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Hints for Deep Sea Fishing

I want a lot of hints about the harbor, fishing, and loading my traveler with what fishermen. I´ve 14 travelers but how do I load them to get as much money as possible because I do not earn enough money as it is now. If someone has good ideas as can help me, please mail me them [e-mail removed  - Rosy]  Have a nice day. 
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    @StorbondenX (SKN1)

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    Deep Fishing is HERE

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  • Uncle John (AU1)Uncle John (AU1) AU1 Posts: 10,125
    You're going to get lots of conflicting suggestions because there are several different strategies but mine would be -
    Aim to empty pools not just catch fish that way you get more pools per day and therefor more fish to catch
    Bridgette (traveltime crew) is remarkably cheap, gets the boat back sooner and thus allows you to send it out again
    Freezers are expensive, they cost nearly as much as the fish they hold. I view them as worthwhile only if using them means I need one less boat to empty a pool
    Roy is the most efficient crewman for a trawler, he catches 10 fish per hour but if you only need 4 fish per hour to fill the boat then Nancy is cheaper etc. etc. (I win a lot of Johns on the FHWE so I consider him to be free)
    If the boat is not going to be back before your bedtime then it can stay out till morning, Victor gives an extra 4 hours fishing time quite cheaply and allows you to save lots of Roys

  • farmerjohn 22 (US1)farmerjohn 22 (US1) US1 Posts: 36,095
    I want a lot of hints about the harbor, fishing, and loading my traveler with what fishermen. I´ve 14 travelers but how do I load them to get as much money as possible because I do not earn enough money as it is now. If someone has good ideas as can help me, please mail me them [e-mail removed  - Rosy] com Have a nice day. 
    @StorbondenX (SKN1)  Here's a video by Farmer Deb with some helpful info....

  • Heather Norsk (US1)Heather Norsk (US1) US1 Posts: 6,729
    I 2nd what both Uncle John & farrmerjohn have said

    UncleJohn points out that you will get conflicting information. That is one thing I think we will all agree on :)
    For example, I agree with everything he said about fishing & loading boats, up until using Victor - I don't use Victor, I think he's too expensive 

    FarmerDeb did a really great job with her video tutorial, I think she explains it all well. I appreciate the detail she goes into about how the different people affect the time and fish caught, to help players understand and decide for themselves how to fish
    I personally follow her general way of fishing, most of it coincides with what Uncle John said too ..... but also, I do things a little differently  and I would not have loaded the boats quite the same as she loaded them in her video (mostly the same, just a few adjustments)

    I guess what I mean is most players will use mostly Roy & Brigitte only in loading Trawlers to get the most fish in the least amount of time for the least cost. The more pools you can empty in a day, the more fish you will get which will be more cash which is why getting the boats back quicker is good income. But, most players have tweaked how they load these boats with Roy & Brigitte, how it works best for them / how they understand it the best, and that is where you will get conflicting info. I do think FarmerDeb's video and following her suggestions is the best way to start. As you get more familiar with it, and understand it better, you may find your own ways to tweak how you fish.  Good luck !
  • The only problem I had with the video, was using her example of Level 6 Trawlers doesn't really reflect what a lot of lower level people have in their fleet, ie: pherry and runabouts etc. As such the default capacity for each boat type is very much reduced, making the decision to how to equip the boat much more complex. I tend to go with 2 x fish per hour, 1 x fishing time and the rest of the available slots in freezers. Then if the number of fish left to be caught in the pool leaves extra slots, fill them with reduce travel time or appropriate chum. I do not tend to worry about the losses due to weather etc as I do not have a Level 6 fleet with sufficient slots available for worrying about whirlwinds, icebergs and the likes.

    I agree completely that it's going to be a personal choice based on your fleet and how you want to spend your time available for fishing. In my case, it is more about capacity and total fish caught than it is about turn over and turn around time.
  • farmerjohn 22 (US1)farmerjohn 22 (US1) US1 Posts: 36,095
    @PucksTormentor (US1) The video just gives an outline of basics for deep-sea fishing for those who have their fleet maxed out. There isn't a "one size fits all" strategy for all players because of variables like how often and for how long someone plays. You learn as you go to maximize your catch for your own specific gameplay. Happy fishing! 🐟
  • maxiroy (US1)maxiroy (US1) US1 Posts: 432
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    You will also run into lots of frustration while you get started.  Just plow thru it and you will see that it will be worth it in the end.

