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flashy green boxes

The "new" green mystery bowes from cc are useless, really awfull, horror

The less they give, the less they get  :))


  • all the good prices are taken away from the events rewards. the less we get the less we play.
    and gold buying or an abbo is not the be bought here, never ever !!!!!!

    shame on you BF, al the fun is taken away
  • When different things come along always great at first I take every advantage at the bigining before it turns to dust has it always does I never need to buy gold again I collected gold licences from the off on the balloon wheel then the apples now I have over 250 thats one in the eye for GGS LOL
  • RosyStarlingRosyStarling Moderator, ModGreen Posts: 3,441
    The deteriorating rewards in general has been forwarded. Quite forcefully.

    Do write to Support too so staff read you views directly as well

    I know why they remove boxes, reason is multiply accounts if there will not have multiply accounts will have good rewards because  some players has destroyed this game with 4-5 accounts. Upgrading it lvl 300-400 with boxes and used it for to win. This is reason why they has remove boxes so if all players remove multiply accounts will have good rewards. I really hate people who is fake. Remove multiply accounts all and we have good reward specially on INT has destroyed this game opening accounts.  

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