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My ignore it list and why.

Haven't seen a feedback note from gg in a long time.  (Not that they seem to care, but I do keep trying.)

So... this is intended for the GG developers, but anyone who agrees or disagrees is of course more than welcome to chime in.

So... stuff I just flat out ignore.

1.  Deep sea.... Specifically those left sidebar things.  I stopped clicking on those long ago.
Reason is because there is NO reward what so ever after a certain level.  All you get are experience points, which help you level up faster.  WHY?  Again, once your at a certain point, there is NO reward in those at all.   Just clickity click for nothing.

2.  The new horse stuff.
reason is again, no reward really to speak of.  I have not seen ANY effect in races, and loading up each horse is just a drag.  Plus at the end of the whole racing season, what do we get?   A stupid avitar, (and how many can one person use.)  Maybe a trophy, yea that was a few min of fun setting up my trophy stands, but haven't don't anything with those since.  We use to win some really cool deco piece.  Something unique one could ONLY get after a good horse racing season. Something special.  But... I haven't seen that in ages either.  And again harvesting trees and stuff is nothing but a useless clickfest.   So... I still train the horses, and I still race even if all I do is hold my mouse over the start button, watch youtube while I sit here and just clickity clickity clickity over and over till it's done.   Collect what ever I get and I'm out.
So the horse farm always shows up as green, (harvestable.)  Ignore.  (Wish I could just demolish all that useless junk.)

3.  Village fair.
GEES I hate that event. 
That being said, there are quite a few players in my assorted coops who do enjoy it.  And if I see stuff needed that I can harvest, I sure do.
But for me?  This one is NOT FUN AT ALL.
That pull out challenge thing is in the way.  Fold it up, then land on or do anything with something it's asking for and it just pops back out again.  The numbers make NO SENSE to me what so ever.
Lastly, as coop leader in one where players DO play this hard, I get to hear flaming complaints each and every time a new player goes and starts some long thing we can't finish.   Even though it's in my coop rules NOT TO START CHALLENGES. Leave that for deputies.  It happens every time then I get to deal with complaints, and end up booting players who keep doing it anyway.
   GG   Fix this so only leaders or deputies can start challenges.
This has been asked for here many times.
Those who love this event wouldn't have that ongoing problem of newbies starting the wrong things, and leaders wouldn't have to warm our boots kicking players out.
But no, add that to the things GG just doesn't listen to us on.  

4.  Gourmet and flower farm events.
Several reasons to ignore those.  First I almost always miss that they even started.  I don't look for events there, don't get any notice that they started such as with the hard worker event.  So time gets lost every time. 
Then... I have both those farms perfectly set up to produce the biggest money makers OR to fill contracts (only time I make other stuff.) They are NOT set up to make it through those events.   I have tried, and don't even come close.  AND I don't care.
No prize really worth the effort it would take to redesign, add to, upgrade, all the stuff I'd need.   For some barely worth it bit of deco??? Yea na.

5.  Those green rewards boxes.  All they contain are seeds.  I can MAKE seeds.  And seeds to events above I DO NOT PLAY!
Since we cannot get RID of said seeds, and those are the first to show up when planting, they are just in the way.
I DO NOT WANT THEM AT ALL!  So opening that green box will only give me more of what I specifically do NOT want.
Ignore.  BTW... when winning horse races?  I started watching for those special seeds and just ignore that prize.
GG PLEASE!   Why can't we choose to sell... for farm dollars, stuff we do not want?
Selling boats we won too would be nice.   It's not like we win a level 6 trawler, no.  Level 1.  Now WHY demolish a good one for a bottom of the line one?  No prize there at all is it?
(BTW GG, why are the boxes so much slower to open than the treasure chests? Can't this at least be fixed?
Again, I wait till I have a ton, then watch something more interesting and just sit and click..... until it's emptied out.)

6.  GG!  Listen.  If you put out  a great product, and like this game was in the beginning, people can buy stuff with gold that actually helps them out, and IF you listened to your players right here in the forums at least when you roll out something and suddenly you have dozens of PAGES of complaints about it, how about fixing it?  Rethink it?  Scrap it?  Not just roll out something else.  Oh and work out the bugs BEFORE rolling out new broken stuff.  And don't forget seasonal events, buy yourselves a calendar and start those events BEFORE the given holiday they are for?  DUH? This is basic business.  Give people something they enjoy and they will keep playing, and you WILL get enough people willing to drop a few bucks here and there to get extra goodies they can't get any other way to make this profitable for you.  The better the product, the more people will want to invest in it. 

But clearly you all lost sight of basic good business practices since now you want to sell your game space to third party advertisers.    This is without any doubt about the dumbest thing you could ever do.
I've been with this game since oh, year 3 at least.  But if ads start blasting in my face?  (So far it seems adblock is stopping them.)  But if that didn't work, this is a deal buster for me.   Granted I don't spend now, but I have.  Stopped before your gold lock was FINALLY put in place.  Now it's because I simply can't afford wasting money in silly stuff.  And a lot of people can't.
But it's also just principals.  NO ONE comes here to watch commercials.  There are other sites and other games I once played every day and left BECAUSE they got greedy and stuffed ad after stupid ad right over the game.   I don't need it and left, it's not fun, and the fun thing is the ONLY REASON anyone comes here.   Take that away and what will you have left?
I can BUY a good game, install it on my computer, and not have to worry about new (broken, always new stuff here is broken) junk suddenly appearing.  I known what I have, and can play when ever I want.   When I spend money on any game, that's the only way I do it.  Buy, install, done.   This?   Waiting for commercials to get out of the way? Just isn't worth it.   And as sad as I would be to leave what I spent years enjoying, that would do it.  Huge IGNORE there.  (Thank the lucky stars for adblock.)
See what I do when not playing silly games.


  • DebRN (US1)DebRN (US1) US1 Posts: 697
    Go into a VF challenge and you can select Only deputies and leader to begin challenges.. I think lower right is where it is.
  • In response to your #3 - you can select who can start VF challenges in the settings. (YAY!) 
  • RosyStarlingRosyStarling Moderator, ModGreen Posts: 3,218
    edited 14.08.2022
    This would be good to send to GGS Feedback, which is permanently there

    Or in the Discord channel #bigfarm-feedback

    And as above you CAN choose who can start VF challenges
    It is not intuitive

    FAQ: How to allow only deputies/leader to start village fair challenge? is HERE

  • 1. Other players click those things. As with many other games players eventually out level content but that content may still be useful to new players. New people around the world find this game and start up every day. They need beginning content to maintain their interest.
    2. I don't do the horse stuff but I know many players that is one of their main focuses. I think its nice to have a variety of things to do. Some people will like some of them and other won't but everyone has things that they can do that they like.
    3. I really enjoy village fair and FHWE. Its the coop challenge that I now find boring and rarely participate in. When I first started it was the reverse.
    4.Those events are great for newer and midlevel players that need more/better decos. I have always just checked for them on each farm to have popped up the first time I log in for the day and have never missed one that I wanted to participate in. Even if I catch them late I can usually get them finished long before the time expires.
    5. Green reward boxes are just a different way to get seeds. I get all of my SS from reward boxes and nurseries. When they changed the laboratory I stopped using mine and demolished the one I had just started on my gourmet farm. I'll never use the lab for seeds. I only used it for blue gear and I won't waste any resources on increasing it to the point where I can once again use it for blue gear until I have gained another hundred levels or so and have nothing more important to upgrade. Its good to have different ways to reach the same goals for different players.

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