of course they want to sell gold.

    I was lucky I got my decoration, my partner did not get it by winning it. My partner ended up paying gold for the last fireflies, with gold.

    But getting angry at everyone that replies to you, only makes them keep responding to your arguments and that just makes a big circle, that goes around and around. So I ask once again for you to step back, take a breath and please stop arguing with each other. You can have your say without the anger at each other.

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  • jaystarr2jaystarr2 Posts: 1,657
    edited 26.08.2013
    I don't see why anyone needs to complain about the events if they are optional to participate in and the drops are random. Hell, I've missed out on a lot of events in the last few months because real life comes first. But so what? As Jess says, it IS frustrating to not finish an event that you started, but you know they'll come around again and you can have another shot and trying to complete it and get the big fancy deco to put onto your farm some other time.
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  • aussiefarmgalaussiefarmgal Posts: 228
    edited 26.08.2013
    First a disclaimer - I do not work for GGS!

    Asid, you absolutely can finish the event in time, even with time to spare without using gold. Many, many players do.

    Take a look at your farm and see how you can improve it to enable you to achieve event tasks more easily. Much of this game is about strategy. Here are my tips:

    1. Prepare for events - as someone already pointed out, they begin on Mondays. Don't have full stores of animal feeds - then you can make more on the task that provides fireflies from the mill. Likewise, stock up on poop and leaves so you can make extra fertilizer and humus as these also give you more fireflies.

    2. Don't begin the event until you refresh your memory of each task. That way you won't go and sell all your apples only to find that task 1 needs branches from the orchards, for example. As I have done before, lol. Check the forum to see what the tasks are.

    3. Let all the processes wait for harvesting until the event begins, so you are off to a headstart. Wait on harvesting on those things that you will soon need for an upcoming task.

    4. Overnight run the processes that takes the longest time, eg cow feed, fertilizer, humus, wheat.

    5. If you have space, build temporary production facilities to make a task quicker. I keep several blocks on my farm to allow for temporary buildings that are used for events/projects and missions. It's a huge help!

    6. Try to especially do this for the first several tasks, that way it will leave you plenty of time to accomplish the final tasks which often require high number collections.

    7. For each task know where your best odds are for getting the collectables, eg fireflies, paintings etc. Again, read the forum for this.

    8. If you are not having much luck, change what you are doing for a while. This does two things - first it may 'reset' the odds, [not 100% sure on this but have read this in a thread, and definitely worth trying] and secondly, it can stop you getting overly frustrated - works for me. Others have found logging off, clearing the cache can also improve drop rates - try it. It won't hurt.

    9. Keep checking the forum threads relating to the events - other players post very valuable tips.

    I have found these strategies help me, I always finish with time to spare, usually 3-4 days. Sometimes when my real life is busy, I finish on the last day, without gold.

    Re GGS - of course they want you to buy gold! They are not a charity, this is a business! Check the company info - they employ hundreds of people, imagine how much the wages are, not to mention overheads, and naturally they want to make a profit. I think we are lucky that we can play the game for free if we want to.
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  • ss02092ss02092 Posts: 772
    edited 26.08.2013
    I agree with farmer DJ,

    The more you level you need to have good production facilities... At first when i have not understood the key part... i thought its unfair...

    but now as i had some experience and was able to run my farm well i will say the game is well balanced.

    As for this fairy tale event is considered apple orchard is the key player. The more orchards you have the quick you will finish the game.

    As you read from the first post you might find i am contradicting myself in some months.. that because now i am every much experienced as so i know what i did wrong with the game play in my past month.

    I finished all the events but one due to some issues with the power shut down in our area... All this i have done with only one coop. But the main part i do is... I will build temporary orchards and others to make it quick...

    Its all planning thats the main thing behind this... IF you are good at planning you will finish the event well ahead of time...

    IF you feel the event is not giving much collectibles during then end of the event.. why wait till the last to finish... Use your experience and try to finish before a day.

    This is much better than the first run.. since now you know what is ahead and can plan properly. there are lots of tips in the events thread to help better planning.
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  • Lilypaddle (INT1)Lilypaddle (INT1) Posts: 614
    edited 26.08.2013
    Well these events are definately optional, I could understand people getting upset if we HAD to play them. How many fields, orchards, pigs, etc you have does make a difference in how fast you can collect.

    Sometimes on the last task I will harvest for awhile and then just buy out the rest with gold. Just depends how much time I have left or the mood I am in!

    However, I do understand that these events can be frustrating.
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  • MalikBilal2MalikBilal2 Posts: 374
    edited 26.08.2013
    especially the last task. cost me a day and a half. other 5 I completed in three days
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  • RachaelBRachaelB Posts: 51
    edited 26.08.2013
    This event is won or lost in the apple orchards. I have farms on 3 servers. All 3 now have new Fairytale Castles. The last one to finish, 90 minutes left, had only 1 apple orchard to start. While gathering branches, I realized I couldn't finish with just 1 apple orchard. I built another! It was the winning choice, couldn't have done without it. Look at your farm and judge what you will need. By the way, I haven't noticed anyone mentioning the fireflies they got from cowsheds. My last fireflies on 2 of my 3 farms came from cowsheds I never play with gold;not on any of my farms; I never will, skill is where the fun is.
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  • aussiefarmgalaussiefarmgal Posts: 228
    edited 26.08.2013
    This event is won or lost in the apple orchards.

    I agree! If you can complete the branches and apple tasks quickly it gives you the time you will need for the fireflies which does take about 1 1/2 - 2 days.
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