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gold and silver apples [Rewards Center discussion]



  • Uncle John (GB1)Uncle John (GB1) GB1 Posts: 11,004
    Qestion of Rewards center on Golden apples/gold things.
    was 10,000 for 1
    15,000 for 2
    20,000 for 3

    But it only gave me one for 20,000   WHY?
    Could of got 2 for 10,000 each
    and you could not have got 2 for 10,000 each because, sadly, it will only let you have one at each price  :¬(

  • GrammaLeah (US1)GrammaLeah (US1) US1 Posts: 611
    Thanks for the information that I will need golden apples to upgrade that beach chicken pen.
    Not going to bother with it then.
  • Jenny1979 (GR1)Jenny1979 (GR1) GR1 Posts: 1,639
    the grand house is gone from the center !!!  :(
    will they bring it back again??

                                                                                                                                  made by farmerjohn22 (US1)
  • Ho11ywood (US1)Ho11ywood (US1) US1 Posts: 26
    I think GGS makes changes based on what will spark the most controversy or the most negative comments that make players so disgusted they want to quit. The grand house was the best reward you could buy with apples so of course that is the first thing that gets removed. And then on the silver apples they lower the cost of buying the gold apples and increase the limit to 2; guess what? The result is the same.  
  • RosyStarlingRosyStarling Moderator, ModGreen Posts: 4,464
    When the Reward Centre was introduced they did say the rewards would change

    I doubt the Grand House will never come back

  • Heather Norsk (US1)Heather Norsk (US1) US1 Posts: 7,346
    edited 03.05.2022
    The missing grand house was the 1st thing I noticed too. Not to mention the increased cost of the 1st GML.
    It makes for a sad morning :(
    Post edited by Heather Norsk (US1) on
  • 24-KL0V3R (US1)24-KL0V3R (US1) US1 Posts: 2,464
    I sure miss those building tokens we used to get for event rewards.  The new Apple Trader is stingy with their trades (apples for building tokens)  This makes me so sad.  :'(:'(:'(  Will you tell the Team to bring them back into the events as rewards?  Thanks.
  • RosyStarlingRosyStarling Moderator, ModGreen Posts: 4,464
    It has been confirmed that the triple/great house is NOT gone for good. It will be returning.

    Items in the Reward Centre will change on each restart.

  • Mat 48 (GB1)Mat 48 (GB1) GB1 Posts: 312
    Some interesting changes to the game have happened with the new reward center. I'm really loving the grand houses and the ability to buy other prizes of our own choosing.

    So of course they have removed that!

  • Ho11ywood (US1)Ho11ywood (US1) US1 Posts: 26
    In changing the reward center, can you please include boats that used to be top prizes for the FHWE as well as maybe some of the 1% decos that used to be prizes during the CC. Oh and the level 7 tropical pigsty and donkey. Oh and more WoF tokens. Thanks
  • In fact, it would be perfect if we had the old prizes back, and lost the reward center, it was a really bad move by GGS. I hate it.
  • Where has the reward centre gone? Has it gone for good or will it return?

  • RosyStarlingRosyStarling Moderator, ModGreen Posts: 4,464
    It comes and goes with a varying selection of rewards

    Not normally long in between

  • I've noticed that the timing has also changed this cycle. As of now, it was around 7.5hrs rather than 5-6 days as it was previously. This could be good news .. heh. Will have to wait and see I guess.
  • artful (US1)artful (US1) US1 Posts: 6,615
    In fact, it would be perfect if we had the old prizes back, and lost the reward center, it was a really bad move by GGS. I hate it.
    Don't agree sorry. I've lost track of how many Candy chicks I've built and demolished, Winning the same thing over and over again when you already have enough of them is not a prize at all. The problem is that they have seriously down-graded the prizes. Things that we used to win have been replaced with 500 Golden Apples but the price of that thing in the reward centre is 1,000 golden apples !!!!  They think that we are stupid and won't notice that they are deliberately screwing us.
    I prefer choosing my rewards as well. The problem is they have limited how many things you can buy at one time, and often raise the costs. Because we no longer win construction tokens, for example, and you can only buy so many at a time, they've effectively brought significant upgrades to almost a standstill, unless, of course, you buy the tokens with gold.

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  • Jasist2 (INT1)Jasist2 (INT1) INT1 Posts: 140
    Getting gold from apples are harder AGAIN: 
    Gold flower seed 5 --> 3, price unchanged at 2500
    GML amount kept the same at 3, but price 12000 --> 15000 for first 2 and 16000 --> 15000 for 3rd one
    So in total getting 3750 + 6000 = 9750 per run --> 2250 + 6000 = 8250 per runs, and 
    price from 12500 + 24000 + 16000 = 52500 to 7500 + 45000 = 52500, remaining the same for 1500 less gold. 
  • Alex (BR1)Alex (BR1) BR1 Posts: 102

    have noticed that my golden apples are getting stale. Among the prizes that you can buy, only the seaweed, golden flowers and licenses that interest me and all of them have a limit to buy.

    o make it worse, the golden apples trader stays there for 7 days, in that period there have already been 2 events, so I always earn more golden apples than I can spend because of these limits.

    And it's not good to see that the prizes you're winning are getting stale...
  • Morti (SKN1)Morti (SKN1) SKN1 Posts: 476
    A teammate asks: What do the upgrades of the different buildings cost, with gold apples?
    Is there an overview of them? In that case, I can not find it.
  • RosyStarlingRosyStarling Moderator, ModGreen Posts: 4,464
    Search the GGS Wiki for the building in question

    The Beach Chicken Coop for instance is HERE

  • Morti (SKN1)Morti (SKN1) SKN1 Posts: 476
    Search the GGS Wiki for the building in question

    The Beach Chicken Coop for instance is HERE
    Thanks. I had searched there but not found this page.
  • I am not happy with the introduction of the gold and silver apples. I especially miss the nice prizes you got when you won. Especially when fishing. You can no longer win (strong) boats. New low-level farms now remain weak, missing the opportunity to win. Maybe we soon can buy boats with gold and silver apples? Otherwise it would be nice that the boeats for the number 1 till 5 will come back.
  • Well done BF on the downgrade to the apple reward centre. No mining licences no gold flowers just ruggish boxes with a paint job inside. Not to worry I saw it coming and have stored gold licences from the beginning so will NOT be buying gold any time soon if ever. BF totally ruin the game giving us reasonable rewards then down grading for rubbish I play a lot less these days and I have played from almost the begining. CC is also another waste of time now, are they intent on driving all the good players away seems so.
  • RosyStarlingRosyStarling Moderator, ModGreen Posts: 4,464

    Hot Fix early (CEST) on Tuesday 9th


    Bringing back Union Point bundle to the Gold/Silver Apple Shop

  • I notice the Reward Center does not have gold mining licences anymore. I used the gold mining licences as a way of obtaining a little more gold without having to use  my very low pension to pay out real money for gold.
  • RosyStarlingRosyStarling Moderator, ModGreen Posts: 4,464
    @Johnnybegood (GB1)
    I  moved you from the discussion on an update from 2015.  We did not even have the Reward Centre then

    Please read the Community Guidelines on how to use the forum responsibly

  • I do not know how to start a new discussion.  So I am putting it here. Why is there no more gold flowers under the reward center? This is very disappointing. It was a help to upgrade some things to get gold. 

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