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Multiply Accounts

I want to share with you all, i hope also from GGS will see that. Now  is creat a problem with multiply accounts, because some player are opening multiply accounts for to win benifits, some convert GML and gold seeds for Token, gifts and are destroyng game. If some want to play,  play as a gamer without multiply accounts. One vs one!. If GGS not do it something this will destroy game. I am not knows who is who and this it is not fair!

From small problem now is big problem!


  • RosyStarlingRosyStarling Moderator, ModGreen Posts: 3,243
    edited 11.05.2022
    It is completely against the TOS to have more than one farm per server

    If you know of any then send the names to Support HERE

    @RosyStarling i will, but i am not seeing someone that is banned and has a lot multiply accounts on INT server i am not know who is who, but its good GGS to do a control to all players or to creat any method for to stop it. 

  • I'll admit that the newly granted ability to change names makes it much harder to spot multi accounts.
  • Well, I was just going through looking for possible players to join and there's a name that's exactly the same except for the numbers in the end. And those numbers are kind of like counting...  like  XXname 1000, xx name 1002, etc.  I lost count around 25 or so.  I started near the bottom and was working my way up and gave up.

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