    Designed by FarmerJohn 22 (US1)
  • Heather Norsk (US1)Heather Norsk (US1) US1 Posts: 6,729
    @PucksTormentor (US1), I understand what you mean, but regardless of boat level, I think FarmerDeb does a great job explaining what the different people do and how to read/calculate these for ourselves. Yes, it is different for different boats & how to get to all trawlers is not covered in her video. 

    Here is my suggestion for lower level boats (again, this may differ by player & opinion, this is mine, and I am giving a broad overview, thinking players have seen FarmerDeb's video for a better explanation of how the fishing stuff works) ;

    start with level 1 motorboat, do not upgrade them, load with 2 john & 1 walter 

    as soon as can, build runabouts & upgrade to level 2
    can load these with 5 Paul to catch 14 fish for a lower cost and shorter time
    or 2 Gerald, 1 Paul, 3 coolboxes to catch 32 fish for higher cost & longer time
    (at this stage, these boats will take a loss when fishing for oyster/clam/shrimp - but a profit at all others ..... even with the loss on just the price of fish, when selling the fish in a contract it will become a profit)

    I do not recommend buying wherries, I do not think they are worth the cost for the # of fish they catch. I suggest waiting until farm level 75 to purchase skipjacks (they are similar in cost but catch a lot more fish).  However, wherries can be won in the fishing event & will catch more than runabouts, so when they are won, do build them.  I have seen them offered at level 1 & level 6, so to load those;
    - for lower cost & shorter time, load with 3 James and as many Carol as you have room for & that will help your trip time (the time aspect is explained in Farmer Deb's video) This way, Level 1 will catch 21 fish, level 6 will catch 39 fish
    - for max fish (higher cost & longer time), load level 1 wherry with 1 Russell, 2 James & 3 Thermic boxes, max is 59 fish
    load level 6 wherry with 1 Russell, 2 james & 8 Thermic boxes for max of 130 fish
    (There are many variations of how to load and some instances where loading differently may be better, but this is intended to be the best recommended overall, for most situations)

    Skipjacks will be kept a lot longer since it takes longer to level up your regular farm, so I suggest a full fleet of skipjacks & to upgrade them to level 4 or 5. Even if you win a trawler, I suggest not to build it but keep it in inventory since you won't be able to upgrade it until farm level 125. A trawler doesn't catch more than a level 5 skipjack until it's at level 3, so I recommend waiting until farm level 130 (can start around level 128) before building any trawlers so they can be upgraded to level 3 as they are built. Then, I suggest upgrading trawlers as priority when able (for every 5 farm levels, can upgrade boat 1 time).

    As far as loading them, it will vary depending on boat level. I recommend the cheaper/faster loads on all skipjacks and trawlers for everyday use (color shaded areas in the pics below). Using coolers/freezers and Lisa or Victor will catch you more fish, but they cost more as well. These can still be useful overnight or during the fishing HWE, so I include those numbers here too, just for reference if/when needed.

    #s to load skipjacks & how many fish will be caught;

    This picture is not easy to read, it can also be found here;

    and for trawlers;

    trawler #s can also be seen here;  https://prnt.sc/BBCeSzAf1D-j

    Again, the  blue & brown shaded areas are the fast/cheap way to load boats & how I recommend. Getting boats to return to the dock faster will empty the pool faster bringing about a new pool & opportunity to catch more fish each day. More fish = more profit potential.

    The # of Ian or Brigitte to use to speed up the fishing trip depends on the pool location, not just the boat that is used. FarmerDeb points out how to find the time in her video, but as a little help, CrazyBigFarm55 had maps on her site recommending the # of Ian (skipjack) or Brigitte (trawler) needed based on location, they are indicated by the red #s on the maps below. 
    skipjacks;  For example, pool #1 (top left corner), would not benefit from any more than 4 Ians to reduce time (meaning adding 5 or more Ian would not additionally reduce the time)


    Note:  these maps are old & DSF has been updated since they were made, the yellow time #s are no longer very accurate, but for the most part, the red #s are still good for the max# of Ian or Brigitte by location

    Chum is made at a monetary loss, I rarely use it to load boats, but will sell it in contracts only as that is the only profit for it these days.

    Contracts are a much better profit than just selling fish.
    Lobster are not often seen in contracts so I often recommend selling the lobster surplus when extra cash is needed. 
    Oyster/Clam/Shrimp seem to be requested in the most in contracts, but large quantities are rare & they are cheaper fish. I never recommend selling these 3, but to save them for contracts.

