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collection item stamps

jvgma (US1)jvgma (US1) US1 Posts: 55
My suggestion is that I really think we should be able to have collection item stamps on the other farms as well as the main farm. jvgma - Grandmas Coop, us1;)
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  • RLW2RLW2 Posts: 1
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    I agree with this also. In addition, under the collection details, we should be allowed to contribute what we have to the collection, rather than one person having to come up with for instance: 160 tractors. After all it is a coop where there should be a whole team effort to complete the task.
    RLW @ us 1
  • makayla2013makayla2013 Posts: 26
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    i agree with both of you
    makayla2013 @ us 1
  • sev.farmer (US1)sev.farmer (US1) US1 Posts: 12
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    would make collecting that 4000 stamps a little faster!
    sev.farmer @ us 1
  • MsHotShowerMsHotShower Posts: 1
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    I agree, stamps should be a group effort to contribute. we all donate crops and such in piece work, so should stamps!!! It is a 'GROUP' effort.
    MsHotShower @ us 1
  • caroljean474caroljean474 Posts: 1
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    Do you know how to retrieve your stamps back?
    caroljean47 @ WWW 1
  • SystemSystem Posts: 106,721
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    You take back Collectibles the same way you gave them.

    Multiplayer - 3 people
    Co-op - clasping hands
    Co-op projects - spade and fork
    Click a Project
    Collection details - cardboard box on right
    Any Collectibles you have given are 'golden' with a red arrow. Click to remove Collectibles

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