    As with anything in Big Farm, a university textbook could be written explaining it all, but I hope this provides a little more information to help players progress in DSF. These fish really help provide a good income to help your other farms grow, although that profit may not become really evident until you have a full fleet of 14 skipjacks, it does help to start them as soon as you're able (IMO)
  • Wow !! Heather, that is a comprehensive and an excellent informative post. I love reading up on other peoples strategies etc. DSF can be a real drag when first starting I agree, and requires stubborn patience to just keep plugging though it. Due respect to all of those that have got to such levels with Level 6 Trawlers.

    In my opinion, it's made all that much harder now due to the way GGS has nerfed the HWE's and point blank refuse to group similar ranked participants together as they used to. When I started this I was able to compete reasonably well in those events, and usually got into the top 20-30 and the prizes of leveled up boats made it all worthwhile. The incentive was plainly evident. Sadly now however, GGS have seen fit to remove even these as well, leaving only 1 or 2  level 1 boats in the HWE rewards, and none in the overall prizes. 

    I fear ever getting hold of a level 6 trawler is going to take a considerable amount of time in my case .. lol
    Thanks again, great post.
  • Heather Norsk (US1)Heather Norsk (US1) US1 Posts: 6,729
    I stopped playing the Fishing HWE to it's fullest extent quite awhile ago, I just put some in & don't worry about points. When it changed a few yrs ago, I just gave up on that event  (so yeah, I get what you mean)

    But, I don't think all is lost with boats & that trawlers are still obtainable

    when cash is needed, fish for lobster & just sell them (it's easier & faster sometimes than waiting on good contracts)
    fulfil contracts that only ask for 1 type of item  (if it asks for 2 or more type of fish, just delete the contract & wait for another). Lester only helps with 1 item of any contract, the rest we have to fill 100% of the item. Especially at lower levels, it is much, much better profit to stick with just 1 item contracts. There was a time when I 1st started that, that it seemed I would never get just 1 item contracts, but now more than 1/2 of them are, it's like the game notices I keep deleting the others & I get more of them offered

    It's still a patience game, but definitely attainable. The regular farm takes time to level up, so while working on that there is time to use the smaller boats to catch enough fish to afford the larger boats.  There is still Oleg too, sending him out on boats every hour can earn quite a bit too  (the DSF boats do earn a lot more than Oleg, but he can help afford building the boats)
  • Deep Sea Fishing is by far the most cost efficient, high volume way to earn money in this game. Too bad you're limited to 14 ships. Jam is next best, the flower shop, and finally bakery.

    Storage is most important, thus most players have 14x lv6 trawlers, the ships with highest storage. Storage is the most expensive consumable. Get those ships out and back ASAP for max earnings.

    The most important fact to know is there will ALWAYS be SIX spots at any one time, thus you want to manipulate a rapid turnaround.

    Roys and Briggites. I have a complicated Excel calculator. You don't need that, but do know catch rate affects ship return speed. There's A LOT of math involved. If you don't like math, just upgrade to lv6 trawler, load up 6x Roy, 6x Brig. It's what I do when I'm in a hurry anyways.

    Victor SAVES MONEY when used overnight or for long away times. 1 Victor, 2 Roy gives you over full capacity and is cheaper than 6x Roy, at the cost of taking a wee bit longer.

    Learn how to use the contract market. All products will be in short supply, except for tuna, herring, and lobster.
  • I find that even tuna can be in short supply. I always have more herring but especially lobster than I can sell on contracts.
  • nuke9104 (US1)nuke9104 (US1) US1 Posts: 102
    I have updated the DSF Calculator, which you can find under the FAQs and Tutorials section.  The calculator determines the optimal way to load your boats with crew/equipment, depending on the strategy you select.  No more guessing, looking up tables, collecting data--it's all calculated for you.  You can even make your own adjustments if you don't like what is suggested.

    Thank you farmerjohn_22 (US1) for the beautiful picture!
  • Juitsu (SKN1)Juitsu (SKN1) SKN1 Posts: 86
    Fish market orders can be controlled by the number of fish in stock. For example, if you try to keep lobsters in stock the least, lobsters will come on orders more often. When there is a seed, cod and lobsters the least stocked in relation to other fish, then, as a rule, there are fish in the orders. It takes a while for orders to change, but it works. 
  • Heather Norsk (US1)Heather Norsk (US1) US1 Posts: 6,729
    Juitsu, that is exactly what I recalled others saying a long time ago, I just hadn't tested it lately to see if it was still true.  I still plan on trying it, but just wanted to say Thanks for Confirming!  :)

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